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Keep Little Ones Active With an Indoor Basketball Hoop for Kids

Keeping kids moving can be difficult for parents and caregivers. Kids tend to have much more energy than adults and finding ways for them to exert their energy through safe and fun activities can be a challenge. Access to parks and backyards, pleasant weather, and free time for parents who can be outside supervising their children’s activities all must align. When one or all of these factors aren’t reachable, an indoor activity that kids can do anytime is a great way for them to stay active and have fun. That’s why we love using indoor basketball hoops for kids.

Basketball teaches teamwork and sportsmanship. Using a small hoop at home helps kids practice their skills and improve their technique to prepare for the big game. It’s also a fun way for kids to play together, with adults or on their own. We’ve even selected one option that is designed for use during bath time.

Whether you’re staying busy on a rainy afternoon or want to practice a fade away before bedtime, these indoor hoops for kids are a slam dunk.

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

For a game that can be installed in seconds and is fun for older kids and adults, we recommend the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. The over-the-door basketball hoop comes with a foam padded slide-on door mount that provides a secure and snug fit while protecting the door from scratches. The 18 x 12-inch clear plastic backboard is shatterproof, making it tough enough to withstand play by older kids and adults. The SKLZ hoop comes with a five-inch mini ball.

Pros: The nine-inch steel rim is a spring-action break-away model.

Cons: The ball requires a pump for inflation and the backboard is loud when the ball hits it.

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2. Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

For a hoop that grows with players, we recommend the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set. Designed for kids ages 18 months to five years, the adjustable indoor hoop has six height options between 2.5 to four feet. Parents can easily adjust the height of the hoop using the premarked settings. An oversized rim gives young players a large target that helps them work on coordination and balance. Soft plastic makes for a safe structure for young kids to play with indoors. Customers can make the base sturdier by adding sand or water.

Pros: The set includes three junior-sized basketballs, making it possible for multiple children to play at once.

Cons: The net can be difficult to keep on and the hoop can bend if children pull on it.

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3. Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Sport Basketball

Make your home the preferred hangout spot with the Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot Sport Basketball. Older kids, teens and adults will enjoy this arcade-style game with two hoops and a paddle scoring system. Accommodating one to two players, users can choose from 10 games and six music options, as well as basketball sound effects and an announcer’s voice. Made using durable 1.5-inch steel tubes with a rust-resistant powder coating, the Pop-A-Shot can fold up when not in use to help save space.

Pros: The game comes with four mini basketballs and a pump for inflating.

Cons: The game is time-consuming to put together and requires a large space.

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4. BRITENWAY Fun Basketball Hoop

Make bath time the best time of the day with the BRITENWAY Fun Basketball Hoop. The inflatable hoop comes with suction cups that are ideal for the bathroom or any surface that works with suction cups. Designed for toddlers, the hoop comes with three plastic balls. The hoop is small and can still be used with other balls or bath toys for hours of fun.

Pros: The hoop and balls are made with BPA-free plastic that is non-toxic and safe for use by babies and toddlers.

Cons: The balls have small holes where water can get in and are difficult to drain, making them unbalanced and creating a possible mold issue.

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