Cultivation Operation: The 5 Best Windowsill Herb Gardens for Urban Foodies

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* 5 windowsill gardens to grow your own crop of herbs
* A great way for foodies to get their fix in urban areas or smaller apartments
* Fresh herbs last longer than store bought packets and help minimize waste

When you live in an urban area, growing your own produce can seem like a crazy idea. With a lack of space, such a task is often written off without a second thought. But, by using smaller, windowsill-bound gardens, it is possible to grow your own supply of herbs, allowing you to enjoy freshly-picked ingredients and garnishes whenever you want.

These indoor gardens come in a range of forms, from decorative jars to smart gardens with artificial light. Every style should result in a fresh supply of herbs or even smaller vegetables. These are preferable to store bought as you’ll have a near-endless supply of the fresh stuff, and there’s never any excess that goes to waste.

1. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

If you are new to the world of hydroponics, why not give it a go with these Mason Jar Herb Gardens? Instead of soil, your herb plants will only require nutrient-rich water and sunlight to grow. In addition, the transparent mason jars allow you to observe the whole process in action. Furthermore, these stylish jars don’t just provide a crop of your chosen herb, they also act as an attractive decoration for any counter top or shelf. There are a range of herbs to choose from, including parsley, sage and mint, and each herb comes in a correspondingly colored jar.  

mason jars hydroponic system Image courtesy of Uncommongoods


2. Window Garden Rustic Charm Trio Kit

These window garden planter pots are great for growing herbs and ideal for providing a pleasant decoration. This 3-pot kit comes with hand-crafted, ceramic planters, which are sized for displaying on any shelf or counter top. Included in the kit, you’ll find fiber soil and germination bags to encourage your plants to grow. You also get slate markers that allow you to indicate what’s in each pot. 

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3. AeroGarden Sprout LED

Don’t worry about your plants when winter comes as this AeroGarden allows you to grow herbs, flowers and more year round. The system has enough space to grow 3 individual plants at one time. These could be plants of your choosing or the included Genovese basil, curly parsley and dill. The system features a built-in, 10-watt LED light to maximize growth. The light switches on and off automatically, saving you from putting any work into your garden. The growth of the plants also occurs in water, not soil, which means the only work required is to add nutrients to the water when the system prompts you to do so. 

indoor garden 5 best windowsill herb urban growing aerogarden sprout LED seed pod kit Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

Included in the Click & Grow Smart Herb Starter Kit is everything you need to set up your very own table side herb garden. Not only does the kit allow for a quick and easy setup, the simple layout and easy-to-follow growing instructions mean even the least green thumbed among us can make something grow. Inside the Click & Grow kit, you’ll find 3 basil plants that are ready to start growing as soon as you set the smart garden up. After plugging in the lamp and filling the water basin, you can sit back and relax. Around 3 weeks later, you’ll see your plants sprouting into life. For those who wish to experiment and explore other herb varieties, you can buy other cartridges to put inside the herb garden.

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5. AeroGarden Bounty

Boasting a system that grows herbs 5 times faster than soil-planted crops, the AeroGarden Bounty is an advanced, countertop garden using hydroponics. Whether you prefer fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetables or flowers, this 9-pod garden can produce a whole range of fresh produce for your enjoyment. A range of herbs are included in the kit, including thyme, chives, dill and mint. Furthermore, the lighting is supplied by a 45-watt LED lighting system, which is controlled by a fully interactive touch screen panel. This panel can also provide information such as when to water your plants and when to add food.

indoor garden 5 best windowsill herb urban growing aerogarden bounty seed pod kit Image courtesy of Amazon