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The Best Laundry Hampers For Extra Large Loads

Laundry can be a dirty chore, but storing your stained, soiled and sweaty clothes doesn’t have to be. Picking one of the best laundry hampers to house your laundry not only makes storing your clothes for longer easier, but it can also benefit your wallet and environmental conscience, too. For all these reasons, we like to use large laundry hampers in our homes, and there are a ton of great options for sale online that won’t take up too much space in your home.

Why Choose a Larger Clothes Hamper?

While an overflowing hamper can make it look like you’re forever trying to put the laundry off, there are actually a number of reasons why it might be smart to be storing dirty clothes for longer periods of time. Here are some of the most common reasons why it makes sense to stockpile your dirties in one of the best extra-large laundry hampers.


When it comes to laundry load sizes, one of the biggest influences is the economy. As long as you have the space to store your dirty clothes for longer, it’s a good idea for your wallet to let things build up. Over the course of a year, this means less loads washed as each machine is fuller. This, in turn, translates to less power and water used if the washer is in your home or less money out your pocket if you’re traveling to a laundromat.

Whites, Colors and Delicates

Depending on your style of clothing, it’s likely you wear more colors or whites. This means that as you pile your worn clothes up, the spread is disproportionate, meaning that cleaning both at the same time would mean washing one type with a less-than-full machine. By using a larger hamper, you’re able to wait until you have a full machine load ready to go for every load.

The Environment

For the environmentally-conscious out there, one big reason to always fill your washing machine to the max is the environmental impact of washing. Washing takes a lot of water and power, so by minimizing the number of loads you do, you’re decreasing your carbon footprint and helping to minimize the microscopic plastic fibers released, too.

Below, you’ll find a range of the best laundry hampers available. From the best extra-large laundry hampers to rolling options and collapsible totes, these products will make you happy to have them on display. Find the right laundry hampers for your weekly laundry needs below.

1. DOKEHOM Large Laundry Basket

With the choice of either an 85-liter or a 115-liter capacity, the DOKEHOM Large Laundry Basket is potentially one of the largest capacity laundry hampers on the market. For ease of carrying, the bag’s tough, double aluminum handles are covered in a soft rubber grip and pull together for added security during lifting. The collapsible bag is available in a range of colors, including bright red and blue as well as slightly less eye-catching options, like black and grey. Plus, the bag itself is fully waterproof, so it’s great for transporting damp clothes and even includes a small pocket for holding coins and keys if you’re off to the launderette.

Pros: The rubber-covered, double handles make carrying the bag more comfortable.

Cons: The design is more focused on function than style.

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2. Tribesigns Extra Large Laundry Hamper

With a 96-liter capacity and an attractive design, the Tribesigns Extra Large Laundry Hamper is able to store your dirty washing and look great at the same time. The box-style design is made from a tough wire frame covered by a premium quality cotton linen. The inside of the cover, which is available in a range of attractive patterns, also includes a waterproof PEVA coating, allowing the hamper to store damp clothing without a problem and prevent unpleasant smells from escaping. In addition, the design also includes extra-long handles for carrying ease.

Pros: The range of available patterns lets you match your hamper to your interiors.

Cons: While still collapsible, this hamper takes longer to fold down than others.

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3. HOMEST XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag

For a versatile and easy-to-clean way to keep your laundry, you’re going to want this HOMEST XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag. The pack includes two bags which measure 40 inches in length and can each hold up to four loads of washing inside. These bag-style hampers are both machine washable and made from a tough, ripstop fabric which has been double stitched to provide additional strength and durability. You’ll also find a drawstring closure which keeps your clothes secure inside and have the choice of several different colors, including red, black and navy. Additionally, these versatile bags are great for use at home or camping as well as for other around-the-house tasks, like storing or transporting toys or pillows.

Pros: The bags are machine washable, making maintenance and cleaning easy.

Cons: The lack of handles may make carrying more difficult for some users.

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4. Haundry Tall Slim Laundry Hamper

On first viewing, the Haundry Tall Slim Laundry Hamper may fool you into thinking you’ve got a choice to make about which side of the Force you fall. However, on closer inspection, you’ll discover that this handy, two-piece hamper is actually just marked with “Light” and “Dark” to help you logically separate your dirty washing. Each side sits 26 inches tall, providing plenty of storage space for your clothes. It also features reinforced handles and includes a mesh closure to keep your clothes in place. Furthermore, when not in use, the hamper can collapse down for easy storage around the house. Thanks to the great design and durable construction, these are some of the best laundry hampers we’ve been able to find online.

Pros: The “Light” and “Dark” signs make it easy to separate your laundry.

Cons: The available colors are dull compared to some competitors.

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5. Freegrace Foldable Large Laundry Hamper

The Freegrace Foldable Large Laundry Hamper makes storing and transporting your dirty clothes easy. This extra-large hamper measures 15.74 inches square and sits 25.6 inches tall to give you ample dirty clothes storage space. There’s a plastic lining which prevents mold and also helps stop dirty clothes from stinking up the place. Additionally, this collapsible hamper, which is available in five different colors, comes with a portable drawstring bag that fits inside and can be removed for easier portability when it comes to moving your clothes to the washing machine.

Pros: The ultra-foldable design means it’s easily stored when it’s not in use.

Cons: The lack of lid means your dirty clothes are always on show.

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6. OrganiHaus XXL Large Rope Laundry Basket

The OrganiHaus XXL Large Rope Laundry Basket is not only a great option for laundry, it also doubles as a decorative piece for your home at the same time. This means if you’re struggling for room to keep your laundry hamper in your closet, you can put it on display instead. It’s available in two different sizes, depending on your laundry needs, and also comes in three different color combinations, including an off-white and brown option. Each available model includes easy-to-carry handles and can also double up as a handy storage bag for use around the house or on the go.

Pros: This laundry hamper is a great piece of home decor in its own right.

Cons: Because of its attractive rope construction, it will be harder to clean than other options.

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7. Caroeas Pro Wheeled Laundry Hamper

The Caroeas Pro Wheeled Laundry Hamper is another hamper with function at its forefront. With built-in wheels, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride anytime you need to transport dirty laundry from your bedroom, dorm room (or anywhere you keep dirty clothes), all the way to the washing machine. This means you’re not limited by how much you can physically carry, either. It’s available in a range of different colors and includes a drawstring mesh cover which keeps your clothes in place while still allowing them to breath, preventing perpetuating stink. Additionally, the hamper is constructed from an Oxford fabric and sports numerous outer handles for added control during transport.

Pros: The drawstring mesh lid prevents your clothes from overflowing.

Cons: Wheels aren’t any use if you have to go up and down stairs.

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