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Unlock Your Garage’s Full Potential With the Best Garage Lighting

If the word “garage” conjures up images of a dark and dank space with a lone pull string hanging from a florescent bulb, banish that thought immediately. These days there are so many more options out there to make the most out of your garage space, upping the game from the days when your remote garage opener doubled as the main source of lighting.

And why not, considering all of the potential uses there are for that spot typically reserved for cars? From home gyms to offices, studios and even stores, people are getting more creative than ever with their garages as they extend their overall living space.

Of course, being able to use the area as another room in the house is pretty contingent on what kind of lighting you have installed.


What to Consider When Buying A Garage Light

Before you go on a shopping spree for the best garage lights, take a look around your existing garage space to evaluate all of the specs. Note the style, access, size, brightness and power sources in order to get a proper idea of which light will best suit the space. It’s also important to think about how you’re going to use the area ahead of time. If you’re opening a mini storefront for your small business, you’ll probably want something a bit brighter and open concept than if you’re going to be using it for a cozy little office or fitness studio.

It’s also important to think about what kind of bulbs you want for your garage lights. LED bulbs are typically ideal in garage spaces because they last a long time, they don’t tend to overheat and they cast some of the brightest light. Last but not least, color temperature is also important; no one wants to accent their concrete walls with an eerie, blue-tinged bulb.

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1. TANBABY LED Garage Lights


Infuse a whole new world of lighting into your garage with this powerful duo. Each piece includes six lighting panels — one central light and five adjustable offshoots, which are designed to cast light into the farthest corners of your garage space. In total there are 240 LEDs (15,000 lumens) in each unit, and the light comes with an advanced cooling system to keep the heat in check. At least 86% of online reviewers are also fans, giving these lights an easy five-star review.

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2. FREELICHT 2-Pack LED Garage Light


Easily brighten up your garage with this budget-friendly duo of LED lights, which produce 6,000 lumens while saving up to 60% more energy than regular old bulbs. They’re easy to install and require zero wiring or tools, as they fit into a standard base that any beginner can navigate. Once installed, you can adjust them up to 90 degrees as well, perfecting your lighting situation under the accompanying five-year warranty.

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3. Sunco Lighting LED Shop Light


If you’ve got big plans to turn your garage into a shop where you can tinker with your latest hobby, you’re going to need a big garage light to match. Enter these LED industrial shop lights, which you can easily link with a daisy chain to create extended lighting to suit your specific space. They come with mounting hardware so that you can mount or hang them directly from the ceiling, plus they come with a seven-year warranty that may just last longer than your next ambitious project.

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4. Atomi Smart LED Shop Light


Enjoy powerful garage lighting with the added benefit of smart-powered controls with this WiFi-enabled light that’s easily controlled from anywhere. The dimmable, LED shop lights can be customized with the accompanying app, or they also work with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. You can also link up to 10 units at a time for the most powerful smart shop experience yet.

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Courtesy of Sam's Club

5. Metalux 2-Light Linear White Integrated LED Garage Strip Light


These double-lens LED strip lights provide more than 8,900 lumens and cast the power of 150-watt fluorescent lamps. They also go up easily enough: you can surface or pendant-mount them in either a single or continuous row configuration with the included aligner, tool-free channel cover and wireless access points below the fixture. We also love that they’re Energy Star compatible and estimated to run for up to 50,000 hours, meaning you can basically just install these garage lights and then forget about them.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

6. Lithonia Lighting Adjustable Indoor LED Garage Light


Who wants to deal with the hassle of fumbling for a switch in the dark if you don’t have to? That’s the main reason we’re into this motion-sensor LED garage light, because it automatically turns on for you when you enter the room. However it also comes with an end-to-end connector so you can install more than one unit in your space, plus the adjustable light timer settings ensure you can perfectly customize the accompanying 5,000 lumens to go off again on your own convenience.

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7. Kichler Lighting Fluorescent Fixture


If your garage is prone to humidity, then the make of this flush florescent fixture may be a suitable option thanks to its alloy steel finish and acrylic glass shade, which is textured for bright yet ambient light to shine through.

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8. POLARPRA LED Garage Ceiling Lights


If ultra-bright lighting is in order, then this powerful garage light will definitely deliver. The top-quality LED diodes come in four adjustable aluminum panels that produce a whopping total of 18,000 lumens. Your garage will never feel dark again with this powerful projector light, which promises more than 60,000 hours of constant runtime while consuming up to 90% less energy than comparable garage light options. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a five-year warranty?

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9. Dansny LED Garage Lights


No matter what size or shape of garage you’re working with, these lights from Dansny will provide the most flex thanks to their 0-to-120 degree rotation capabilities. That means every last inch of your space will be nice and bright, with more than 12,000 lumens of energy-efficient LED lighting to go around. One unit gives you more than 50,000 hours of constant runtime, and we especially love how easy it is to install: just screw it into a standard light socket and you’re good to go.

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10. hykolity 10 Pack Linkable LED Shop Light


If you’ve got a huge space to light up then this 10-pack of LED shop lights should more than cover you. Each high efficiency, four-foot light offers 4,400 lumens that should last for at least 50,000 hours, and they each come with a plug connection so that you can easily link up to six units at a time. Meanwhile, there are various hanging options, whether you prefer to hang them by chains or mount them directly onto the ceiling with the included mounting screws. They also come with a five-year warranty to keep your space nice and bright for at least the next half-a-decade.

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