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You’re Going to Need to Sit Down After Reading About the 12 Best Gaming Chairs

There are few things worse than standing up from a marathon gaming session and realizing your back, legs and body are in total pain because you’ve been hunched over a controller for hours at a time. Sure, you can play games on your couch or in a standard office chair, but investing in a dedicated gaming chair is both a practical and effective way to play.

Gaming chairs are a bit more oversized than your standard computer chair, providing complete lumbar, head and neck support during those intense sessions of Warzone or Fornite. Made from premium leather or even breathable mesh, they’re meant to cushion and support you throughout hours and hours of games so that you avoid that aching feeling. And they’re typically done in a more sporty style to match the futuristic look and feel of either your console or PC.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best gaming chairs on the market across all kinds of prices and with all types of gamers in mind, so there’s an option for every need and budget. Our picks, below.


1. Secret Lab Titan Gaming Chair


You’ve probably seen a Secret Lab chair in your favorite Twitch streams without knowing the brand. The brand is almost ubiquitous with hardcore gamers for a reason: it’s far and away the best on the market. Secret Lab sent us a unit to test and we found its incredibly sturdy construction to provide not only day-long comfort but a real commitment to quality that rivals Apple and other high-end brands. While it’s certainly a bit of an investment, it’s worth it to have your whole body supported by its plush foam, fully reclinable back, and customizable armrests and height adjuster. In short: it’s worth every penny to have a chair you’ll have (and use!) for years and years.

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Secret Lab

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2. GTRACING Gaming Chair


If you’re in the market for a quality gaming chair that won’t break the bank, look no further than this option from GTRACING. The chair is fully customizable, including the height of the armrests, the angle of the chair back, and the height of the chair itself. Additionally, the chair comes with dedicated head and lumbar cushions to provide optimal support for extended play sessions. Plus, GTRACING’s chair is effortless to put together, which means you can get back to doing what matters: chasing that new high score.

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3. Vertagear Racing S-Line Gaming Chair


Getting ready to hunker down for a day’s worth of Warzone or just another day at the (virtual) office? This gaming chair from Vertagear is designed to be almost lived in thanks to its construction. Ultra Premium High Resilience (UPHR) foam used in the chair has a higher density, which prolongs the lifespan of the chair and gives unparalleled support and cushion when you need it most. Additionally, the chair has plenty of support, thanks to its lumbar and neck cushions. Other customizable features allow you to hone into your specific needs, which is great when you’re reaching the multiple-hour mark of a gaming session.

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4. Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair


This Herman Miller and Logitech collaboration is pricey but is meant to fill a particular void in the market. Miller has been crafting luxury products since the early 1900s and understands what it’s like to build something that’s made to last a long, long time. The Embody is reflective of that philosophy, providing a chair you can purchase once and never need to replace; the science-backed ergonomics will support your spine no matter how you end up sitting in the chair while also keeping you cool thanks to their specialized foam. But most importantly, the Embody helps to actively reduce back pressure and pain, which is a godsend for those who already have issues. If you can move past the initial sticker shock, you’ll be buying a chair that will quite literally last you a lifetime.

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Herman Miller


5. Respawn 200 Gaming Chair


As comfortable as leather chairs are, sometimes sitting in them for long periods can cause your back to sweat. Which is where a mesh-backed chair can be a great alternative. If you’re someone that runs a little hot, a mesh back provides fantastic breathability without sacrificing any of the sturdy support you’d come to expect in the best gaming chairs. With all kinds of adjustable portions, it’s bound to fit you in all the ways you need it to do so.

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6. Corsair Road Warrior Gaming Chair


With a slightly wider seat, deep cushion and sturdy construction, this gaming chair from Corsair is made for the gaming warrior. That is to say, one who doesn’t want to have to sacrifice their comfort while they play their favorite game. The leather construction is perforated (both for better airflow and as a nod to the “Road Warrior” product name). At the same time, the reclining functionality allows you to kick back and relax between sessions. However, you plan to game, know your booty and body will be cozy while you do so with this chair.

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7. Respawn 9000 Recliner Gaming Chair


Gaming chairs shouldn’t be just for PC gamers or even a console gaming system tied to a desk. If you want to kick back and relax with a round of Halo, this recliner style chair from Respawn makes for an excellent option. The chair has all kinds of options to make it even easier to kick back and relax like a side pouch for quick access to accessories, a dedicated drink coster, an independently operated back recline and footrest and more.

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8. OFM Essentials Racing Gaming Chair


With over 10,000 reviews for an average 4.5-star rating, this racing-style gaming chair from OFM essentials has the unique honor of being an Amazon’s Choice selection. With great comfort in a striking design, you’ll not only look good but feel even better as you game the day way. Fully adjustable with height adjustment and center-tilt control, the chair is upholstered in a durable leather to provide plenty of comfy support.

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9. Furmax Gaming Chair


If you’re looking for a gaming chair that will double as a good starting point for your journey to later investing in a more expensive chair, this option from Furmax is likely going to be a nice upgrade over whatever existing option you’re using. With features like dedicated lumbar support and even a headrest, Furmax’s approach provides a comfortable chair that won’t break your budget. Other additional highlights include breathable leather and height adjustment to round out one compelling package.

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10. Razer Iskur Gaming Chair


Looking for a good upgrade or are you, perhaps, willing to invest a little more upfront? Razer’s Iskur Gaming Chair is a fantastic mid-level purchase, full of strong features to help you get your game on for hours at a time. Completely ergonomic, the chair is built to help you straighten your posture so you’re not putting undue pressure on your spine. This is accomplished through the chair’s included lumbar support system, which is fully adjustable to best cater to your individual needs. Oh, and it’s plenty comfortable to sit for hours at a time.

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11. Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair


Looking to purchase something you can use to work in all day long and then turn around and game in all night? Steelcase’s Gesture Gaming Chair is more of a dedicated office chair, but the superlative support you want for working at a desk will be just as helpful for long game sessions as well. An advanced tilt function allows the seat of the chair to come up a bit so your feet stay on the ground as you lean back. The variable backstop can help you dial-in your desired comfort level. Overall it’s a stylish, comfortable chair that’s good for all kinds of use.

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12. Mavix M7 Gaming Chair


Mavix is a new company in the gaming chair space, but its initial fleet of chairs is deeply impressive. We were really taken with the M7 in particular for its mid-range set of features, including the ability to customize how the chair works for you. Four different adjustable levers help to control the height, back tilt, angle of the lumbar support and even manage how far the seat is from the back of the chair. Oh, and its mesh construction makes it highly breathable, supportive and comfortable. If the M7 is already this strong out of the gate, we can’t wait to see what the future looks like for this newcomer brand.

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