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Beat the Heat With a Multi-Functional Kiddie Pool This Summer

When it comes to keeping pets and kids busy and cool during warmer months, options can be limited. But one thing that both human babies and fur babies love is playing in the water. Before you start crunching numbers trying to figure out how you can afford to install an in-ground pool, start smaller. Much smaller. Like, the size of a child or a dog. That’s right, it’s time to get one of the best kiddie pools on the market.

A kiddie pool is an inexpensive way to beat the heat and keep kids and pets entertained for hours. Simple to set up and easy to place as it only requires a small footprint of yard space, the best kiddie pools can be filled with water in a short period of time. They offer time and money savings compared to filling a large above-ground or in-ground pool, they can double as ball pits, sandboxes or giant coolers, and most don’t require kids to be able to swim. That said, no matter the size of the best inflatable pools, children should never be left unattended near water.

What To Look For In A Kiddie Pool

Know your dimensions. The best kiddie pools come in a wide range of sizes, from small options that can fit on a balcony, to large inflatable pools that are big enough for adults and kids to enjoy together.

Note whether your pool requires a hand or electric pump. Smaller pools can be blown up by mouth but save yourself time and air with a hand or electric pump to go with mid to large-sized kiddie pools.

How many kids will be using the pool? Some pools are more interactive and better suited for a wide range of ages, while others are simpler in their design and can be enjoyed by one or two children who are very young.

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Does the pool come with a repair kit? Less expensive pools often skip the repair kit, but for the larger, pricier options, a repair kit helps to extend the lifespan of the pool.

How easy is the pool to empty? If you have a tarp or pool cover, you won’t have to empty your pool as often. But if you’re using it in a temporary space or want to travel with it, say to the beach, a pool with an easy-to-access drainage valve will be a big help.

How We Chose The Best Kiddie Pools

The pools on our list were either tested by us or picked after hours and hours of careful research. We included a wide range of pool sizes and budgets to fit the needs of every customer, including those with limited outdoor space and small children as well as customers with a larger space who want a pool the whole family can enjoy. While these kiddie pools typically aren’t large enough to fit any of the best pool floats, we’re still sure your kids will have a blast splashing around all day. The pools on our list have passed strict safety tests and are made with materials that are safe to be used near children.

1. Xflated Kiddie Pool


It’s one of the best kiddie pools, it’s a sensory play area, it’s a ball pit, it’s the perfect place to cool off your feet on a hot day. The Xflated Kiddie Pool provides endless hours of fun in the sun and even indoors when the weather starts to cool down. The 45″ by 45” pool is available in fun watermelon, hamburger and ice cream designs that kids and adults will love. Three separate valves make it easy to quickly inflate the pool either by mouth or hand pump. The Xflated is the perfect size for babies, toddlers, and even big kids who want a place to sit and play. Adults can add toys to the tub to turn it into a sensory play area or empty the pool and move it inside to create a fun ball pit during cold weather. When it’s time for the adults to enjoy some time outdoors, the pool can be filled with water and ice and act as an oversized cooler. Fast to delate when necessary, the Xlfated also comes with a patch repair kit.

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2. Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool


For a pool the whole family can enjoy, we recommend the Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool. Big enough to fit two adults and two children, the Easy Set can hold 639 gallons of water. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, users supply their own pump to quickly inflate the pool, which measures 96 inches in diameter and is approximately 2.5 feet deep when fully inflated. Recommended for children ages six and up, the Easy Set is a great in-between pool when learning to swim and an inexpensive option for those who want a pool they can completely immerse themselves in during heat waves. Using a standard hose, the Easy Set can be fully filled with water in two to four hours.

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3. Splashin’kids 3 in 1 Inflatable Sprinkler Pool


Splash pads are a great way for kids to cool off when the temperature rises, but they can quickly become crowded or may be located far from your home. That’s why we like the Splashin’kids 3 in 1 Inflatable Sprinkler Pool, which turns your outdoor space into your child’s personal splash pad. The sprinkler pool can be used as a shallow pool that is great for babies and toddlers, or adults can use the hose attachment to create two separate sprinkler systems that will keep kids cool and create a fun water system for hours of play. Little ones will love the bright colors and eye-catching design of the Splashin’kids 3 in 1 Inflatable Sprinkler Pool, while adults will appreciate the pool’s BPA-free material and fast inflation time (three to four minutes with a hand or electric pump that is sold separately).

