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Picking out a garden hose feels like one of those tasks that should be done on a first-see-first-buy basis. After all, it’s only a garden hose. However, if you could fast forward to the day you waste an hour wrestling your stubborn hose back into shape or have to visit the store again because the cheaply-made connector just snapped, you would see that that shopping strategy is highly flawed. The best garden hose isn’t always the first one you see.

Choosing the right garden hose for you really depends on two factors:

1. How big is your garden?

Most garden hoses are about fifty feet long, but they are available in lengths ranging from about 25 feet to 100 feet and longer. The size of your yard or garden is the best way to determine the length of hose you need. Take a measurement of the longest distance (usually a diagonal) to find the best garden hose for your space.

2. What will you be doing with your hose?

For some, a garden hose represents a handy way to water the grass or wash the car. For others, it’s an integral tool for cultivating the yearly crop of fruits and veg. No matter your motivation, there’s a garden hose that will work best for you.

The chore for which you’ll be using your hose will likely determine the material you would most prefer. Vinyl and rubber are the two most common materials and hoses in these forms are ubiquitous; however, hybrids of latex and fabric, as well as aluminum or stainless steel hoses, are becoming more and more popular thanks to the fact that they are light and durable.

Below, you’ll find 16 of the best garden hoses available. There are options for sprinkling, space-saving hoses and others that are built to last when the temperatures rise and fall. Check out our selection and find the right option for you.


1. Flexzilla Garden Hose


The Flexzilla Garden Hose boasts over 2,500 five-star reviews from Amazon users who love their new garden tool. This brightly colored hose is available in a range of sizes up to 100 feet and sports an extremely flexible design that is easily coiled, lightweight and safe to drink from. The hybrid polymer also helps to prevent kinking in all weather conditions and means this durable hose lays flat without showing signs of how it was previously stored.

best garden hose flexzilla Courtesy of Amazon


2. Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose


Take the hassle out of watering your plants and seedlings with the Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose. It’s made from 100% environmentally-friendly vinyl and sports a clog-resistant fabric for a consistent and even spread. It’s easy to snake your way through all the areas of your garden to create your very own watering system and an organized way to deliver the required soaking to your green friends. For an even more work-free experience, try hooking up a timer to your hose for a completely independent watering system.

best garden hose gilmour flat Courtesy of Amazon


3. Element Universal Hose


Sometimes cheap and proven are the two words that matter most. If that’s the case in your hunt for the best garden hose, consider the Element Universal Hose. The lightweight vinyl hose is likely what you imagine when you think about garden hoses. However, the Element version boasts a few additions to make your life easier. First, it features a universal connector, providing both male and female connections. Second, the innovative new material used fights kinks and also performs well in cold weather. This particular hose is 10 feet long, but other lengths are also available.

best garden hose element universal Courtesy of The Home Depot


4. Swan Products Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose


Another option for self-sufficient lawn watering is the Swan Products Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose. This is a great choice for users looking to supply their whole lawn with a covering of water every day. At 50 feet long, there’s plenty of hose to reach around your garden or narrow walkway. The design includes laser-cut holes which can reach up to 50 inches for a comprehensive cover of water. Additionally, the green color helps the hose blend in for a less obvious look.

best garden hose swan products sprinkler Courtesy of Amazon


5. Gardguard Expandable Garden Hose


The Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose is the most versatile hose on our list. It won this award thanks to its innovative nozzle, which has 10 spray patterns rather than the standard eight or nine. Furthermore, this expanding hose, which can stretch from 17 feet up to 50 feet in length, uses a heavy-duty latex interior and is covered in polyester fabric to prevent damage. And, as an added bonus, this hose arrives with a wall hook and three extra o-rings.

best garden hose gardguard expandable Courtesy of Amazon


6. GREEN MOUNT Coil Garden Water Hose


If space is at a premium but you still need a hose, why not give the GREEN MOUNT Coil Garden Water Hose a try? This highly coiled hose is made from a tough and durable premium PU material that is UV resistant and can withstand extreme sunlight. It won’t kink, fold or damage surfaces as it passes over them. Plus, this hose is safe for use with fresh or saltwater and includes strong, brass connectors for easy installation. The 50-foot garden accessory is especially good for people with smaller gardens as the hose is easily coiled when it’s not in use but can stretch far when required.

best garden hose green mount coil Courtesy of Amazon


7. Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose


If you care about finding the garden hose that is the most popular and best-reviewed hose on the internet, look no further than the Joeys Garden Expandable Garden Hose. This attractive, black hose can expand up to three times its length and is available in four different sizes, from 25 feet to 100 feet. Plus, each end of the hose is tipped in solid brass connectors that are made to last and will attach to any standard spigot. A spray nozzle with eight spraying patterns is included.

