The Best Floor Lamps for Brightening Any Room in Your Home

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The lighting in your home can have a huge impact on your daily life. A well-lit room is welcoming and comfortable both for you, your family and any guests. Whether you want to create a place for reading and relaxation, a romantic atmosphere or a room that’s capable of switching between the two, choosing the right lighting is one of the best ways to achieve these goals. If you don’t fancy ripping down ceilings and redecorating, try adding a floor lamp to your home for a new chic look at home. Because you already own oh-so-many tabletop desk lamps.

When it comes to adding extra lighting options for your home, the best floor lamps are the ones that fulfill all your needs. This may depend on the activity for which you need the extra light, the room in which you are adding the extra light or the interior design of the room. It’s important to remember that too much light can be as bad for your eyes as too little. Additionally, lighting can also be used to make spaces appear more or less spacious. By taking these elements into account, it’s easy to find a new floor lamp that fits the bill.

We’ve put together a list of the 13 best floor lamps available for purchase online. The list includes lamps with dimmers, lamps in a minimalist style and others that include built-in shelves.


1. Brightech Sky Torchiere Floor Lamp


Boasting a unique design, the Brightech Sky Torchiere Floor Lamp is a totally different way to light your home. The lamp has two 10-inch discs on either end of a 63-inch pole. The base end has been weighted to help prevent toppling, which is ideal for homes with kids and pets. The other end sports a super bright, LED lamp that can generate up to 2,260 lumens of light. This impressive lamp is capable of being the only light source you need in a room. You’ll also find the lamp can be pointed in several directions, and the on/off button cycles through a range of brightness options, ensuring you get the exact lighting atmosphere you’re after.

best floor lamps brightech Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Miroco LED Floor Lamp


The Miroco LED Floor Lamp is a simple, sleek and effective way to add extra light to your home. The advanced lamp offers four different brightness levels and four different color temperatures, ranging from a warm 3,000K to an invigorating 6,000K. The lamp is also easily controlled using the on-head controls, while the flexible gooseneck allows you to point the lamp head in any direction you choose. It is also 65 inches high and features a heavy base to prevent accidental toppling.

best floor lamps miroco Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Hampton Bay Bronze Torchiere Floor Lamp


If you’ve never seen this bronze torchiere floor lamp, there’s a solid chance you’ve been living under a rock. It’s quite literally everywhere. Your doctor’s office. Your old dorm building lobby. Your favorite restaurant. Your Aunt Jen’s beachside condo. It is one of the most common lamps you can buy, but hey, it’s good-looking. This floor lamp comes with zero fuss and is the most straightforward lamp on our list. At just $20, it’s a price you can’t beat either.

Courtesy of Home Depot


4. O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp


Sporting a street-lamp style design and an exposed bulb, the O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp is a classy and bright answer to your lighting needs. The metal stand is available in a range of different colors, including black, silver and brass. Its bulb sits high above the ground and delivers widespread light over the entire room you place it in, making this a solid choice for avid readers or fans of this more classic and paired down look.

O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp Courtesy of Amazon


5. Urban Outfitters Kamal Floor Lamp


Spice up your home interior with the funky Kamal Floor Lamp from Urban Outfitters. Merging the ethereal vibe of the classic Chinese lantern with that fresh yet dated bohemian aesthetic, this floor sitter will be an eyecatching addition to your home office, living room, or bedroom. With an easy, step-on floor power switch, your room will get lit in no time.

Urban Outfitters Kamal Floor Lamp Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


6. Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp


The Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp is a three-tiered beauty that provides a soft ambient luminosity and extra storage to your home. Hanging shelves is normally a nightmare, we all know that, so the built-in shelves on this light promise three fewer shelves you’ll ever have to hang in your home. From picture frames to antiques, you can slap just about anything down on this sturdy structure.

Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp Courtesy of Amazon


7. Lauters Floor Lamp


The Lauters Floor Lamp combines a solid wood base with a lampshade constructed from recycled PET bottles to deliver a lamp that is both attractive and environmentally conscious. The transparent shade diffuses light to deliver a more even spread across the room, while the clever tripod allows you to adjust the height of your lamp to a maximum of 59 inches. Plus, the cord-storing design lets you store any excess cord with ease.

best floor lamps ikea tripod Image courtesy of IKEA


8. Hektar Floor Lamp


If you like to be in control of how your rooms are lit, the Hektar Floor Lamp may be the right choice for you. This oversized metal lamp sports three individual LED light bulbs, which move independently of one another and can be pointed and leveled in the direction and at the height of your choosing. The rustic-looking lamp reaches a maximum height of 69 inches and is a versatile choice that works in bedrooms, living rooms and offices.

best floor lamps ikea tree Image courtesy of IKEA


9. Urban Outfitters Smoked Glass Floor Lamp


While most of us are not necessarily looking to consider a downpayment on a floor lamp, this Smoked Glass Floor Lamp from Urban Outfitters might just have you reconsidering. As an ultramodern staple to your home, this lamp has a beautifully flowing structure and tinted glass shade, offering a sultry ambiance to your home interior. But, here’s the part you didn’t want to hear — it’s $429. Yes, it’s crazy, but the lamp is truly magnificent in style. And if it makes it any better, you can choose to pay four interest-free installments with Afterpay.

Urban Outfitters Smoked Glass Floor Lamp Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


10. Yoji Floor Lamp


We have no idea what’s going on here, but we love it. Set your space apart from any other room you’ve ever been in with the Yoji floor lamp, a modern lamp idea that has us awestruck. The base is made from wood and conveys a deep reddish coloration all over which will bring some warm tones to your interior. It’s topped off with two globe-sized frosted shades to give your room the light it needs.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


11. Brightech Mason Floor Lamp


By sporting an arched design, the Brightech Mason floor lamp adds a unique touch of class to any home interior. The mid-century modern style sits stoically overhead, delivering a healthy spread of light that can be used to read, write or relax. Additional quality is added by the round metal base and crisp double cylindrical shade. These elements bring balance to the lamp’s attractive appearance.

Courtesy of Verishop


12. Lakumu Industrial Floor Lamp


The industrial look is super hot in terms of home interiors right now, so if you’re fully obsessed with the look, we suggest none other than this three-head industrial floor lamp from Amazon. This lamp uses a shade that exposes the bulb from all angles to give the most amount of light possible. It has a step-on base to make your life that much easier and each lamp head can rotate 90 degrees, so point them in any direction you like.

Courtesy of Amazon


13. Three Posts Morrisonville Floor Lamp


With its circular, metallic base, sturdy pole and neutral fabric drum, the Three Posts Morrisonville Floor Lamp is a contemporary take on this classic console-style. The lighting fixture includes two separate bulbs, ensuring there’s enough light to fill your home interiors. The lamp’s chain makes turning it on and off simple, while the round lampshade provides diffused light which is ideal for reading, watching TV and creating a cozy home environment.

best floor lamps three posts Image courtesy of Wayfair


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