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Daily Deal: Finally Be Rid of Dusty Floors and Surfaces With This New Swiffer Device

* Say goodbye to dusty floors and surfaces
* This stationary vacuum filters the air in your home
* Today the highly-rated gadget is 33% off at Amazon

There’s finally a solution to that annoying layer of dust on your floor – and today it’s on sale.

This Swiffer Continuous Clean System is essentially a stationary vacuum that purifies the air of dirt, dust, and dander. Today, the clever system is discounted at Amazon, bringing the price down from $90 to just $60. But because this is a new gadget it won’t be on sale long, so snag one while it’s discounted.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

We’re all familiar with that gross layer of dust that can seem to appear overnight on home surfaces (especially if you live in a city). Unless you have quite a bit of time on your hands, it’s usually not enough to warrant a cleaning, but it’s still annoying. This is where the Swiffer continuous cleaner comes in. It sucks up dirty, dusty air that lingers around near the floor, filters it, and releases fresh, clean air out of the top. And don’t worry: it’s whisper quiet, so you can leave it on for as long as you want.

Because this Swiffer is a new gadget unlike any other, its reviews are important. Luckily, users have been very impressed with the vacuum’s performance, as the gadget has 80 reviews and 4 stars on Amazon. Users say it does exactly what it’s supposed to, and doesn’t make a sound.