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Pillow Party: 13 Playful Poufs to Curl Up To

* These pillows come in a variety of bright, fun designs and shapes
* Some come as 3D photo prints for a more realistic look
* They also make great housewarming and white elephant presents

When it comes to pillows, you don’t always have to keep it basic, white and rectangular. SPY has gathered a list of 13 fun, quirky pillows that will brighten up your couch or bedspread.

1. Watermelon Pillow

This bright watermelon slice comes in a unique triangular shape, and is made of 100% cotton. 12″ long, it brightens up a room, and makes a quirky housewarming present.

[caption id="attachment_62652" align="aligncenter" width="399"]watermelon pillow Image Courtesy of USTOP[/caption]


2. Dog Pillow

Is that a cute canine curled on your couch? No, it’s just this incredibly realistic pillow from Mkono. Filled with pearl wool to help maintain shape, it can work as lumbar support as well as an adorable throw.

[caption id="attachment_62663" align="aligncenter" width="401"]dog pillow Image Courtesy of Mkono[/caption]


3. Poop Emoji Pillow

With emoji fever gripping the nation after the release of “The Emoji Movie,” you can get one of the most popular characters as a fun plush pillow to add to your home decor. Lap or head pillow size, it’s made of PP cotton fabric, for a soft, restful experience.


4. Doughnut Pillow

A great gift for doughnut lovers, this delicious pillow is filled with soft cotton plush, making it the ideal Netflix partner. Measuring at 16″, it will draw attention — and compliments — in a variety of rooms.

[caption id="attachment_62654" align="aligncenter" width="442"]doughnut pillow Image Courtesy of Live by Care[/caption]

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5. Football Pillow

CatchStar designed this pillow in high-quality PP Cotton so it retains its shape, not matter how many times you squeeze it. There is a zipper running down the side, making it easy to wash when needed.

[caption id="attachment_62660" align="aligncenter" width="410"] Image Courtesy of CatchStar[/caption]


6. Fried Egg Pillow

This 3D photoprint captures a realistic perspective on this popular breakfast food, and it is printed on both sides of the pillow. Measuring 15″ long, it adds an element of humor to any room.

[caption id="attachment_62670" align="aligncenter" width="451"]fried egg pillow Image Courtesy of LivebyCare[/caption]


7. Pizza Pillow

An ideal gift for the biggest pizza fan in your life, this print covers one side of the 15″ pillow. Made of 50% cotton, 50% polyester, it stands out on plain bed or couch spreads.


8. Ice Cream Pillow

Don’t get stuck with one flavor- this ice cream cone pillow features three bright scoops, in a fun, full-color photo print. It’s 20″ high and 10.5″ wide, making it a sizable display option for a bedroom or living room.


9. Taco Pillow

A fun, spicy alternative to some of the sweet treats on this list, this crunchy taco pillow looks good enough to eat. 20″ tall and 12″ wide, the photoprint features on both sides.


10. Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow

Snuggle up to your favorite treat with this cookie ice cream sandwich pillow, complete with chocolate chips coating the outside. The photo-print creates a more realistic feel, and as it’s filled with microbeads, it’s soft and squishy to curl up to as well.


11. Strongman Pillow

This “boyfriend” pillow means you never have to go to sleep without a snuggle partner again. Made of soft T-shirt material, it’s comprised of cotton fiber and feather-free, so it won’t bother allergies, and the manufacturers suggest spraying it with your favorite cologne to heighten the experience.

Lazy loaded image
Image Courtesy of DeluxeComfort


12. French Fries Pillow

This bold, bright pillow celebrates a popular fast-food snack, making it a fun white elephant gift for your next exchange party. Made of polyester and filled with microbeads, you can now get your French fries fix — without the calories.


13. Ryan Gosling Pillowcase

Hey girl, would you like to cuddle? If you’ve always wanted Ryan Gosling in your bed, here’s your chance. So it’s not exactly a full pillow, but this pillowcase from TT-Shop even comes with Gosling’s signature printed in the corner. Made of 50% polyester, 50% cotton, the fabric is pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to worry about it getting smaller in the wash.

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