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The Best Home Organizers To Store (and Stack) Your Stuff In

Life happens, and along with it comes clutter, junk and mess. There’s nothing more human than an overflowing junk drawer, but not everything fits in a drawer or cabinet. Thankfully there are tools we can use to keep everything in its proper place. Home organizers are one of the best ways to create storage space in your home without sacrificing design.

With a couple of shelves and storage baskets, you can find a spot for everything from books and picture frames to towels and linens. A more organized home is also a less stressful home. Whether you live alone or with a large number of people, a clean and clutter-free home means fewer missed bills in piles of paperwork, no more frantic searches for lost items and a more soothing and visually appealing space to relax and unwind.

We picked three very different storage options that have a few things in common. Not only are they versatile and easy to put together, but we also chose these organizers because they don’t require permanent installation into a home. While there are many great home organizers that can provide ample storage, including ceiling racks in a garage, closet dividers, new shelving for kitchens and linen closets, and built-in shelves, these items are not conducive to renters who are unable to make permanent changes to their home. The storage solutions we’ve included not only help organize homeowners, but they also provide practical solutions for temporary accommodations.

Check out three of the best home organizers below and get ready to spark some joy.

1. Better Homes and Gardens Cube Organizer

These storage cabinets are a versatile storage solution that can work on their own or with matching bins, which Better Homes and Garden also sells. Perfect for books, records, DVDs, toys, electronics, and more. Smaller sizes come with two storage cubes, while the largest comes with 12. That means you can create a variety of storage solutions using one piece of furniture. It’s easy to assemble and all of the hardware you need to set it up is included in your purchase. It’s made using high-quality MDF and particleboard that won’t dull in color over time.  We like that the storage cubes also provide additional storage on top, giving users a place to display their goods or stack other items.

Pros: Stylish design, versatile and can be personalized to your tastes.

Cons: Product comes in a lot of styrofoam packaging. The storage cubes can easily scratch.

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2. Homyfort Clothes And Blankets Storage Bag

Pack clothes, blankets, sheets, toys, photos, decorations, shoes, towels and more in the Homyfort Clothes And Blankets Storage Bag, which provides a breathable option that won’t leave linens smelling musty. These homyfort organizers are made with three layers of tough, durable, odorless 180g composite non-woven fabric that helps air circulate, keeping fabrics fresh. Each container has 90L of capacity so bigger, bulkier items will still fit. Stainless steel zippers keep linens secure for long-term storage. Each container also has a reinforced carrying handle, reinforced seams and a doubled load-bearing capacity so you can move your items around without worrying the container will rip or break open. There’s also a transparent window on the front of each for easily identifying what’s inside.

Pros: Made from premium breathable three-layer non-woven fabric that is 100 percent eco-friendly and provides a storage option that allows air circulation in the bag, keeping your items smelling fresh.

Cons: These cubes are best when tucked away in a closet or storage area. Unlike other home organizers, these cubes won’t add to your home decor. Because they don’t have hard-shell sides, they can be difficult to stack.

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3. Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer

Perfect for pantries, this over the door organizer can also be used in bathrooms and closets. In the pantry, this hanging organizer from Home-Complete makes organizing foodstuffs like spices and non-perishable items easier. In the closet, you can easily create shelves for shoes, hats and shirts. This product includes up to eight shelves and stoppers that will prevent taller items from falling out as the shelves move with the door. These shelves come ready to hang and load up with over the door hooks and mount screws so you can fasten everything securely. We love that the Home-Complete also eliminates the need to screw holes into a wall, making this an excellent option for renters.

Pros: Saves space, durable shelves, easy to set up. Ideal for renters who need storage solutions.

Cons: May not fit over all pantry doors, measure before ordering.

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