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Lord of the Flies: Here Are the Best Fly Swatters Available Right Now

Let’s set the scene — you’ve just settled down for a lovely summer afternoon of lounging and sipping sweet tea. You’ve just shut your eyes for a nice mid-day snooze when you start to hear it — the buzzing. It doesn’t stop and instead gets closer and closer with each passing second. You open your eyes to find a fly buzzing around the room, aimless and trapped in your house.

You open a window and try to coax it out of the room only to find it’s getting more agitated and aggressive. It’s time to bring out the swatter and silence the buzzing once and for all. When these buzzers threaten to ruin a moment of summertime tranquility, you want to be sure you’re armed with the best weapon possible. Especially if, god forbid, it’s something more daunting like a mosquito eater or large spider that’s threatening you and your family. Take care of business with a fly swatter. We’ve listed our favorites below.

1. W4W Bug & Fly Swatter

Take care of business easily and without a huge mess with this fly swatter from W4W. It’s got an extra long handle to distance you from your bug nemesis, and a thin lip suitable for scooping up and disposing of your kill after the fact. They’re made without toxins and have an aerodynamic that’s built for speed, as time is of the essence in these situations. Their heads are 5″ x 6″ with plenty of swatting space and made of flexible and durable plastic material so even the biggest, nastiest bugs will be no match for you.

Pros: Extra long handle, wide swatter, toxin-free durable plastic.

Cons: Very light in weight compared to other swatter options.

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2. Smart Swatter Fly Swatter

Smart Swatter has created a truly lethal fly swatter complete with 904 spikes for quickly and seamlessly killing a wide variety of insects from house flies to spiders, wasps and mosquitoes. The spikes not only kill the bugs but pick them up after the fact so there won’t be a smudge on your wall or floor. The plastic, non-electric design is safer to use around kids and pets and each set comes with two to station in different areas of the house.

Pros: 904 spikes for easy killing and disposal, safer for kids and pets, two variety pack.

Cons: Smaller handle means you’ll need to get closer to the target bug.

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3. PrimeHomeProducts Black Leather Fly Swatter

Measly bugs will be no match for you and this durable, heavy duty fly swatter from PrimeHomeProducts. Skip the plastic and go straight for the kill with a large leather paddle, durable wooden handle and heavy duty design. It’s designed to kill a variety of bugs easily and is hand made in America by heavy duty leather craftsmen. It comes in a few different colors including brown, scarlet and beige.

Pros: Heavy-duty design, wooden handle, comes in multiple colors, large heavy leather paddle.

Cons: Occasionally leaves marks on the wall if used with excessive force.

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4. Enoz Sergeant Swat Fly Swatter

This Sergeant Swat fly swatter from Enoz is built to quickly and efficiently dispose of small bugs in your home. It’s heavy duty, reliable and has a flexible handle for easy maneuverability. The vented design makes it very easy to use and it’s strong enough to handle stubborn wasps, hornets and smaller crickets.

Pros: Vented design, flexible wire handle, durable and reliable construction, handles small bugs with ease.

Cons: It’s got a thick paddle that can knock over trinkets easily.

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