10 Independent Artists You Should Definitely Be Supporting On Society6

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The wonderful world of Society6 is a place you should dive into if you haven’t had the chance to already. Artists from all over come together in one handy place, where their sketches, photographs and drawings are sold in just about every way, shape and form imaginable.

From a clock, to duvet covers, to wallpaper even, you’re bound to finally discover that oddly specific thing you could never find before. The best part: all the prints are from small, independent artists, who use Society6 as a platform to showcase and sell their work.

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All fabulous but....alternatively find mine there! http://www.society6.com/anipani

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what a waste cafepress redundancy rebranded mcdonalds of art world be gone
4 years
All fabulous but….alternatively find mine there! http://www.society6.com/anipani

Simply click on a design that catches your eye to unlock the nearly unlimited amount of ways you can get that design. Below are 10 up-incoming and incredibly talented independent artists you can show your support to right now.

1. Cat Coquillette

Artist Cat Coquillette has a pretty big following on Society6 and around 1,000 different designs posted for you to purchase in various different forms. Cat’s art focuses a lot on calligraphy, floral designs and catchy phrases that look totally picture perfect as wall art, stickers and practically anything else.

Cat_Coquillette artist society 6Image courtesy of Society6


2. Turddemon

Vermont artist Allyson Gutchell’s inventory consists of a lot of new-age pop art that mimics the late Andy Warhol’s iconic designs. However, Gutchell takes a new, somewhat gritty-at-times twist on the infamous design by using newer people or things in the media as her subjects, like that mug of the beloved characters from <em>The Office</em>. Come on, you know you want it.

turddemon artist society6Image courtesy of Society6


3. Anyuka

Anyuka’s designs are completely original and are almost too pretty to believe it. She is a freelance illustrator from Moscow, Russia and her designs involve all things outdoorsy. Whether it’s succulents, the night sky, or a picture-perfect greenhouse, there are about 100 pages of her work to explore. Better get clicking!

anyuka artist store society6Image courtesy of Society6


4. Alyssa Hamilton Art

Alyssa Hamilton is a 26-year-old teacher and artist, according to her Society6 bio. Her designs are some of the prettiest and most simplistic, even though they have a modern, abstract flare to them. She uses a lot of mixed media, carefully thought out brush stokes and layering of paint to create her beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

alyssa hamilton artist store society6Image courtesy of Society6



Based out of London, MADEYOUL__K does bright colors and bold drawings best. Their graphic designs of trippy lines, animated cigarettes or the inspirational saying you definitely need on everything, “get shit done,” will help you realize how much you love care-free art work.

madeyoul k artist society6Image courtesy of Society6


6. James Vickery

Just when you thought you had every Drake-themed thing you could ever imagine, these come along — and it gets better. James Vickery does a ton of different celebrity renditions (his take on Rihanna is a truly a blessing that needs more appreciation) as well as super intricate pattern pieces as well. Try to control yourself while clicking through his pages.

james vickery artist society6Image courtesy of Society6


7. The Motivated Type

The Motivated Type’s main focus of design is aesthetically pleasing typography of motivational sayings and inspirational quotes that you’ll be dying to put up on your wall. Whether you hang them in your room or bathroom, stick them on your computer or sip from a bad-ass mug, you’re bound to love these everlasting pieces of art.

the motivated type artist prints store society6Image courtesy of Society6


8. Big Nose Work

Malaysian artist Big Nose get his inspiration from none other than baby animals, aka all of our weaknesses. The goal is to “mix realism with whimsical cuteness,” and we can all agree he definitely pulled it off. From baby llamas to baby pigs and pugs, you should have no trouble gifting something undoubtedly cute and unique for a someone special or even simply yourself.

big nose work artist prints store society6Image courtesy of Society6


9. Sophie Schultz

Joining Society6 just last year, Sophie Schultz has acquired around 3,600 supporters of her art work. She is known for her intricate, lightly detailed line drawings of celebrities, like Lily-Rose Depp, and beautiful depictions of people, relationships and places, like Paris. She’s got some serious talent and some really cool stuff you should definitely check out.

sophie schultz artist prints store society6Image courtesy of Society6


10. Razri

22-year-old digital and watercolor designer Razri really knows what she’s doing. Her latest designs are of Frida Kahlo and the ideal gift for all the Frida-freaks out there. Her designs are full of color and have a magical and animated vibe that will make you feel things. Take a scroll through her page, you’re bound to find something you love.

razri artist prints frida kahlo store society6Image courtesy of Society6

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