6 Home Décor Items That’ll Give You an Instant Boost of Confidence

The Best Home Decor Items That’ll
Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters
Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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* Let your interior design boost your confidence
* These items all show encouraging sayings about your beauty and intelligence
* Décor items include lamps, frames and clocks

It’s well known that one of the biggest keys to success is confidence. With that in mind, finding any way to give yourself a boost every day will fight that little voice in the back of your head that says you can’t. Spread these home decor items around the house for automatic feel-good moments and pave the path to success through interior design.

1. Instax Wide Babe Picture Frame

Display a photo of you and your besties in this glitter-filled picture frame. It can hold a wide Instax photo and has “babe” written in a fun, pink graphic across the front. This is a perfect reminder of good times to put on your work desk or in your living room. As a fun bonus, the glitter can move around, giving you something to play with when you’ve got writer’s block or just can’t do another minute of work.

Instax Wide Babe Picture Frame Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


2. Hello Gorgeous Throw Pillow

Whether you place it on your bed or your couch, this throw pillow is sure to make you feel good inside. Written on the front of the 16 x 16 100% spun polyester pillowcase are the words “Hello Gorgeous.” Intended to make you feel pretty on even your darkest days, this independent design boasts a concealed zip for a seamless look and easy cleaning.

Hello Gorgeous Throw Pillow Image courtesy of Redbubble


3. Ying Yang Wall Clock

Excuse our language, but damn, you’re fine — at least according to this wall clock. Put a smile on your face while giving your home a Feng Shui makeover. The clock face of this masterpiece features the ying-yang sign as well as the words “Damn She Fine” at 12 o’clock. In addition, the wall-mounted clock has two hands and is battery operated.

Ying Yang Wall Clock Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


4. Mini Cinema Light Box

When one feel-good message just isn’t enough, get the Mini Cinema Light Box and write yourself a new slogan every day. Whether you settle on “You Glow Girl” or “You Gorgeous Lady,” you’ll get self-affirmation every time you look at this sign sitting on your desk. The LED light comes with 72 letters and symbols to arrange however you’d like.

Mini Cinema Light Box Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


5. You Look Good Bath Mat

If you’re like a lot of people, shower time is the worst time of the day. There’s just something negative about seeing yourself naked in the mirror before you jump in for your daily wash. Honestly, you could look like a million bucks and still hate seeing yourself naked. Don’t let bath time get you down. Invest in the You Look Good Bath Mat and get a boost of confidence every time you look down at the bathroom floor.

You Look Good Bath Mat Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


6. Babe Neon Sign

Occasionally you just need a sign to show you the way in big neon letters. That’s exactly what the Babe Neon Sign from Urban Outfitters achieves. This pink table lamp will constantly remind you that, yes, you are a total babe. Plus, it will look good with all your modern decor, too.

Babe Neon Sign Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


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