Carry Your Laptop in Safety and Style with One of the Best Laptop Sleeves

best laptop sleeves
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The value of the best laptop is more than its price tag. These devices enable us to access the Internet while on the move, complete digital tasks which would otherwise not be possible and store our most treasured photos and videos. Although laptops are designed for travel, they’re still delicate items, and it’s extremely important to take care of your laptop appropriately. Undoubtedly, the most effective way to protect your laptop is with one of the best laptop sleeves.

Well-designed and reliable laptop sleeves do not often differ greatly in design from one another. However, you may find some subtle features that will make all the difference to you and the way you like to work. Some sleeves feature additional storage, while others are completely dedicated to providing a solid shell for your laptop. Whichever style and size you choose, make sure these attributes are covered: 

Water-Resistant – A water-damaged laptop is everyone’s worst nightmare, and so having a laptop sleeve that can withstand a splash or spill is important. Most of the best laptop sleeves are made with water-resistant materials but are not fully waterproof.

Durable – A quality case should keep your laptop safe for at least a few years, so it will need to last for years, too. Ensuring it has strong zippers on the main compartment and pockets, multiple layers made of high standard materials and 360-degree protection are all smart moves.

Travel-Friendly – Unlike laptop backpacks, laptop sleeves are designed to be as slim as possible. While providing a decent layer of protection, the best sleeves are made to fit the shape of your laptop and slip into a larger bag. However, some designs feature carrying handles or straps to allow for an easy grab and go.

Personalized – Available in a huge range of colors, patterns and materials, laptop sleeves are a personalization opportunity. You could choose to stand out from the crowd with a brightly colored design or opt for a professional look with a black leather case.

We’ve rounded up the 12 best laptop sleeves available to buy on Amazon. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your portal to the digital world is being cared for during transit when it’s protected by one of these sleeves.


1. JETech Laptop Sleeve


The JETech Laptop Sleeve gets top marks from over 23,000 Amazon customers with its five-out-of-five star rating. Available in three sizes from 11.2 to 15.4 inches and a range of nine colors, there is a variation of this laptop sleeve to suit most laptops and personal styles. It features a slanted accessory pocket on the front, which is highlighted with a small, branded, orange tag. The grey, easy-to-pull zipper also adds a flash of color around the top trim of the splash-proof case.

best laptop sleeves jetech Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Arvok Laptop Sleeve


There’s no excuse for not protecting your laptop when the Arvok Laptop Sleeve costs under $10. Three layers of material combine to offer a durable, water-resistant surrounding for your laptop. The external layer is made of neoprene for a durable finish, while the middle is shockproof material. Finally, the inside layer features an elastic, soft finish. This sleeve is available in four sizes from 11.6 to 17 inches and features large, branded tags on the zippers for easy opening and closing.

best laptop sleeves arvok Image courtesy of Amazon


3. AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve


With over 73,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, it’s safe to say the AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve is extremely popular with customers. It’s available in four colors and multiple sizes to suit both Microsoft and Apple laptops. Without any additional pockets for storage, this sleeve is focused completely on providing a protective layer for your laptop. Therefore, it’s one of the slimmest on our list, making it ideal for sliding into your bag.

best laptop sleeves amazon basics Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Canvaslife Laptop Sleeve


Printed with a large pink and white rose floral design on a navy background, the Canvaslife Laptop Sleeve will ensure you know exactly which laptop is yours. It’s available in two sizes to suit either a 13 or 14-inch laptop. Whichever size you require, this sleeve will feature a large, front pocket with further storage compartments inside for organizing your phone, pens and mouse.

best laptop sleeves canvaslife white roses Image courtesy of Amazon


5. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve


If you already have laptop accessories that set the style of your tech setup, you’ll probably want to have a laptop sleeve to match the color of your gear. The MOISISO Laptop Sleeve is available in over 20 colors, so there’s likely to be one to suit your taste. These sleeves are made with a water-resistant, polyester material and are padded with a shockproof sponge to protect against any unexpected impacts. There’s also a large front pocket running horizontally across the sleeve, which is well-suited for notebook, mouse or headphone storage.

mosiso laptop sleeve bag Image courtesy of Amazon


6. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve with Small Case


Rather than having attached storage pockets, the MOSISO Laptop Sleeve with Small Case offers a second, travel-friendly pouch in which you can store your accessories. Thanks to this small case, this laptop sleeve is able to remain completely flat without unwanted bulges. With its neoprene surface, this laptop sleeve is both water-resistant and durable, making it ideal for day-to-day use.

mosiso laptop sleeve set Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Lacdo Laptop Sleeve


Carrying both a laptop and a tablet is no problem for the Lacdo Laptop Sleeve. The front of the main compartment features a large pocket large enough for a small tablet. This is then topped with additional storage space for accessories, too. This Lacdo sleeve is available in six attractive colors and multiple sizes for both old and new laptop models, including most sizes of MacBooks.

lacdo laptop sleeve Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Voova Laptop Sleeve


The concave design of the Voova Laptop Sleep features 360-degree protection and keeps the stored laptop surrounded in safety. A top handle is attached to the side of the case and sits flat against the surface for an invisible appearance when it’s not being used. Available in a large range of unisex colors and three sizes to suit both older and newer laptops, this quality polyester sleeve is stylish and durable.

voova laptop sleeve Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Qishare Laptop Case


No rucksack or bag is required to carry the Qishare Laptop Case from place to place, as it comes with a strong shoulder carrying strap. This effectively turns this sleeve into a satchel. Available in three sizes and a range of seven colors, this unisex design can be ordered to suit any preference. The included long strap is detachable, so you can choose when you’d like to use it. There are also two grab handles integrated on either side of the case for a solid, tote-like hold.

qishare laptop case Image courtesy of Amazon


10. KALIDI Laptop Sleeve


Fashionable and functional, the KALIDI Laptop Sleeve is a stylish sleeve choice. The envelope-like fold is completed with metallic central trim which sits just above two invisible magnets provided for a firm closure. You can use the case as a portable desk when working on the move, as the closure flap folds out to create a mouse pad. The interior walls are covered in velvet to protect your laptop against scratches, and the outside is made of polyurethane for a quality finish.

kalidi laptop sleeve case Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve


Both bottom corners of the Tomtoc Laptop Sleeve are reinforced with extra-thick cushioning to provide an elite level of protection. The entry zipper is located on the side of the case rather than the top to avoid any downwards motion when loading your laptop inside. An orange, retractable handle is attached to the top surface for a steady hold when on the move and a smooth finish when not. This sleeve also features a large front pocket with internal organization straps, which are ideal for accessories.

tomtoc 360 protective laptop sleeve Image courtesy of Amazon


12. FYY Laptop Sleeve


For a professional appearance and a quality product, choose the FYY Laptop Sleeve. It’s ideal for traveling, as it features a sturdy back bar that slides over the handles of your suitcase, allowing you to attach it to your wheels as you move through the airport. Featuring double layer protection, this case is strong on the outside and soft on the inside. Plus, it’s made of premium leather and is available in a range of five colors, including black, pink and red.

fyy premium leather laptop sleeve case Image courtesy of Amazon


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