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We Will Wool You Over With This Knitting Needle Case

* Envelope design for keeping your knitting needles stored safely
* Made from soft and durable calf leather
* Holds up to six large knitting needles (needles included)

Knitting isn’t just for grandmas anymore. The needlework hobby has recently exploded into pop culture, creating knit-aholics everywhere. Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and even Ryan Gosling have been known to indulge in this handy craft. Join the club and look great doing it with the “We Will Wool You” knitting needle case.

This beautiful purse is the perfect place to store your knitting tools when you aren’t constructing your next fashion masterpiece. The case sports a wrapped envelope design with two metallic leather tassel straps to ensure a tight hold of your tools when closed.

Capable of holding a variety of needle sizes, the central band is an attractive light blue and has six slots for easy, push-through storage. The needle case itself is blush pink in color and made from 100% calf leather – tough and durable enough for the rigors of regular use.

The case comes with a set of knitting needles. You’ll only need to buy some yarn to start your next knitting creation.

Whether you’ve been knitting for years or are just starting to get into the hobby, this delightful case is a great way to motivate yourself. Designed by the gurus at the London -based fashion outfit, Wool and the Gang, the case is also great for gifting.

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