Spark Some Joy With Our 19 Favorite Home Office Decor Ideas for 2020

Home Office Decor
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Working from home is the norm for a lot of us right now, but before the remote work culture conquered the world, home office spaces were probably on the bottom of many people’s home makeover lists. Sure, you might have had a desk in the corner that largely collected papers and dust, or maybe you even had an entire room dedicated as a home office. But is it typically a space you ever want to show off?

Assuming you’ve already got your home office basics covered — meaning you’ve got a great desk with plenty of space to work, and you’ve invested in the perfect desk chair (because let’s face it, you sit in that bad boy for countless hours during the day, so it’s just as much an investment in your posture as it is your back) — then it’s time to focus on your home office decor. You know, the little pieces that really pull the space together while still being practical. After all, if you don’t enjoy spending time in your home office, how productive can you be?

When shopping for home office decor, you want a couple of different types of items:

  • Pure Fun: That’s right, we’re talking tchotchkes, fun accent pieces and plants
  • Tech accessories: All the cable organizers and chargers you need to keep batteries full and cables untangled
  • Furniture & Appliances: The chairs, shelves and small appliances you need for comfort and productivity

We know there are so many home office decor products to choose from. And because this process can be overwhelming, we’ve picked our favorite products to help elevate your workspace and transform it into something that’s creative, stylish and inspiring. Check out the best office decor ideas below.


1. Sharper Image Light Up Word Clock


Sharper Image Light Up Word Clock Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Eggtronic Store Natural Stone Wireless Charger


Wireless charging has never looked so good. These stone charging slabs, mined from solid rock, instantly elevate the look of your workspace, all while serving a practical purpose. It’s compatible with most recent iPhone models, as well as Qi-enabled Samsung Galaxy models, AirPods, Galaxy Buds and Pixel Buds. There are several handsome natural stone options to choose from, including black marble (as pictured), lava stone, sandstone, white marble or travertine. Your tabletop (and your smart devices) will thank you later.

Best Home Office Decor Natural Stone Phone Charger Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Riseon Boho Black Metal Plant Hanger


Plants are a great way to liven up any workspace, but they can take up a lot of valuable desk space. That’s why a hanging planter, like this modern iron planter, is the way to go when it comes to the home office. Note that the plant isn’t included here, but that gives you the freedom to customize your own greenery.

Best home office decor hanging planter Image courtesy of Amazon


4. HB-life Hexagon Tile Cork Board


Sure, this 8-piece corkboard set is great to stick on your wall and tack on pictures of your kids or animals, but it also looks pretty cool on its own. The adhesive felt-covered boards come in light gray or dark gray, and they make for a perfectly unique background for all those Zoom chats.

Best home office decor cork board Image courtesy of Amazon


5. ‘The Office’ Sign


No home office is truly complete without a quirky little accent piece. And if you’re going to decorate your workspace with the best home office decor, then you’ll need to pay homage to one of the best shows ever created, The Office. This 9″ by 3″ acrylic sign, designed after the show’s iconic opening logo, is perfect for hanging above the desk or leaning on a shelf.

Best home office decor The Office Sign Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip


If you’ve streamed any gamers on Twitch or have ever watched a YouTube vlogger, then chances are you’ve seen their workspace decked out in colored LED lights, so why can’t you do the same? The adhesive stick and peel backing of the Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip lights makes for super-simple installation. These lights are controlled by an app on your phone, so you can easily adjust the color and brightness to match whatever mood you’re going for. Not to mention, they also have a music mode that synchronizes color patterns to flow with the beat of the music. You can run them across the back of your desktop monitor or even along the back edge of your desk to transform the entire vibe of your space.

Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Aothia Desk Mat


Sure, you can find high-end leather desk mats if that’s what you fancy, but this cork and faux leather pad really does the trick. This eco-friendly desk pad not only serves as a functional mousepad that covers a ton of surface area, but it also protects the desktop underneath from spills and scuffs. The bottom of each pad is crafted with recycled cork so that it won’t slide around the top of your desk. And since it’s available in 11 different colors and comes in at a super affordable $19.99, it’s easy to throw a few of these into your cart.

Aothia Desk Mat Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Unho Tree Bookshelf


Don’t have the room for a full-sized bookshelf? No problem. This space-saving book rack provides plenty of space to stash and display your favorite reads, plus it’s really cool to look at. The freestanding black metal rack has eight slanted shelves that can each hold up to 11 pounds in weight. Pop it in the corner or beside your desk, but just be sure to fasten the top of the shelf to the wall to assure that it remains sturdy and secure.

