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Almost 10,000 People Have Reviewed This At-Home Knife Sharpener and It’s Just $6

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trashing their old knife sets and dropping big bucks on a new one when it can be easily revamped. With this

, you can help get your old knives back to their former razor-sharp glory. Able to rest in the palm of your hand, the KitchenIQ sharpener is incredibly discreet and extra portable — making it a great gadget to have in any home.

It’s even small enough to fit into most kitchen drawers! As an Amazon Best Seller, you can rest easy knowing this little sharpener has what it takes to get the job done. And with four vibrant color options to choose from, you can actually match it to your home decor.

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Able to provide both quick blade touch-ups and detailed polishes, this handy sharpener comes with two slots: coarse and fine. It also comes with a V slot in the back that’s great for bigger knives. With KitchenIQ’s patented Edge Grip feature, you’ll have no problem keeping your hands (and your knives) still.

This sharpener even comes with its own non-slip base for extra stability. A great gadget to have for everyday cooking,  this knife sharpener makes it easier to rejuvenate and sharpen your old or dull knives. And at just over $5, this thing’s a steal. If you’ve noticed your older knives aren’t as sharp as they used it be, don’t put them out to pasture: buy a sharpener instead.