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Let It Snow Regardless of the Forecast With Beautiful Snowflake Decorations

Whether you live in a warm climate that doesn’t get much real snow or an area that seems to extend the winter season into fall and spring, snowflake decorations create a classy and timeless look that reminds people of the best parts of the colder months of the year. More gently falling snow and sitting by the fire, less shoveling and slush.

Snowflake decorations are non-denominational, making them a great décor piece for public spaces, like office buildings, small businesses and classrooms. We also love using them in our home to create a warm, welcoming décor and adding a touch of winter even during summer.

Whether you’re looking to decorate windows, cover walls, or brighten any room with twinkling lights, snowflake decorations are a fantastic accessory to keep on hand for any time of the year. Check out four of our favorite picks below.

1. Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Decals

Decorate a large space with Moon Boat Snowflakes Window Decals, which come with 159 beautiful snowflake decals. Seven sheets are included in the set, with a range of snowflakes measuring between two and four inches. Save the backing and store the decals in a cool, flat area for easy reuse. The Moon Boat decals are safe for use on windows, painted walls, wooden walls, wallpaper, tile, glass, metal and plastic.

Pros: The Moon Boat decals are made without the assistance of adhesive thanks to their metope material and won’t leave any residue behind.

Cons: The decals won’t stick to dusty areas and should not be applied to rough walls or three-dimensional wallpaper. They also shouldn’t be used on car windows.

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2. Snowflake String Lights

Decorate inside or outside with the Snowflake String Lights from Milexing. The waterproof string lights brighten any space and create a welcoming charm, with 40 independent snowflakes hanging onto the 19.6-foot string. The battery-operated string set can be set to a twinkle/flash or steady light. Each snowflake is made with durable epoxy resin and the copper wire inside the string makes it easy to bend and shape the set to fit around trees, posts, banisters or hang straight.

Pros: The string lights use LED bulbs that won’t become hot to the touch even after hours of continuous use, making them a great option for homes with pets and small children.

Cons: Although the string and stars are waterproof, the battery pack is not and must be protected from the elements when used outside. Batteries not included.

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3. GOER Snowflake Hanging Swirls

Turn your home or office into a snow party with the GOER Snowflake Hanging Swirls. The set of 36 snowflakes and swirls comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to create depth and layers to a room. Six different snowflake patterns are featured in the set and each measure approximately 5.12 inches by 5.86 inches. Arriving pre-assembled, the snowflake and swirls have small plastic hooks for easy hanging and can be hung using tape or tacks. Made with heavy cardstock, the decorations are durable enough to be used annually if stored flat in a dry area.

Pros: Goer uses silver glitter paper to make their snowflakes, which is designed to catch the light and sparkle.

Cons: Customers must be careful to not tear the snowflakes and swirls when taking them down.

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4. Carson Dellosa Colorful Cut-Out Snowflakes

Decorate, label and tag with the Carson Dellosa Colorful Cut-Out Snowflakes. Printed on durable cardstock, the set comes with 36 brightly colored snowflakes. Snowflakes measure five inches by six inches, creating a large and highly visible decoration. Each snowflake is created with the same design and the back is white.

Pros: Cut-Outs can be written on in pen or marker, making them great for use as invitations, labeling cubbies, toys, work areas and more in the home, office or classroom.

Cons: The Cut-Outs can be reused, but the company suggests customers laminate each snowflake to add durability. The Cut-Outs don’t come with a hook or any type of adhesive.

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