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4. Jasonwell Foldable Pool


For a pool that can go just about anywhere, try the Jasonwell Foldable Pool. Designed for use by pet owners and parents, the Jasonwell pool is great for keeping dogs, kids, and even adults cool on hot days. No inflation is necessary with the Jasonwell, which can be folded in two ways for easy transporting and secure storage. A high-density fiberboard provides a firm base under the extra-tough, slip-resistant PVC inner layer. The pool can be emptied quickly and easily thanks to the side drain. The Jasonwell pool is available in five sizes and can be used as a pool, sandbox and ball pit. We also like that Jasonwell uses environmentally friendly material that meets ASTM standards and is safe for use by animals and small children.

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5. Homech Inflatable Kiddie Pool


Kids love playing in the water when the weather gets hot, but let’s not forget about the adults. The whole family can cool off with the Homech Inflatable Kiddie Pool, which measures 95″ x 56” x 22”. The 162-gallon pool has enough space for two adults and four kids to comfortably enjoy at once. The durable pool is made with 0.4mm thick PVC that is resistant to punctures and tears (a repair kit is also included). Three air chambers with their own separate valves can withstand a high amount of weight without leaking air and requiring frequent refills. Using an electric pump (not included), the pool can be inflated in four minutes. We also like that there is a 90-degree vertical drainpipe that provides easy access for draining when necessary. The BPA-free pool has a thick bottom that is not only comfortable for users but also helps to insulate the water temperature.

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6. FUNBOY Clear Pink Heart Inflatable Pool


Consider us obsessed with FUNBOY’s heart-shaped inflatable pool. Although it’s intentionally designed for adults, we’re still going to name this one of the best kiddie pools for tots on the market. If you’ve got yourself a few kids around the age range of 6 and up, this is a kiddie pool suitable for them. Unlike a lot of kiddie pools, this inflatable pool can fill relatively high with water, so you’re going to want to be extra careful with those more susceptible to accidents. This pool fills with air in just two minutes for all-day fun and quickly drains afterward with the provided drain plug. Kids and Instagram-loving adults alike will love this for obvious reasons.

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7. Intex Mini Frame Pool


Versatile and lightweight, the Intex Mini Frame Pool is not inflatable and doesn’t require a pump, making it easier to place the pool away from a power source. The pool comes with padded horizontal beams for added comfort and short side poles with padded feet to keep the pool in place. A drain plug makes it easy to empty the 89-gallon pool, while a patch repair kit enables users to fix small holes in the thick vinyl if necessary. The Mini Frame is available in blue and bright green. Once assembled, the Mini Frame is 12 inches high, which makes it possible for most children ages 3 and up and larger dogs to step into the pool without the assistance of an adult or ramp.

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8. Mylle Modern Inflatable Swimming Pool


Your kids probably won’t care what their kiddie pool looks like, but you as a modern parent might. This is one of the best kiddie pools for parents that love a solid, clean-looking aesthetic both in and out of the house. Like, this is beyond eye-catching, isn’t it? It’s super heavyweight to avoid tearing and 65-inches across to fit tots and parents alike. That’s not all, it’s also BPA-free, non-toxic, lead-free and without phthalates to keep your kids safe.

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9. Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center


For one of the best kiddie pools that is sure to wow, we recommend the Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center. The eye-catching play center features three play spaces that can keep multiple kids entertained at once. An inflatable slide with stairs lets little ones ride into the main pool section, where they can take turns throwing one of the six included balls into the dinosaurs’ mouth. There is also a hose attachment that can create two sprinkler systems, one that shoots water out of a palm tree and another that creates a rain feature. The play center features several separate inflation areas so that adults can easily add air only to sections that need it. The 57-gallon pool is large enough for multiple kids to enjoy at once and can even fit an adult (we tried it last summer and it kept us cool along with our little one). The landing mat creates a comfortable padded floor that is great on grass and we also like that Intex includes a small patch repair kit.

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10. Sunny Life Greek Eye Pool


Hah, get it? This eye-catching Greek Eye pool is a masterpiece when it comes to the best kiddie pools. It is super aesthetically pleasing and has a royal blue design that feels both modern and dated. It’s great for family BBQs and chilling in backyards with no body of water. It’s made for children ages 6 and up because water tends to get a bit deep in this pool.

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