Foot Fetish: The 11 Craziest Socks for Your Freaky Feet

Best Joke Socks Featuring Donald Trump,
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* Ditch your boring socks for these fun, funky sock ideas
* Many have a humorous element, and make great gifts
* Varieties are available for men, women or unisex

Whether you’re looking for an unusual present or something to brighten up your footwear, SPY has found 11 pairs of outlandish socks to spice up your wardrobe and make a bold — and colorful — style statement.

1. Pandas

Bright pink and covered in adorable pandas- what more could you ask from a sock? These machine-washable socks are made with advanced knitting methods, so they don’t lose their shape or size.

Image Courtesy of Hot Sox


2. Gas & Clutch

Avoid auto confusion with these clarifying socks, a great gag gift for new (or terrible) drivers. They are unisex, made from a cotton and spandex blend, and machine-washable.

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3. Wonder Woman

After the roaring success of the Wonder Woman film this summer, you can now celebrate your favorite female super hero with your footwear. Complete with an attached cape, the socks are made from acrylic, polyester and spandex.

Image Courtesy of Bioworld


4. Donald Trump

Complete with a red, white, and blue decor, these presidential socks feature a colorful portrait of the 45th President. Printed in the USA, they come in one size that fits all, no matter where your political leanings lie.

Image Courtesy of Living Royal


5. Chicken Legs

Ideal for a quirky present, these chicken leg socks come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re also made with moisture and odor control, so you don’t have to worry about making your feet smell like, well, chicken.

Image Courtesy of Gmart


6. Cute Animals

Why buy one pair when you can get six? This set by Chalier features cute animals peeking over the heel, with a mix of patterns and colors adorning the rest of the sock.

Image Courtesy of Chalier


7. Gun Holsters

Keep your feet protected with these socks that fit men’s sizes 9 to 12. As the socks are black and the gun design is hidden by your pant leg, you can even wear them to work.

Image Courtesy of Gears Out


8. Sandals

These humorous socks disguise themselves as shoes, with sandals woven in, not just printed. Made of a cotton blend, you can rock this fashion faux pas in this one-size-fits-all pair.

sandal socks Image Courtesy of Laughmart


9. AC/DC

For the rock fan in your life, these printed socks feature the AC/DC guitarist Angus Young in black and white. Machine washable and made of a high-quality polyester blend, they’re one-size-fits-all and made by the LA-based sock brand, Legends.

[caption id="attachment_64653" align="aligncenter" width="241"] Image Courtesy of Legends Sock Co[/caption]


10. Hip Hop Kitty

Ditch your classic white socks and bring out your wild side with this dabbing, hip hop kitty. These knee-high sport socks provide compression that comfortably hugs your toes, heels and ankles.

Image Courtesy of Junni Socks


11. Cartoon Animals

These plush ankle socks feature non-slip grips along the bottom, and are made from high quality feather yarn that provides extra warmth. Best for women’s sizes 4-10, the three pairs feature a cat, snowman and sheep.

Image Courtesy of Vive Bears

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