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Under Pressure: Best Hose Nozzles to Keep the Lawn and Your Water Bill in Check

As the summer months grow hotter and hotter, it’s not just humans who start to feel the need to drink more water regularly. Your yard is full of plants and flowers which feel the sun’s heat just like you. However, they are unable to pop to the nearest faucet and enjoy a refreshing glass of H20. Instead, these garden inhabitants are at the mercy of their land owning overlord who delivers a refreshing dose of water at his or her will. The most popular and quickest way to deliver this water is by garden hose with an attached nozzle.

We’ve picked three well-reviewed nozzle options for keeping your lawn and outdoor greenery alive and well. Each option has been tried and tested by a number of Amazon users and puts you in complete control over the method and amount of water dispersed over your lawn and garden. Not only do these hose attachments provide a feeling of being in control, the ability to control the flow and direction of water ensures you minimize both the time needed for the chore by being accurate and the water used while cutting down on lost water, too.

Try one of these highly-rated nozzles and enjoy a feeling of being in control with reduced water bills to boot.

1. Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle


sports a simple yet effective design. It’s constructed from metal, which provides the nozzle with strength and ensures it’s durable. In addition, the nozzle features a classic rear handle for controlling water flow through the amount of pressure you apply. There’s also a movable ring, which can be placed down to fix the handle in the on position. Plus, this handy nozzle has a threaded front to make attaching additional cleaning tools and hose heads easy.

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2. Best Garden Hose Nozzle

With over 950 5-star reviews on Amazon, the

may very well live up to its name. It sports a high-quality metal base connector along with a tough and durable metal body. The textured grip on the handle ensures your hand is comfortable and in control when using the nozzle, while the ergonomic spring trigger makes turning the spray on and off simple. You’ll also find a screw lock on the back of the device which allows you to fix the handle in the on position for a constant spray when required. Meanwhile, the business end of the nozzle features a spin-click spray selector, which offers a range of spray options including cone, flat, full, shower, mist and more.

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3. Green Mount New Patent Garden Hose Nozzle

The most technologically advanced, and therefore the most expensive, attachment on our list, this

looks something akin to a fireman’s hose. The lever on top of the nozzle controls the water flow and acts as an on/off switch. That makes this nozzle easier to grab for people with weak wrists and arthritis. Furthermore, the bonus detachable filter mesh makes cleaning clogged dirt away a breeze, and the robust metal construction is made to withstand rough use, so you know this hose nozzle will be around for a long time.

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