Here’s How To Add a Garbage Disposal To Your Sink

Here's How To Add a Garbage
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Cut down on waste, make washing dishes easy, and keep your pipes clog-free with these easy to install and practical garbage disposals.

Garbage disposals can be a huge time and money saver in the kitchen, from making cleaning dishes easy (no more standing over the trash to scrape your plate), to avoiding the dreaded clogged pipes that come from food accidentally ending up down the drain. With many counties and cities charging residents per bag for their waste removal, a garbage disposal can be a money saver in the long run by helping to eliminate the amount of waste being left by the curb each week.

While most new build homes now coming with garbage disposals built into their sinks, owners of older homes must add disposals themselves. This can be a costly venture, from buying professional grade disposal to hiring a plumber to install the unit, but we’ve found three great garbage disposals on Amazon that are easy to install and can tackle just about any food scraps you throw down them.

Like any garbage disposal, it’s recommended to never put bones or garbage in the units below. Garbage disposals are meant to get rid of small food scraps, like the food left over on a plate after a typical meal. When it comes to cleaning a garbage disposal, using a small amount of dish soap and running it through the disposal is the easiest method, with some users also recommending cutting up small pieces of lemon wedges and placing them in the disposal for a clean, citrus scent.

Garbage disposal units in homes have come a long way. Water and energy use from garbage disposal units are negligible, accounting for approximately 1 percent of a household’s daily water use and $0.50 in energy cost per year, and clogged pipes are rare. A great step towards conservation, garbage disposals are affordable, helpful, and as you’ll see with our three models below, easier than ever to add to any home.


1. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal

Offering more power per pound than comparative disposers and boasting an impressive 2800 RPM speed, the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal is sound insulated and uses EZ Mount technology for quick installation.

Pros: The Waste King L-8000 is built for continuous feed, which means garbage can be put into the disposal while it’s running. The grinding chamber is made from glass-filled nylon, which won’t corrode over time. Safe to use with a properly sized septic tank, the Waste King L-8000 is energy efficient and only requires 115 volts, 60 Hertz, and 7.0 current-amps to operate its one horsepower motor.

Cons: Some customers find that the opening is on the smaller side and food has to be broken down to fit into the disposal.

Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal

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2. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Badger

Rated America’s number one disposer brand, the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal Badger is the world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposals and has made installing your own disposal quick and easy.

Pros: Easy to install and reliable, the InSinkErator has a 3/4 horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor and is made with galvanized steel parts for added durability. The InSinkErator has a patented Quick Lock sink mount to make installation easy and features a limited in-home three-year warranty.

Cons: The InSinkErator doesn’t have a sound seal. It also lacks a strainer and a power cord must be purchased separately.

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal

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3. Waste King Legend Series

Compact and powerful, the Waste King Legend Series easily fits under your sink and disposes of everyday food scraps with an energy efficient ½ horsepower motor.

Pros: The Waste King Legend Series is a smaller and more affordable alternative to the L-8000 while still featuring an impressive amount of power. The Legend Series runs on ½ horsepower and 2,600 RPM, with a permanent magnet motor that is less prone the jams. Like the L-8000, the Legend Series also has a continuous feed and is easily turned on with the flip of a switch. The grinding chamber is also corrosion proof.

Cons: Unlike the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal, the Legend Series doesn’t have sound insulation and has half the horsepower.

Waste King Legend Series

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