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Innerspring Mattresses That Relieve Pain and Provide Support

Ever been engulfed by your mattress? Whether you regret buying a memory foam mattress in a box or your decade-old innerspring bed is coming close to its expiration date, opting for this classic in 2021 offers a whole lot of benefits.

They’ve come a long way from your grandma’s creaky and squeaky spring mattresses back in the day. In fact, the best innerspring mattresses last longer than all-foam alternatives. Usually, these beds offer a steel coil-core system that supports sleepers, while a padded top (offered in different firmness levels, sometimes) offers comfort and adaptability that’s built to last.

They also offer increased isolation of motion when compared to other alternatives on the market, which is ideal if you’re a light sleeper, or share your bed with one. And although it’s not often talked about, mattresses with springs have a bouncier nature that leads to better sex.

For those who dread the sometimes excessive sinking feeling of memory foam or the increased body heat that comes with it, innerspring mattresses are a more supportive alternative that distributes weight more evenly. Some of them contain additional foam layers, while others only utilize a coil system. Of course, your preference is completely subjective, so we tried to include beds for every kind of sleeper so that you can better judge what will be most comfortable for you.

Factors we considered include:

  • Edge support
  • Temperature regulation
  • Movement isolation
  • Longevity
  • Sleep position

Here are the best innerspring mattresses from esteemed brands, built to fit your needs specifically.

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1. Saatva Classic Mattress


Critics and fans all over agree that the classic Saatva mattress offers unparalleled quality for the price. Offered in multiple firmness and height options, their most popular mattress comfort level is luxury firm. Their signature dual coil layer is made from recycled carbon steel, making this an equally supportive and sustainable product that will cradle you to sleep. Ideal for hot sleepers or those who don’t love the contoured feeling of memory foam. For some extra oomph, consider their HD model, which features steel coils that are 25% stronger than the average innerspring mattress.

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Courtesy of Saatva

2. The Winkbed


Like Saatva, Winkbeds offer multiple comfort levels, from super-soft plushness to more firm support. It works well for side and back sleepers alike with minimal motion transfer, and dual coil layers that are both individually pocketed makes this one of our most supportive and pressure relieving options. Unlike many cheaper options or all-foam mattresses, a highlight of the Winkbed is longevity and zero sagging, thanks to their high-quality materials, reinforced edge, and overall superior build.

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Courtesy of Winkbeds

3. Stearns & Foster Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm Mattress Collection


Whether you suffer from back pain, are a stomach sleeper, or just prefer a harder surface to sleep on, iconic bed brand Stearns & Foster has your back. The Rockwell Luxury Ultra Firm Mattress has slimmer layers of cushioning with densely packed coils and a breathable sleep surface. It’s by no means the cheapest mattress on our roundup, but if you need a very firm surface that holds up over time unlike softer hybrid models, the Rockwell sets a new standard that’s well worth the extra money.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdales

4. Big Fig Mattress


For heavier people, finding a mattress with sufficient support can be a tough mission. That’s why Big Fig created a mattress specifically for bigger people. Folks who weigh more have to deal with sagging, materials shifting, and zero-edge support. Switching to Big Fig ensures a stronger and more durable foundation with impressive motion isolation. And they’re willing to back up their claims — every mattress is covered by a 20-year warranty, so if your bed doesn’t last through multiple decades, you can still get your money back.

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Courtesy of Big Fig


5. Parachute Eco Comfort Mattress


Parachute manufactures some of the softest sheets we’ve ever slept on, and they also offer a mattress that minimizes your carbon footprint while making sure you rest soundly through the night. The Eco Comfort Mattress is ideal for anyone environmentally minded or with sensitive skin — it’s made from New Zealand wool and 100% organic cotton, all backed up by pocketed steel coils that are hand-tufted together. Every aspect of the foam-free innerspring mattress is recyclable, so it won’t end up in some landfill when you need to replace it down the line.

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Courtesy of Parachute

6. Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress


When you suffer from back or joint paint, the last thing you want to do is cheap out on a low-quality bed. Casper’s hybrid wave mattress is the first of its kind specifically designed to relieve back pain. It does so with strategically inserted gel pods that align your spine while cradling your hips. Additional cooling gel materials keep away the night sweats, which hundreds of heavy-duty springs add just the right amount of bounce. If you want pillowy luxury but not the sore back that comes with it, opt for the Wave.

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Courtesy of Casper

7. Helix Midnight Luxe


If you frequently wake up at night feeling overheated, the Helix Midnight Luxe innerspring mattress has finally found a solution to stop that tossing and turning. Made with temperature-regulating gel foam and breathable coils, the game-changer here is their phase change technology in the Tencel pillow topper, which increases airflow and cooling capabilities even more. It does have a medium-firm feel that’s softer than some buyers expected, so if you suffer from chronic back pain, consider a slightly firmer buy.

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Courtesy of Helix

8. Joybed LXP


If you want to feel cocooned in the plushest cloud possible, the Joybed LXP can make that happen. Choose between Medium Firm and Medium Plush to customize to your preferences. This no-foam innerspring mattress is described as feeling like a classic innerspring with a decadent mattress topper, without being excessively soft, which can cause sinking. Unlike some of the multi-layer builds we’ve included, this one is almost completely made out of coils with zero synthetic foam, which means better breathability.

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Courtesy of Joybed

9. HESSTUN Ikea Spring Mattress


Can’t find an innerspring mattress that won’t break the bank? Ikea’s HESSTUN hybrid mattress offers a Eurotop mattress for half the price of similar products from competitors. Individually wrapped pocket springs are covered in a layer of smaller pocket springs, which are then topped off with a layer of cozy memory foam — a cloud-like finish for cold sleepers. Choose from different firmness levels to get your favorite feel. One buyer says it’s “not so soft that it dips, but enough give for my hip and shoulder when sleeping on my side.”

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Courtesy of Ikea