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The 10 Most Affordable Futons for Your Dorm or Guest Room

Whether you’re in school or converting the guest room at home, creating a comfortable place to study, read, watch TV, play games and generally relax is always a good idea — especially when that space can also transform into a handy bed. Granted, if you have excess space, you might think the answer is a sofa and a bed, but if you’re tight on space (think dorm rooms) or would rather save money and just buy a versatile two-in-one piece, it’s time to get a futon.

Futons are a great solution for anyone who’s short on space, loves a place to chill out and enjoys impromptu overnight visitors. Other handy benefits to these converting couches include the fact they are super comfortable, durable, budget-friendly and more resistant to bugs than your standard bed mattress. For these reasons, many people, especially students, prefer having a futon rather than a traditional one-use couch.

If you’re decking out your college dorm room and are going to need a space for your buddies to crash, check out these affordable futon options. Most of these are extremely affordable, although we’ve thrown a few in at the end for people who want to go above and beyond. There are, of course, options for dorm rooms as well as other futons more suited to family homes and even models which are ideal for use as the main sitting option in your living room.


1. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Mattress


This Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Mattress sports a simple yet elegant design, which is ideal for apartments, dorms, family dens and more. The square L-shape can be placed right up against wall corners to maximize space in small rooms, while the high-density foam ensures a comfortable sitting spot for gaming, reading or hanging out with your friends. It takes a few seconds to fold out into a bed and also includes velcro braces to keep the sofa secured when it’s not in use.

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2. Japanese Floor Mattress Futon Mattress


Here’s a sleep solution that you can roll out anywhere. It’s filled with microfiber cotton and memory foam for a super convenient and comfortable sleeping surface. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your futon needs, whatever they may be.

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3. Imani Square Arm Sleeper


You’d never know that this two-seater sofa was actually a futon. The chic velvet and tufted back make it a stylish piece for any space, and it just happens to fully recline back into a sleep surface. It may not be the best option for a long-term bed, but if the look is your priority in this futon search, it’ll definitely do the trick.

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4. Delavan Twin Wide Tight Back Futon Chair


This cozy little chair folds out into a cozy little bed for one lucky house guest. It’s made with a sturdy metal frame and filled with foam, so it’ll keep its shape but also feel super comfortable to sit or sleep on. It’s a no-brainer if you need a subtle and understated extra seating or sleeping option.

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5. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon


If you like the sound of an adjustable frame, which offers five different possible positions ranging from an upright sofa to a full bed, the

is for you. This attractive piece is made in the USA but doesn’t come with a mattress. The frame is constructed from tulip poplar and sports a natural finish, making it a versatile choice, which will look great in a whole range of home styles.

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6. DHP Kebo Futon Sofa Bed


This comfortable, low-set DHP Kebo Futon Sofa Bed is ideal for hanging out on a lazy afternoon or catching some sleep at night. It brings both style and function into your home. And, it folds quickly and easily from a modern, stylish sofa to a full-size bed.

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7. Mainstay Memory Foam Futon



is another futon option which switches from sofa to bed in a matter of seconds. The two-piece backrest lowers individually, allowing you to enjoy one side sofa and one side bed should you wish. The futon is available in either black suede or camel suede and has a memory foam inner to provide maximum comfort whether you’re sitting or lying down. The entire frame is made from metal to give it an attractive appearance and durability.

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8. Bane Convertible Sofa


The eye-catching Bane Convertible Sofa has a simple, but sophisticated style that looks so inviting, you might grab a nap every time you pass it by. Its solid wood frame keeps you supported while you study. And, it couldn’t be more comfortable in its bed mode at night. Plus, it’s especially convenient to have around for those unexpected guests who end up sleeping over.

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9. Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Futon Set


There is a style of the

to suit every kind of interior decor. From plain colors to Canadian wildlife, this attractive futon mixes a natural wood appearance with 100% polyester cushions to provide a comfortable place to sit or sleep. Each futon set is made in the USA from solid hardwood and includes two handy drawers underneath, which can store your bedding supplies or other household items.

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10. Maurice Microfiber Pillow Top Futon


The Maurice Microfiber Pillow Top Futon is a furniture piece worthy of being your main living room sofa. The three-seater design provides plenty of sitting space for the family, while the range of attractive available colors ensures there’s one to suit your interiors. The set includes two throw pillows for added comfort and has a reinforced back frame, steel seat and metal-to-metal connections to ensure it’s up to withstand the rigors of daily life. It only takes a matter of seconds to switch from the sofa to the bed.

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