The Best Floating Bookshelves for Adding a Bit of Personality to Your Walls

best floating bookshelves 2019
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Today, most of our books, movies, and photographs only exist as data to be played on the screens of our tablets, smartphones, and TVs. As a result, our homes can sometimes feel a little empty. Gone are the days of bookshelves crammed full of books and DVDs.

We’re here to say that it doesn’t have to be this way. Of course, the ability to downsize our personal book and media libraries into a far more manageable space is a positive thing. However, holding onto your favorite DVDs, the books you simply can’t live without, and a handful of beautifully framed photos gives you a way to decorate your home in a more personal way.

To that end, the best floating bookshelves are the perfect way to display these precious items. These trendy, wall-mounted shelving options provide enough space for a modest number of your favorite belongings without passing into the realms of clutter or taking up any of your floor space. 

Because floating bookshelves are so on-trend right now, there are a lot of options, ranging from simple wooden bookshelves to decorative steel piping. In general, the best floating bookshelves are storage solutions that double as decoration. To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a collection of the nine best floating bookshelves, designed to display the books that make you, you. 

1. Greenco Floating U Shelves

The Greenco Floating U Shelves are a versatile shelving option which suits almost any kind of interior decor. Not only are they available in a range of attractive colors, the simple yet stylish design of this three-piece set won’t steal the limelight from the items you choose to display. These shelves are great for all rooms of the house, including offices, lounges and kitchens, and provide plenty of enclosed space for your books, trinkets and family photos. 

Pros: The range of available colors ensures there’s a choice to match your home interiors. The size also allows for a generous number of books, photos, and DVDs.

Cons: The MDF material these shelves are constructed from feels less luxurious than some of the other floating bookshelves available.

best floating bookshelves greenco Image courtesy of Amazon

2. BAYKA Floating Wall Mount Shelves

With a range of possible orientations, the BAKYA Floating Wall Mount Shelves puts you in control. The set includes three wooden shelves and six metal brackets which provide plenty of freedom when it comes to installing your shelves in your space. The rustic wooden shelves are also available in a range of three different colors, namely grey-white, natural wood, and weathered grey. These are also a great way to add a touch of class to most modern kitchen interiors.

Pros: The combination of metal and rustic wood deliver a hard-to-beat dose of style and function.

Cons: Because of the range of options, the installation process of these floating shelves may be a little more confusing than the average set.

best floating bookshelves bayka Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

The Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf is the ideal option for users looking for an invisible floating bookshelf. Each of the three included shelves is made from ultra-thin metal and mounts to your walls through two screw holes in the back. As you add books and other items to each shelf, the metal base is lost and your belongings will appear as if they are simply floating on your walls. These shelves are also available in a choice of either white or silver.

Pros: The simple design and installation of these invisible bookshelves make them a great addition to any household.

Cons: The on-shelf storage space is limited compared to other shelving options.

best floating bookshelves umbra Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves

With its five levels and unique shape for the corner of a room, the Greenco Wall Mount Corner Shelves are a great option for users looking to store a lot of books, movies, and more and create an eye-catching piece of decor at the same time. The shelves are available in a range of different colors, including walnut, white, and natural and allow you to customize the number of shelves you desire should you not want all five. This arrangement is a great option for anyone looking to give important items, such as wedding photos, a favorite book, or a mold of your kid’s hand their own individual stages.

Pros: The unique corner-mounted style minimizes the space this floating bookshelf takes while providing plenty of storage.

Cons: The stacked shelf style of the unit limits the ability to store items vertically.

best floating bookshelves corner Image courtesy of Amazon

5. SUPERJARE Wall Mount Floating Shelves

Say “shelf” to anyone and they probably picture something similar to these SUPERJARE Wall Mount Floating Shelves. The design is simple, traditional and, most of all, effective. This two-shelf set provides plenty of space to store and display your books and also comes in a range of colors, ensuring there’s an option to match your interiors. These traditional-style shelves can be installed in any room of the house and the thickened wood used in production provides a stable base for displaying all your favorite things.

