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Start Using These Key Tags And Never Forget Which Key Unlocks What Again

* Bright colors make each key easy to identify
* Use the labels to keep keys sorted and organized
* For way more than just keys

Everyone knows one of the keys to success is organization. And what better way to start getting organized than by labeling all of your keys? No, seriously. How many times have you mixed up your keys with someone else’s, or forgotten which key unlocks which door or drawer? We already use

to label glasses and shoe boxes to separate shoes – isn’t it time to use the same logic for your keys?

We have found the best key tags for simplifying this process. They’re all color-coded and ready to label, to keep your keys neatly organized. But don’t stop with just your keys. These tags are all multi-purposed. Use them to identify pets, travel accessories, USBs, baskets, and gift bags. The only limit is your imagination. Happy tagging.

1. Uniclife 40 Pack Plastic Key Tags

A key does you no good if you don’t know what it unlocks. But now you can unlock the key to getting organized and increasing efficiency with these multipurpose key tags. The bright colored tags and white labels make your tag easily readable and quicker to identify while the sturdy chrome ring keeps things secure.


2. Five-of-Five Upgrade Plastic Key Tags

Practicality meets fun with these colorful, flexible, and lightweight tags. The unique design helps prevent damage from sweat, water and dirt. They’re ideal for home, office or rental management and are reusable.


3. Uniclife Tough Plastic Key Tags, 20-pack

The identifying possibilities are limitless when it comes to these colorful key tags from Uniclife. Great to be used as keys identification, ID tags, pet name tags, backpack markers, etc. You can even mark flash drives, lunchboxes, and luggage tags. Each tag comes with removable write-on labels and windows for easy viewing as well as a sturdy chrome attachment ring.


4. Avery Key Tags with Split Ring

It’s the little things that count. And it’s the little things that can get lost. That’s why you need to scoop up these multi-use, handy dandy key tags. Write on the sturdy card stock to keep everything organized. They work great for slipping over clothes hangers to identify sizes in a snap or as gift tags. One clever buyer uses them as paint swatches and keeps them on a key ring in her purse to help coordinate purchases while out shopping. Genius!

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