Low-Cost Lights: The 5 Best Flashlights at Walmart Under $10

Best Flashlights Walmart
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* Each option includes powerful LEDs
* Choose from durable designs and portable options
* Brighter than cell phones

Cell phones have replaced virtually everything…cameras, calculators, calendars, in-person contact with human beings. But they still haven’t replaced the flashlight. Yes, your phone may come with built-in lights, but they don’t shine very far and they’re definitely not as bright as a tried-and-true flashlight.

Here are five super affordable flashlights to keep handy for when the power goes out.

1. Rayovac Brite Essentials Flashlight

The Rayovac Brite Essentials Flashlight gives you 60 bright lumens of LED light that shine a full 78 meters into the distance. It has a durable body and fits easily in the hand with its slim comfort grip.

Rayovac Brite Essentials Flashlight Image Courtesy of Walmart

2. Ozark Trail LED Flashlight

Light up the night with this Ozark Trail LED Flashlight. With 200 lumens of intense light, it’s perfect for finding your way in outdoor spaces, while camping and whenever you need some illumination. It runs on AAA batteries, which come included. And, it’s built to last.

Ozark Trail LED Flashlight Image Courtesy of Walmart

3. Stalwart 2-in-1 LED Flashlight

This 260 lumens work lamp features both a single COB LED bulb panel for lighting large areas and a single standard LED bulb to let you zero-in on specific spots with a precise, focused beam. The panel is great for when you need roadside assistance or in emergency situations like power outages. It fits easily in your glove box, and there’s a magnet on the base so you can attach it to your car while you change a flat.

Stalwart 2-in-1 LED Flashlight Image Courtesy of Walmart

4. Energizer Rechargeable Compact Handheld LED Flashlight

Brighten any room with the Energizer Rechargeable Compact Handheld LED Flashlight. This one’s a little different in that it stays plugged into a wall and automatically turns on in the event of a power outage. And, the retractable prongs allow you to easily use it as a flashlight that’s 4X brighter than standard LED technology. You can also recharge it so it’s always ready when you need it.

Energizer Rechargeable Compact Handheld LED Flashlight Image Courtesy of Walmart

5. COAST G20 LED Penlight

Great at work or in the garage, the Coast G20 LED Penlight is bright and reliable. It shines a healthy 72 feet and is rated to be water-resistant. It also features a hand clip to secure it to your shirt or pants pocket.

 COAST G20 LED Penlight Image Courtesy of Walmart

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