Marathon Gaming Sessions Demand a Proper Setup — These Are the Gaming Desks to Get

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When it comes to making sure you have an effective gaming setup, every piece matters. Whether it’s your chair, your headset, or even your system itself, everything has got to be at the top of the line to ensure you’re not getting left behind or hitting any lag. So when it comes to playing games, you’ve got to ensure your desk can handle all those late-night Call of Duty sessions. Which is where a dedicated gaming desk can be very handy.

A gaming desk is designed to be inherently ergonomic to help you stay comfortable in those extended gaming sessions, while also providing plenty of space for your setup. A good gaming desk might also have some cord-storage solutions, a spot for your headphones, or even LED lights to match your fancy computer. But really the space of the desktop itself is going to be one of the more critical things you’re looking for when considering an option for you.

To help you out with that choice, we’ve rounded up nine of our favorites gaming desks to shop right now. Don’t let a poorly functioning or badly crafted desk stop you from getting your gaming on properly. Our picks, below.




This gaming desk from ERUKA ERGONOMIC (yes, that’s the actual brand name) is a great combination of practicality and features that are sure to be a great fit for all-day gaming sessions. A wide 44.5-inch surface area allows for plenty of space for monitors, keyboard, mouse and other accessories you may use. The textured surface is great for that gaming vibe on its own, but the included LED lighting can add a touch of character that will pair well with other LED lights on your case, mouse, or keyboard. Additional features include a drink holder, headphone hook, extended mouse pad, and more. Oh, and the price is absolutely right.

ERUEKA ERGONOMIC Z1-S Gaming Desk Amazon


2. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


If your PC gaming setup is supercharged on the monitor front, it’s critical to have the area space large enough to fully execute every precise movement. Arozzi’s gaming desk has room for up to three (!) gaming monitors, providing an extensive space for you to use. Plus the desk includes a machine washable textured mouse pad that won’t slow down your movements as well as a special cable management system so you don’t get tangled up too much.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Amazon


3. Vitesse Gaming Desk


If you’re in need of an upgrade for an existing desk or are planning to make a full transition to PC gaming and just need something to put your keyboard and mouse on, this gaming desk from Vitesse is a great starter option. While there are three different sizes, the 44-inch option has plenty of room for most setups and is the cheapest version. However, cheap doesn’t mean a lack of quality or features; the Vitesse desk includes a headphone hook, controller holder, and a drink holder as well.

Vitesse Gaming Desk Amazon


4. GTRACING Gaming Desk


GTRACING really excels at providing superior and quality products at a value that’s extremely difficult to beat. Their version of a gaming desk includes an adjustable monitor stand to effectively set up your display how you want it and save your neck some stress by positioning it right at eye level. The desk is made from carbon fiber which not only makes it durable and tough but easy to wipe clean if you spill something on it. Other features include a headphone hook and a holder for your surge protector. All in all, it’s a steal for a price that’s under $150.

GTRACING Gaming Desk Amazon


5. GreenForest L-Shaped Gaming Desk


Sometimes you want to spread out your stuff without worry. If you’re one of those kinds of people, a solid L-shaped desk is going to be a great option for you. The L-shape of the desk will easily allow you to put up a couple of different monitors and have them right at your fingertips in order to better build a command station-like setup. The wood construction is light but still durable and sturdy.

GreenForest L-Shaped Gaming Desk Amazon


6. Tribesigns Gaming Desk


For as garish and maximalist as some gaming desks can be, it makes sense some would want to go in the other direction and opt for something a little less showy. A more subtle, but still effective, option is this gaming desk from Tribesigns. Nice and wide at 55 inches, this desk provides plenty of space for the setup of your choice. Additionally, the wide space underneath means you can have your tower setup and have plenty of room to move around your legs without issues. Finally, Tribesigns boasts an easy setup, which means you’ll be off to gaming sooner rather than later. Amazon


7. Need Gaming Desk


With over 300 reviews for an average rating of nearly five stars, this gaming desk from Need is a great gaming desk. The Amazon’s Choice distinction allows for a seal of quality you may not get from other products and in this case, it’s absolutely well-earned. An included LED mouse and keyboard pad allows for a flourish of personality while various storage racks all help to add further benefits. Plus, with a length of 60 inches, there’s plenty of room for you to spread your stuff out and still have room for extras.

Need Gaming Desk Amazon


8. Atlantic Gaming Desk


With its durable steel construction, carbon fiber laminated top, curved front, dedicated device charging stand, and lots of other features, this gaming desk from Atlantic is full of handy features to elevate your experience. Like, literally. The raised shelf can hold a monitor up to 32 inches or just serve as a cool shelf for other random things you may have. Additionally, the gaming desk boasts built-in storage for random files, controllers and even cords. Whatever you may need to have organized on your desk, Atlantic has you covered.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Amazon


9. Inbox Zero Gaming Desk


We realize this pick is on the pricey side, but if you’re currently working from home and spending all evening gaming, it might be worth it to invest in something a little nicer than you the average gaming desk. An ergonomic option that’s comfortable for day-long use, this gaming desk from Inbox Zero has a sturdy base construction thanks to its Z-shaped metal legs to support heavy equipment. The carbon fiber desktop is totally waterproof in case you should spill something and the desk also has a few holders for your headphones and cords. But the feature we like the most is the built-in RGB LED lights that include three different modes and six different colors to help you really show off your personality.

Inbox Zero Gaming Desk Wayfair


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