best garden hose joeys garden expandable Courtesy of Amazon


8. Rosy Earth Stainless Garden Hose


If you’ve ever had a hose blow out or split for no apparent reason, it may be time to look into a stainless steel hose. These garden hoses are more durable and do not kink, yet they are still lightweight. In most cases, stainless steel hoses will outlast fabric, rubber or latex hoses. In particular, this Rosy Earth Stainless Garden Hose is a great option. The 50-foot length is suitable for most uses, and it comes with solid connectors on either end.

best garden hose rosy earth stainless steel Courtesy of Amazon


9. Todoya Expandable Garden Hose


The Todoya Expandable Garden Hose comes with everything you need to perform a range of jobs in the garden. The multi-piece kit includes a 100-foot hose, a nozzle, a wall-mounting hook and a carry bag. The hose itself sports 100% brass fittings on either end and includes an extra-flexible polyester fabric covering for durability and added support. When pressurized, the hose extends to three times its size. You’ll also find a built-in on/off switch. The accompanying nozzle lets you choose from nine watering patterns which include mist, soaker and jet functions.

best garden hose todoya expandable Courtesy of Amazon


10. Continental Premium Rubber Water Hose


Big landscaping projects call for big garden hoses. That’s why some people will want to invest in a commercial-grade hose. The Continental Premium Rubber Water Hose boasts a high burst strength to deal with water pressure and kings of all sizes. It’s also abrasion and kink-resistant and features crush-proof brass connectors. Finally, this hose can stand up to the hottest sun and the coldest frosts thanks to its all-weather build.

best garden hose continental commercial grade Courtesy of The Home Depot


11. Fitt Garden Hose Pro


Gardeners or homeowners who need to leave the garden hose out in the sun on a daily basis need a hose that can stand up to UV, which unfortunately weakens vinyl and rubber over time. The Fitt Garden Hose Pro solves this issue with its polymer interior and nylon reinforcement. Not only does this garden hose perform well in the sun, but it’s also abrasion and puncture resistant. Plus, this is another ultra-lightweight option, so you don’t have to worry about sore muscles after lugging the hose around the yard.

best garden hose fitt gray garden hose pro Courtesy of The Home Depot


12. HYRIXDIRECT Garden Hose


With over 500 five-star reviews from Amazon users, you can be sure that the HYRIXDIRECT Garden Hose is fit for your around-the-house chores. Whether it’s washing the car, watering the plants or cleaning the dog, you’ll find everything you need in this complete hose and nozzle set. The hose is available in either 50 or 100 feet and includes a high-quality brass connector which makes installing the hose simple. The design is also able to expand to three times its size and boasts a tangle-free design which helps prevent twisting and kinking. Furthermore, the included nozzle offers eight different spray patterns, a water flow adjuster, a soft rubber grip and a lock bar for maximum comfort and convenience during use.

best garden hose hyrixdirect Courtesy of Amazon


13. TITAN Garden Hose


The TITAN Garden Hose’s design includes a superior latex core and highly durable polyester covering. Under pressure, this expandable hose can extend up to three times its length and naturally returns to its original shape when you’re finished. It’s also supplied with solid brass connectors, including a brass nozzle with three spray settings. Furthermore, the impressive range of available lengths (15 to 150 feet) makes it easy to order the right hose for your yard.

best garden hose titan Courtesy of Amazon


14. Zero-G Aluminum Garden Hose


Rather than relying on vinyl or expanding latex and fabric, the Zero-G Aluminum Garden Hose features a G-Force High-Density Woven Fiber Jacket around a Tru-Flex Inner Core. This gives it a durability that’s really only found in commercial-grade hoses. In addition, either end of the hose boasts crush-proof aluminum connectors, and the hose is on average 50% lighter than other garden hoses. For a hose that is going to be around for a few years or more, choose this Zero-G invention.

zero g black aluminum garden hose Courtesy of Amazon


15. Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Garden Hose


With lengths ranging from 25 to 100 feet, two fittings to choose from and four available colors, the Water Right 400 Series Polyurethane Garden Hose you choose comes down to your exact needs. This USA-made hose has over 700 five-star reviews from users and features a kink-resistant design that is soft, flexible and lightweight, making it ideal for garden use. The NSF and FDA-certified polyurethane resin is safe for drinking water and is more tasteless and odorless than competing PVC or vinyl hoses.

water right series slim light garden hose Courtesy of Amazon


16. AMES NeverLeak AutoWinder Hose


If you hate having a pile of hose left on the ground or don’t want the job of coiling it up after every use, consider investing in the AMES NeverLeak AutoWinder Hose. This advanced reel sports a comprehensive cover and a 100-foot, all-weather hose which is fully retractable. You’ll also find an included spray gun that offers seven different functions. Additionally, the reel features a built-in bracket for easy installation and a lead-in hose for attaching to your outdoor faucet.

ames neverleak autowinder retractable wall mount reel Courtesy of Amazon


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