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Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa With These Super Soft Hotel-Inspired Towels

Staying at a nice hotel comes with plenty of perks, including soft bedding, impressive amenities, a great location, and bath towels that always seem to feel softer and more luxurious than what you use at home. Staying at a five-star resort every day isn’t exactly cost-effective but investing in your own set of hotel towels is affordable and still gives you the spa experience at home.

When searching for the best hotel towels, it’s important to know what size will work best for your home. Bath sheets are larger than bath towels, which makes them a great option for tall users and anyone with ample storage space. If your bathroom is on the smaller size or poorly ventilated, a heavy bath sheet may never fully dry, and opting for a bath towel could be a better fit. For the same reason, we’ve also included microfiber and other fast-drying towels that are great for smaller bathrooms or anyone who likes to have multiple showers a day.

We’ve included several Turkish cotton towels since they have a heavier finish that gives the same luxurious feeling you get from high-end hotel towels. Turkish towels are also very soft and absorbent, which adds to their comfort factor.

If you’re ready to bring the hotel experience home, check out our top picks for the best hotel towels below.


1. Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet by Utopia Towels


Affordable, absorbent and made in a wide variety of colors, there isn’t much to not like about the Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet by Utopia Towels. Made from 100% cotton and measuring 35 by 70 inches, the bath sheets are sold in a set of two highly absorbent and lightweight towels. Customers can choose from the 12 colors Utopia offers, including standard white, grey and black, as well as some more surprising options like turquoise, sage green and pink. Using ring spun cotton, the towels have a soft feel and are safe for warm water washes. A double stitched hem helps to extend the life of the towels.

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2. Maura 4 Piece Bath Towel Set


Since the 1930s, Maura has been a family-run company that has focused on creating quality products at an affordable price for its customers. More recently, the company has obtained OEKO-TEX Made in Green certification for their bath towels, which means no harmful chemicals were used during manufacturing and the towels are made in a socially responsible and safe workplace. This reduces their impact on the environment and gives customers a product they can feel good about using. We like their thick, soft, and plush premium Turkish towels, which are made with color lock technology that keeps the towels looking vibrant and new even after several trips through the washing machine. The set of four hotel towels shown here measure 30 by 56 inches and are available in eight colors, as well as matching hand towels and washcloths.

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3. Hammam Linen 4 Piece Bath Towels


For a set of hotel towels that can take a tumble and come out fluffy, there’s the Hammam Linen 4 Piece White Bath Towels. Available in white, sea salt, cool grey, and green water, the towels are made from 100% soft cotton and are processed to take less time in the dryer than competitors, which helps customers save on energy costs. The terry towels are highly absorbent and are a great option for the bathroom, beach, or pool. With double stitching on all four sides, these 27 by 54-inch towels are designed to last.

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4. Amazon Basics Quick-Dry, Luxurious, Soft, 100% Cotton Towels


Buying inexpensive towels can save you money in the short run, but you’ll likely need to replace them at a much faster rate than higher-end alternatives. Thankfully, there are the affordable and high-quality Amazon Basics towels that make it easy to get a long-lasting product at a reasonable price. The Quick-Dry cotton towels are available in eight colors. In addition, matching hand towels, bath sheets, and washcloths are also available. The 54 by 30-inch towels are made from soft, tear-resistant cotton that is lightweight and fast drying. The towels are made in an environmentally-friendly OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory and are finished with a banded border to add some interest to the solid-color towels.

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5. JML Microfiber Bath Towel


A super thick, super-plush hotel towel may sound like a dream to wrap yourself in post-shower, but if your small bathroom isn’t well ventilated, you’ll soon have the nightmare of a still-wet towel when it’s time to shower the next day. For customers who need a large, soft towel that is absorbent and fast-drying, there’s the JML Microfiber Bath Towel. Available in solid, striped and patterned options, the 30 by 60-inch microfiber towel can absorb seven times its weight in water and still dry in a significantly shorter time frame compared to traditional cotton towels. Safe for the washing machine and dryer, the JML towels are great to use at home or on the go at the gym, or when traveling.

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6. Brooklinen Waffle Bath Sheet Bundle


It’s not hard to find your new favorite towel with Brooklinen. Just scrolling through the company’s website gives us the same relaxed feeling we have after spending 30 minutes soaking in a warm tub. The company has plenty of super soft plush towels, but we also like their Waffle Bath Sheet, which is also super soft and fast drying. The 100% Turkish cotton towel is lightweight, absorbent, and dries quickly, making it a great option for anyone who doesn’t have space to properly dry an oversized plush towel. The waffle-like surface quickly absorbs water, helping you dry off faster and move on with your day. The smooth weave of the waffle causes less friction when wrapped around hair and is resistant to snagging. Can this towel pick out our clothes for us too? The bundle shown here includes two bath sheets, two hand towels, and a bath mat for a bathroom that is sure to impress.

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Image courtesy of Brooklinen

7. Soft Rib Supreme Towel Bundle by Parachute


Outfit all your bathrooms at once with a set of hotel towels from Parachute that will have your guests overstaying their welcome. Made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, the highly absorbent Soft Rib towels are a favorite among customers thanks to their soft feel and high absorbency rate. The towels use their rib design to help dry quickly and give bathrooms a fresh and modern look. The bundle included here comes with six matching soft rib washcloths, hand towels and bath towels. Made in an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified facility, the towels are 450 grams per square meter and made with Spinsoft Technology, which creates a larger fiber surface area and creates a towel that is long-lasting.

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Image courtesy of Parachute

8. Hotel Collection Connections Cotton 30″ x 56″ Bath Towel


If you want a towel that gives the same luxurious feeling of a hotel towel, go to the source. The Hotel Collection has a huge selection of linens that are meant to mimic the best part of checking in to a fancy resort, including their line of bath towels. We like the Connections towel shown here, which features a geometric design that offers something a little different from the typical solid-color bath towels. The 30 by 56-inch Turkish cotton towels have a 750 GSM for a plush and luxurious feel and are made in a Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex approved facility for responsible manufacturing.

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9. Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel by The White Company


If plush is your preference, opt for a hotel towel that is slightly smaller in order to give it a chance to dry between showers. We like the Luxury Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel by The White Company. The super-soft bath towel is made from 700 gsm twisted Egyptian cotton and measures 28 by 49 inches. Machine wash friendly and suitable for a tumble dry, the Luxury towels create a warm embrace whenever a little comfort is needed.

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