Pros: You already know this tried-and-tested style of shelf is reliable, great for displaying your stuff and capable of storing lots of books, movies, and more, too.

Cons: The traditional design is an extremely “safe” choice and is not going to win any “new design of the year” competitions.

best floating bookshelves superjare Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Wallniture Bali Floating Wall Mount U-Shaped Shelf

The Wallniture Bali Floating Wall Mount U-Shaped Shelf delivers function and style all without stealing the limelight from your books. The thin metal construction provides plenty of support for your books and other items while ensuring the shelf itself stays in the background. The enclosed style also keeps your belongings from any accidental falls. The minimalist style makes these shelves a great choice for any room of the house, whether you want to store books in the lounge, toys in your child’s bedroom or even food items in the kitchen.

Pros: The minimalist design puts your belongings on show while also providing plenty of support and storage space.

Cons: The enclosed ends may be too limiting for some users.

best floating bookshelves wallniture Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Wallniture Denver Wall Mount Floating Shelves

If you’re after a set of shelves to help keep kids interested in reading, the Wallniture Denver Wall Mount Floating Shelves could be the answer you’ve been looking for. These floating bookshelves feature an intentionally shallow design which allows you to display books in an upright orientation, making sure they’re always going to catch little eyes. This is a great option for kids who love to pick out a book before bedtime. They’re available in black, grey or white, so you can choose the style that best suits your child’s bedroom decor.

Pros: The upright display provides an unmatched way to ensure your books are easily seen.

Cons: The upright display is one of the least space-effective ways to store books.

best floating bookshelves denver Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Rustic State Brooks Wall Mount Hexagon Box Shelf

For those users looking for a balance of shelf-storing space and eye-catching appeal, let us introduce the Rustic State Brooks Wall Mount Hexagon Box Shelf. As you’d expect, each of the three shelves included in the set has a hexagonal appearance which provides plenty of internal storage space with additional space on the top, too. The shelves can be mounted away from each other for a more individual look or close together for an attractive hive-like arrangement.

Pros: The eye-catching design makes this three-piece set a must-have for anyone looking for a unique wall-mounted shelf.

Cons: The internal shelf space may feel a little wasted if the items you’re storing can’t be stacked to maximize the space available.

best floating bookshelves hexagon Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Industrial Retro Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelf

Walk into any trendy bar and you’ll immediately know why these Industrial Retro Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelves are on point. The combination of metal piping and rustic wood is in, and in this four-tier set, you’ll have everything you need for your very own touch of modern class. The piping attaches to your wall and ceiling and provides plenty of space for displaying your favorite things. It’s ideal for use in lounges, kitchens and trendy spaces around the house.

Pros: The large amount of display space and combination of metal and wood make these retro-style shelves a trendy option for any household.

Cons: Because of the shelves’ large size, this set require more space than many competing options.

best floating bookshelves industrial Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Rustic State Dante Triangle Floating Shelf

These triangular floating shelves from Rustic State have an industrial wooden design and are perfect for smaller wall spaces and smaller knick knacks. The design element with these is one of their biggest selling points, as the shape is what makes them unique. They’re multi-functional and decorative at the same time. Mounting hardware is included in your purchase and they come fully assembled and ready to place on the wall and use.

Pros: The unique design and simple look makes these triangular shelves perfect for smaller wall spaces.

Cons: They’re not big enough to hold books.

triangle floating bookshelf Courtesy of Amazon

11. Sooyee Acrylic Invisible Floating Bookshelves

These acrylic bookshelves from Sooyee are translucent and a simple design that will make your books or knick knacks pop on them. Put your child’s books on display or present your own favorite volumes on a shelf that won’t take attention away from them. This pack comes with six floating shelves that are easy to install and come ready to hang. These can be staggered or stretched along the wall for a visually appealing storage solution.

Pros: Translucent design highlights the look of the books on display, and the straightforward installation will have you up and running quickly.

Cons: They’re less durable than other options.

Sooyee floating bookshelves Courtesy of Amazon