The Best Home Organizers To Store (and Stack) Your Stuff In

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Spring is here, which means it’s time to dust out the cobwebs and give your home a thorough clean. But cleaning doesn’t just mean sweeping and polishing. It also means getting rid of the things you don’t need and organizing the items that you want to keep. While enlisting the KonMari method is a great start when it comes to getting your space organized, you still need somewhere to put the items that continue to bring you joy. That’s why we’ve highlight three home organizers that will help you stop avoiding looking in your closet with the lights on.

Organizing your home has practical benefits, like decluttering to make space for items you need, finding items you forgot you owned, and saving money by using what you have instead of buying unnecessary replacements. An organized space is also easier to keep clean, with each item having its own place. This can help with time management as well, with no more time wasted searching for snacks in the pantry or the shoes you need for your beach vacation.

A more organized home is also a less stressful home. Whether you live alone or with a large number of people, a clean and clutter-free home means fewer missed bills in piles of paperwork, no more frantic searches for lost items, and a more soothing and visually appealing space to relax and unwind.

We picked three very different storage options that have a few things in common. Not only are they versatile and easy to put together, but we also chose these organizers because they don’t require permanent installation into a home. While there are many great home organizers that can provide ample storage, including ceiling racks in a garage, closet dividers, new shelving in kitchens and linen closets, and built-in shelves, these items are not conducive to renters who are unable to make permanent changes to their home. The storage solutions we’ve included not only help organize homeowners, but they also provide practical solutions for temporary accommodations.

Check out three of our favorite home organizers below and get ready to spark some joy.


1. Better Homes and Gardens Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet

The Better Homes and Gardens Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet provides a practical storage solution to any room in the home, adding to both the décor and functionality of a space.

Pros: The four-cube storage cabinets are a versatile storage solution that can work on their own or with matching bins, which Better Homes and Garden also sells. Perfect for books, records, DVDs, toys, electronics, and more, the storage cubes are made from MDF and particle board and are easily assembled. We like that the storage cubes also provide additional storage on top, giving users a place to display their goods or stack other items.

Cons: The storage cubes can easily scratch.

Better Homes and Gardens Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet

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2. Homyfort Clothes And Blankets Storage Bag

Pack clothes, blankets, sheets, toys, photos, decorations, shoes, towels and more in the Homyfort Clothes And Blankets Storage Bag, which provides a breathable option that won’t leave items smelling musty.

Pros: The Homyfort is made from premium breathable three-layer non-woven fabric that is 100 percent eco-friendly and provides a storage option that allows air circulation in the bag, keeping your items smelling fresh. Homyfort guarantees their bags can be used up to 1500 times thanks to double top-grade zippers that won’t rust or break after a few uses. The clear window allows the user to quickly see what’s inside the storage bag, and leather handles make it easy to move the containers, which is perfect for transitioning items between rooms or moving them in and out of rotation depending on the season.

Cons: Some customers noted that the zippers felt flimsy and would not be ideal for everyday access. Others indicated they wish the bags had solid sides to allow for easier stacking.

Homyfort Clothes And Blankets Storage Bag

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3. Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer

Perfect for pantries, bathrooms, and closets, the Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer has eight adjustable shelves that can store anything from canned goods to shoes.

Pros: Easily fitting over a standard door, the Home-Complete has eight adjustable shelves and three stoppers to prevent big items like cereal boxes or picture frames from falling over. The rack can be used as one large unit or two shorter units that fit over two doors. The Home-Complete includes the over the door hangers and all the necessary screws to put the system together. We love that the Home-Complete also eliminates the need to screw holes into a wall, making this an excellent option for renters.

Cons: The Home-Complete can be wall-mounted, but customers advised purchasing additional hardware that is more robust than what is included in the kit. Some customers also found that the shelves needed to be screwed into the door to avoid falling out or shifting each time the door was opened or closed.

Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer

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