The Best Indoor Outdoor Thermometers To Help Keep You Informed

best indoor outdoor thermometers

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Knowing the weather is a crucial step in planning your day or looking ahead at the weekend, and some of us are obsessed with knowing how many layers to wear or if we can hit the park after work. So when it comes to checking the temp, what do you really need in a thermometer?

Some indoor outdoor thermometers keep track of the basic temperatures but some do a lot more: like adding knowledge of wind chill, chance of rain, and giving you a weekly forecast. Some even hook up to your WiFi for easy access and control.

So no matter what kind of indoor or outdoor thermometer you’re seeking, we have plenty of options below. Check out our best indoor outdoor thermometers so you can start your day off right.


1. La Crosse Technology V10-TH

Looking for more than the basic temperature readings? You’ll want to check out the La Crosse Technology V10-TH. It boasts more than just temps by way of connecting to WiFi and providing a forecast from the National Weather Service. It pairs with your phone via an app where you can check the daily readings. While at a lower price point, the La Crosse doesn’t make its own daily readings of local weather but it does give you an average forecast. A great choice for those seeking a lower budget device without all the fancy readings.

best indoor outdoor thermometers - La Crosse Technology V10-TH Courtesy of Amazon


2. Ambient Weather WS-2902C Smart Weather Station

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive weather station, Ambient Weather has it all. At a higher price point, you get more bang for your buck with local forecasts, daily readings of humidity, wind chill factors, and rain prediction. Accurate readings are then sent from the outdoor reader to the indoor screen for your viewing pleasure. A bonus for this home weather system is in adding up to eight thermo-hygrometer sensors or temperature probes for the most accurate reading. This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for an all-around home weather system with precise readings.

best indoor outdoor thermometers - Ambient Weather WS-2902C Smart Weather Station Courtesy of Ambient Weather


3. Thermo Pro TP55 Digital Thermometer

In a more basic reading, the Thermo Pro gives you accurate temperature and humidity readings for a lower price. With a backlit screen for nightly readings, this is an easy to use indoor and outdoor temperature gauge. As a digital thermometer, it doesn’t give you a weekly forecast but is nonetheless easy to use and functional. A great option for those looking for a basic reading of the daily temperature.

indoor outdoor thermometer - Thermo Pro TP55 Digital Thermometer Courtesy of Amazon


4. Ambient Weather WS-10-X4

This indoor outdoor thermometer functions at its best when all eight sensors are hooked up and able to give readings. Best for larger homes or properties, the WS-10-X4 gives temperature and humidity on all parts of your home but lacks a connection to make a local forecast. This is a good thermometer for those only looking for an accurate daily reading on the temperature and humidity.

Ambient Weather WS-10-X4 Courtesy of Amazon


5. AcuRite 02027A1

This indoor outdoor thermometer is a little more involved by way of tracking the temperature as well as the barometric air pressure and the moon phase. If you’re an avid moon enthusiast, this is a great choice for you. But aside from that, the AcuRite boasts daily high and low readings and a forecast. Although it doesn’t connect to the internet or give rainfall and wind measurements, this is a useful thermometer to have on hand.

indoor outdoor thermometer - AcuRite 02027A1 Courtesy of Amazon


6. Govee WiFi Thermometer

The Govee thermometer answers via Alexa and will give you accurate readings as easily as you ask for them. With daily temperature recordings and humidity readings, Alexa will deliver the info straight to your phone. A simple and easy to use thermometer for those who enjoy pairing technology.

Govee WiFi Thermometer Courtesy of Amazon


7. BALDR Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

This thermometer is easy to use, battery-operated and has a well-lit screen for viewing. It tells the daily temperature, humidity levels, time, and even has a calendar. While it doesn’t hook up to WiFi or give a local forecast, this budget price thermometer is simple and easy to use. A great choice for those seeking a basic indoor outdoor thermometer.

indoor outdoor thermometer BALDR Courtesy of Amazon


8. ORIA Digital Wireless Hygrometer

This hygrometer provides accurate readings for daily temperatures and humidity levels via a wireless temperature gauge that connects to the monitor in your home. An easy to use, simple daily temperature reading for those seeking a more basic model.

ORIA Digital Wireless Hygrometer Courtesy of Amazon


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