Unho Tree Bookshelf Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Teslyar Phone Docking Station


Between our phones, tablets, smartwatches and earpods (plus all the charging cords that go along with everything) we are not simple creatures. And all of those things scattered across the top of your desk can make things look really cluttered, really fast. So it’s best to have a central hub that fits all of your little gadgets and charges them too. We like this natural wood charging dock (available in walnut or black ash) because it has a dedicated spot for your phone, pods and smartwatch, and discreetly hides the charging cords. Plus, this has other catch-all spots for your paper clips, pens or other office doo-dads. And like all of the best desk accessories, it’s as stylish as it is practical.

Teslyar Phone Dock Image courtesy of Amazon

10. Alpha Home Accent Chair


Tech start-up companies always have cool lounge spaces with bean bag chairs and ping pong tables, so why should your home office be any different? Sometimes, especially when you’re working from home, you need a change of space. Pop an accent chair – like this sleek, waterproof armchair – in the corner of your home office to add an additional spot to answer emails or take phone calls. It won’t replace your desk chair, but it’s another space to work. Plus, it’s not *so* comfortable that you’ll end up falling asleep on the job… it’s just right for those 15-minute breaks.

best home office decor accent chair Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Kuppet Store Retro Mini Fridge


Why go to the kitchen, when you can bring the break room to you? Slide this stylish mini fridge under your desk or on a nearby shelf to keep water, juice, smoothies or coffee creamer on standby. Snag one in black or go bold with the bright red option.

best home office decor mini fridge Image courtesy of Amazon


12. V.C. Formark Store Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp


Color therapy has the ability to shift your mood and even your productivity levels. This compact pyramid salt lamp sits on a wood base and stands four inches tall, so it won’t take up too much desk space. And even though it’s small, it still provides a nice glow that instantly warms your space and slowly fades across the colors of the rainbow.

Best Home Office Decor Pyramid Salt Lamp Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Blue Hills Essential Oil Diffuser


There’s nothing better than a space that smells nice, and this essential oil diffuser could do the trick. Not only is this model a diffuser, but it’s also a light that can switch between seven different LED colors. The whole gadget is controlled by a remote, allowing you to adjust the light or scent mist right from your desk. Not to mention, one oil fill lasts up to 12 hours, so it’ll last the entire work day… plus some.

Best Home Office Decor Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Sophia’s Garden Potted Succulents


Bring the outside into your office space with this succulent variety set. For under $30, you get six different artificial succulents (totally maintenance-free!) planted in small cement-like pots. You can add a punch of green and scatter these masculine accents throughout your entire space.

Sophia's Garden Planted Succulents Image courtesy of Amazon

15. Vitruvi Oil Diffuser


Aromatherapy is an easy way to de-stress during the workday, which is why this Vitruvi Oil Diffuser deserves a spot in your workspace. The sophisticated porcelain design and sleek matte finish make this a worthy addition to your home office decor. This diffuser provides three-hours of aromatherapy sessions and is available in black, charcoal, terracotta or white.

Vitruvi Oil Diffuser Image courtesy of Amazon

16. Christopher Knight Home Storage Ottoman


Sometimes you need a space for all those random documents and receipts you don’t necessarily need, but can’t get yourself to throw away just yet. You know the ones. This is where the Christopher Knight Home Storage Ottoman comes in. The microfiber file trunk doubles as an upholstered ottoman on the outside and nicely organizes all your document folders on the inside. Not to mention, it lives on wheels for easy mobility.

Christopher Knight Home Storage Ottoman Image courtesy of Amazon

17. Woputne Ring Light


When it comes to video conference calls, there is nothing worse than when you can’t see the face of the person your chatting with because their space is poorly lit. Well, that’s nothing a little ring light can’t fix. This one from Woputne is great because it rocks a bit of an industrial aesthetic and serves as a nice task lamp. But when it’s time to hop on camera for a meeting, you can swing the light towards your face, and you’ll be lit like a Hollywood star, baby!

Best home office decor ring light Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Jerry & Maggie – Desktop Organizer


We’re suckers for desk shelves, and we love these simple organizers from Jerry & Maggie. After all, you’re going to need a place to store all your pens, desk accessories, books and assorted odds and ends.

desk shelves - best home office decor Courtesy of Amazon


19. OHill Cable Clips, 16 Pack


One day, all of our devices might be fully wireless. Until that day comes, you’ll need some way of organizing all your chargers, monitor cables and assorted USB and HDMI cables before they get tangled into a giant knot. Not only is cable clutter annoying, it’s unsightly. These nifty cable organizers clip onto walls and desks to keep your cables exactly where you want them — out of the way.

cable organizers clip - best home office decor Courtesy of Amazon


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