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Intelligence Officer: The 8 Best Bound Notebooks Under $40

* Handy notebooks for sketching, note taking and journaling
* Ideal for passionate writers and compulsive planners
* Different journal styles include leather, eco-friendly linen and cork

Even in this technology-dominated age, the notebook still holds a place in people’s hearts and their day-to-day lives. Whether you’re a business person, artist, student or parent, having a handy book to keep track of your thoughts will always be great for stress relief and general wellness.

In this list of reasonably priced journals, you’ll find styles for all personalities and professions. For those who love adventure, there are leather-bound diaries, and for those who are environmentally conscious, there are eco-friendly options. Furthermore, for those who like something a little different, we’ve found a cork-covered journal too.

1. Maleden Leather Writing Journal

Whether you’re an artist or a poet, this elegant, leather-bound journal is made to store everything from your daily scribblings to your finest work as an artist. The included blank pages are refillable, so you can always keep fresh pages at the ready. Furthermore, the outer cover is made from high-quality leather, which is durable enough to protect your work. It also provides an attractive, flower-adorned exterior to look at when shut. On the outside, you’ll find a handy, leather tether to keep your journal closed. Finally, this piece comes in 5 different colors.


2. DesignWorks Ink Twin-Wire Bound Journal

With 192 lined pages and a copper, twin-wire binding, there’s lots of space for all of your scribblings, notes and sketches inside this journal. The premium quality of the paper ensures a comfortable writing experience, while the soft cover provides a pleasant feel when you are holding your book. And, at 6 by 8.25 inches, it’s an ideal size for keeping inside your backpack or purse.


3. JoyNote Eco-Friendly Linen Hardcover Writing Notebook

The JoyNote Eco-Friendly Notebook is packed full of high-quality writing paper, which is both lined and 20-50% thicker than the average journal filler. In addition, the paper is acid-free, which helps to prevent any damage from exposure to the light and air. Furthermore, the journal sports an elastic band to keep the notebook closed when you aren’t using it and an additional elastic pen holder on the spine. And there are over 10 color choices for this notebook, ranging from business-style black and grey, to more friendly blue and jade choices.   

[caption id="attachment_117222" align="aligncenter" width="677"]best journals under 25 bound diaries notebooks linen eco-friendly joynote Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Lemome Thick Notebook

If you like the idea of having an original journal, why not try this Lemome Thick Notebook? By using cork fabric as the notebook cover, this journal has a great look, great feel and is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. When you order this Lemome product, you’ll have the choice of 3 paper types, one for most preferences. It’s finished with an elastic pen holder on the spine and an elastic closure to keep it closed when it’s not being written in.


5. Valery Vintage Artificial Leather Writing Journal

Let Van Gogh’s inspirational masterpiece, The Starry Night, inspire you as you write, draw or create your next piece of work. Wherever you find yourself, this beautifully covered journal will inspire with its art-adorned cover. It also features a built-in pen holder, so you’ll always be ready to create. Plus, you’ll never lose your page as the journal itself boasts 3 handy dividers. Finally, the high-quality, thick paper allows you to use a fountain pen on both sides of the page without any leakage.

[caption id="attachment_117219" align="aligncenter" width="669"]best journals under 25 bound diaries notebooks vintage starry night art sketch Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


6. ThoughtSpace Journals Handmade Leather Lined Journal

Like something that recently guided Indiana Jones to some lost treasure, the ThoughtSpace Journal would make a great gift for wannabe adventurers. The cover itself is made from genuine leather, accompanied by the genuine smell, too. While inside, you’ll find 240 pages of lined paper for recording your daily adventures or even just your daily thoughts. You’ll also find two bookmarks, which come in handy for keeping your place or allow for faster referencing when required.  


7. Sovereign-Gear Leather Travel Diary

Another rustic journal, the Sovereign-Gear Travel Diary was built to travel with you on your adventures. The genuine leather build features an asymmetrical design, which adds to the diary’s charm. There are also two straps provided to keep it closed. Plus, the set comes with an included golden pen, which fits handily into the diary’s leather case.  


8. Le Vent Albero Refillable Genuine Leather Journal

If the Swiss Army Knife was a journal, it would look something like the Le Vent Leather Journal. Inside this multifunctional folder, you’ll find a pen holder, metal bookmark, two cord holders and a business card holder. In addition, there’s a button up clasp for sealing the journal shut. The sleek cover is made from genuine leather and comes with a 240-page notebook for all your sketching and writing needs. Finally, the size is ideal for keeping in a backpack or purse or as a standalone carrying case.

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