Get The Best Of Both Worlds With A Comfortable And Versatile Futon Mattress

Best Futon Mattress
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First used in Japan to provide a comfortable mattress for sleeping that was also flexible enough to be rolled up and stored during the day, futons have now become synonymous with dorm rooms and uncomfortable beds. But that’s no longer the case. Whether you’re looking for a mattress that can be used as a permanent bed or couch or you need something that can easily be stored, new and improved futon mattresses are an excellent option for daily use or a guest room.

We’ve included two styles of futon mattresses on our list. The first two options are the Western version of futon mattresses, which fit standard futon frames and can be used either folded as a couch or flat as a bed. The third option is the traditional Japanese futon, which can be rolled or folded when not in use. This type of mattress was designed so that rooms where residents slept at night could double as entertaining spaces during the day. This innovative design is still useful, with both Western and Japanese futon mattresses offering versatility that isn’t available in other springform mattresses.

Futon mattresses are a great way to add additional sleeping space to your home without dedicating an entire room to a guest area. The futons we’ve included on our list are all lightweight, affordable, and most importantly, comfortable for sitting and sleeping.

1. Mozaic Full Size 10-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress

Made with memory foam and a poly-cotton blend that is both comfortable and cool, the Mozaic Full Size 10-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress fits any futon perfectly and provides both a supportive couch and bed option. Measuring 75″x54″x10″ thick, the Mozaic is reversible and has a tufted cover finish for a polished, modern look.

Pros: The Mozaic comes in eight different colors, making it easy to match the mattress to your living room or bedroom. This also means the Mozaic doesn’t need to be covered in a sheet when being used as a couch.

Cons: The Mozaic is only available in Standard size, while the other two futon mattress options on our list are available in a variety of sizes.

Mozaic Full Size 10-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress Image courtesy of Amazon

2. DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress

The DHP 8-Inch Futon Mattress is made with comfortability and style in mind. This futon mattress is created with independently encased coils, which helps to provide consistent support and even balance. Offered in six colors, there are multiple colors that will suit your fancy.

Pros: Has independently encased coils. An affordable option.

Cons: Bed frame is not included.

DHP futon mattress Amazon

3. FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Floor Mattress

Available in Twin, Twin XL (shown here), Twin XL Super Grade, Full, Full XL and Full XL Super Grade, the FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Floor Mattress is a versatile mattress that can be used on the floor or on a futon frame. The FULI is made with 100 percent cotton outer layer and 100 percent polyester stuffing for a quick-drying mattress.

Pros: The FULI only weighs 10 pounds and can be rolled, making it ideal for anyone with limited storage space.

Cons: The FULI Twin size doesn’t fit a traditional futon frame and only the Full size would work if using as a couch.

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon Floor Mattress Image courtesy of Amazon