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Give Your Headphones a Rest With These Awesome Organizational Headphone Stands

Calling all gamers, music lovers and overall audiophiles — where are you keeping your headphones? Please don’t tell us you’re leaving them to lay on your desk or nightstand. All headphones, whether they’re the best noise-canceling headphones or the best wireless headphones, need a solid place to stand to ensure they’re both on display and properly taken care of. You need the best headphone stand money can buy.

The best headphone stands are great for a multitude of reasons. For those who love to organize, headphone stands offer a great place for keeping your headphones at all times instead of throwing them wherever you normally do. The best headphone stands also allow for fewer headphone injuries that might occur by accidentally sitting on them when you didn’t realize they were there.

Potentially the best part about the best headphone stands? You’ll never lose your headphones. Ever.

Once you start getting used to placing your headphones on your new headphone stand, you’ll never misplace your headphones ever again. It becomes your headphones’ home. Think of it the same way you treat your toothbrush. You never move your toothbrush to a different spot. It lives where it lives so you’ll always know where it is. It will be the same way with the best headphone stands.

If you’re looking for the right headphone stand for you, look no further. We’ve gathered the best headphone stands from across the internet that will suit your home interior just perfect below.


1. New Bee Headphone Stand


The New Bee headphone stand really takes the cake as the best headphone stand you can buy. This sturdy stand has a sleek, all-black design that will support headphones of all shapes and sizes. It’s made from aluminum and TPU rubber to keep both the stand and headphones stable. It will look perfect on your desk, nightstand or next to your gaming console. Coming in at just $10, this baby is a true steal.

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2. Lamicall Headphone Stand


This lightweight headphone stand from Lamicall has a unique design that sort of mimics a bike saddle to keep your headphones hanging. It’s made from sturdy aluminum and ABS plastic at the top where your headphones are. Like our prior pick, it has a sleek, black-all-over look to it that is almost elegant in nature. Place this stand just about anywhere and grab your headphones whenever you need them.

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3. EURPMASK PC Gaming Headphone Hook


Gamers, here’s one you’re going to love. For those of you that spend hours upon hours at your desk gaming and livestreaming, the EURPMASK PC gaming headphone hook is exactly what you need. This hook grips right to the edge of your desk to ensure your headphones are where you’ll forever need them to be to get your game face on. It can match just about any desk with its adjustable clamps and has soft rubber pads so you won’t scratch your desk if you ever take it off.

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4. SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand


Looking for something that feels a little more classic? We’ve got you, check out this wooden headphone stand from SAMDI on Amazon. It has a curvy design that feels both dated yet modern at the same time, as if it is the type of thing you could have easily picked up at a thrift shop but also at a Best Buy. It has a sturdy solid wood design that will keep your headphones from wiggling or sliding off. Place it on your desk and keep ’em cozy on top.

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5. OAKYWOOD Wood Headphone Stand


Although we named the piece prior our best wooden piece, this wooden headphone stand takes the cake for being the best-looking. Just look at the craftsmanship of that bottom wooden base to get a load of what we’re talking about. It’s made of premium solid wood with a painted steel top to hold your headphones and has a super rustic feel to it. Your headphones will love it so much they’ll never want to get off.

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Courtesy of OAKYWOOD


6. UartDesign Headphone Stand


Organization is key with the UartDesign headphone stand. With a place not only to keep your headphones but also hold your phone, pen and a small divet for whatever else you might want to store, this desktop sitter is perfect for keeping everything where it needs to be. It is made completely from wood with one of four finishes, including natural, dark walnut, teak and wenge. It also makes a great gift for those who seem to never leave their desk.

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Courtesy of Etsy


7. Elevation Lab Store The Anker


Why have your best headphone stand sit on top of your desk when you can have it hang underneath? Meet The Anker, the Elevation Lab Store’s take on the modern headphone stand. This baby keeps your headphones out of sight and easy to snag whenever you need them. It’s made from thick yet soft silicone to keep your headphones hanging sturdily yet never scratched up. All you have to do is stick this bad boy underneath with the adhesive included and forget about it until you need to get some listening done.

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