These Natural Fiber Rugs Are Stylish, Durable and Sustainable

best natural fiber rugs
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Given that the floors in your home are usually the largest open spaces and always on show, it’s easy to see why decorating them correctly is a big deal. Add in the fact that they also need to be comfortable underfoot, and it makes sense why so many people turn to area rugs to solve the problem. However, producing these large, space-covering decor pieces isn’t always an eco-friendly or sustainable process. Thankfully, there is a more responsible alternative. Read on to find out why the best natural fiber rugs are one of the hottest trends in home styling at the moment.

As well as considering the shape, size and color of the right natural fiber rug for you, it’s a good idea to decide which of the available natural fibers is best suited to your needs. Here is an overview of three of the most popular natural fiber materials you’re likely to come across when shopping for your new rug:

  • Jute: Jute is soaring in popularity because it is one of the most budget-friendly natural fibers available. It’s a versatile material, and thanks to its fibrous structure and texture, it is great for producing rugs. Jute, which is produced from flowering plants, can be spun and weaved into strong threads to create different patterns and designs.
  • Seagrass: Although seagrass is usually slightly more expensive than jute, it’s much better at disguising watermarks and stains which come around from day-to-day life. So, if you live in a busy household or have kids, it might be the best choice of natural fiber for you.
  • Bamboo: As the world’s leading material in terms of sustainability, bamboo natural fiber rugs are a top choice for eco-conscious customers. It’s extremely durable and has a naturally appealing finish, making bamboo rugs a welcome addition to any home.

Below you’ll find nine of the best natural fiber rugs available to order online. We’ve included a wide range of sizes, shapes and patterns, all of which are far kinder to the planet than an average factory manufactured rug. With such a varied selection of sustainable rugs to choose from, we’re confident there’s something for everyone.


1. nuLOOM Rigo Farmhouse Jute Area Rug


The nuLOOM Rigo Hand-Woven Farmhouse Jute Area Rug is a versatile home addition that can blend in with a number of different home decor styles. This renewable fiber rug is made from 100% jute and comes in your choice of four different colors, giving you a piece to offer underfoot comfort and a touch of sophistication at the same time. Handily, the rug is available in a range of different shapes, including round, oval, square and rectangular options, as well as numerous different sizes, ensuring there’s one to fit in almost any open floor space in your home.

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2. Andover Mills Jeremy Bamboo Slat/Seagrass Rug


With options starting just shy of $40, the Andover Mills Jeremy Bamboo Slat/Seagrass Rug is a great way to bring soft furnishings into your home without breaking the bank. Its natural coloring and contemporary look make it a stylish yet effective way to bring some warmth to hardwood floors. Additionally, it’s constructed from bamboo slat and seagrass using a power loom, resulting in a medium pile height that is easier to maintain.

best natural fiber rugs andover mills Image courtesy of Wayfair


3. Fernish Décor Handwoven Jute Area Rug


If you’re looking to fill a square space or know you want a round rug, this Fernish Décor Handwoven Jute Area Rug could fit the bill. Handcrafted by artisans in India, this attractive rug can fill a range of room sizes as you can choose from rugs ranging from four to eight feet across. And while the braided, naturally colored appearance is likely to fulfill your style needs, you can also opt for a pattern-filled rug if you want to add just a touch of something extra.

best natural fiber rugs fernish decor Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Gracie Oaks Nicholson Geometric Flatweave Rug


This Gracie Oaks Nicholson Geometric Handmade Flatweave Rug has taken the classic style of a natural fiber rug to a new level. It has a repeating diamond-filled pattern woven into the full body of the rug, bordered by fringing at either end. It’s also hand constructed using a flatweave technique which combines both jute and sisal mix to give you the best of both materials. It is a great option for anyone wanting something more visually appealing than the traditional natural jute look.

best natural fiber rugs gracie oaks Image courtesy of Wayfair


5. Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Area Rug


The Safavieh Natural Fiber Collection Area Rug is a traditional-looking natural fiber rug with a forward-thinking backing. Its underside is lined with felt material to make it more comfortable underfoot and help ensure that it won’t shift when being walked on. Each rug edge is also covered with a thick cotton material to create a solid border that blends in with its natural sun-kissed interior while providing a visibly clean divide.

best natural fiber rugs safavieh natural Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Unique Loom Braided Jute Collection Area Rug


If you’re searching for a more colorful natural fiber rug, then the Unique Loom Braided Jute Collection Area Rug might be the choice for you. The hand-braided rug is made from a jute and cotton mix and is available in white, gray, navy and natural color options. It’s also available in a range of different sizes and can be either rectangular or circular. Handily, it’s easy to remove unwanted creases in the rug by rolling it up, applying pressure to the site and then unrolling it.

best natural fiber rugs unique loom Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Ruggagle Maia Soft Black Re-Jute Rug


If sustainability is your main priority, it’s worth checking out this Ruggagle Maia Soft Black Re-Jute Rug. Thanks to its recycled material makeup, which includes virgin polyester and polyurethane, the rug’s production uses up to 180 recycled plastic bottles. The black and ivory pattern has a high contrast to emphasize its details while also being able to disguise any small marks or stains which may occur over time. Plus, compared to most natural fiber rugs, this alternative has a softer, less scratchy finish.

best natural fiber rugs maia soft jute Image courtesy of Ruggable


8. World Market Abstract Woven Jute Heera Area Rug


With its colorful, abstract design, this World Market Abstract Woven Jute Heera Area Rug is an ideal option for homeowners looking for a conversation-starting decor piece. The India-produced, handcrafted rug is made from 100% jute and comes in two sizes. The design is also made up of tan, gray, aqua, red and ivory colors, making it a smart addition for spaces in need of a little color. Furthermore, its dense, flatweave construction makes it suitable for housing in high-traffic areas.

tan and ivory natural fiber rug woven jute Image courtesy of World Market


9. Danton Stripe Natural Fiber Rug


Pottery Barn is best known for its premium quality home products, and this Danton Stripe Natural Fiber Rug is no exception. It’s crafted from 100% jute and feels soft underfoot, making it ideal for hallways and other high-traffic areas. The cream-colored background is accented with charcoal stripes to produce an eye-catching look that is not often found in your average natural fiber rug. Plus, this handwoven, India-made decor piece is available in three different sizes.

danton stripe natural fiber rug Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


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