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The Best Lawn Bowling Game Sets to Buy for Outdoor Family Fun

One of the best ways to upgrade your backyard is with lawn games. Whether it’s classics like cornhole and badminton or twists on indoor games like oversized sets of Jenga and Connect 4, lawn games are a great way to get a little light exercise, enjoy fresh air and play games that anyone can participate in. Best of all, you can enjoy these games even if you don’t have a backyard. You can enjoy them at the park or beach, for example.

One of our favorite games is outdoor bowling, which uses a smaller ball that can be more easily rolled across uneven surfaces like grass. The ball and pins are typically made out of wood or have a wood finish. Outdoor bowling is often referred to as lawn bowling, although lawn bowling, also called bowls, is a distinct game that bears more of a similarity to bocce ball than it does to bowling. Outdoor bowling is also sometimes called skittle ball.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite outdoor bowling sets that you can buy right now. Some of these options have a classy, wooden look that is great for a backyard BBQ, and some of these options are specifically designed for children. These are the ones to get.

1. Hey! Play! Lawn Bowling Game/Skittle Ball

This set from Hey! Play! consists of 10 wooden pins, two small wooden balls, and a mesh carrying bag. The balls are 2.75″ in diameter, making them easy to play with for kids and adults, and they even have finger holes. The pins come in varying colors and sizes, including this classic red color. These pins are 11″ tall.

Pros: Classic wood look. Two balls with finger holes are included, as is a mesh bag.

Cons: Not all of the colors are available in the 11″ size.

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2. Liberry Kids Bowling Set

If you’re looking for a fun option for kids, consider this set from Liberry. The pins and balls are made out of plastic, which can be a more suitable option for kids, who often can be rough with toys. 10 pins and two balls are included, and the pins have the classic look of pins you’d see at a bowling alley. The pins are 9.5″ tall, making them compact enough for kids but large enough for adults.

Pros: Good option for kids, two balls and 10 pins included.

Cons: Pins are lightweight and may blow away in strong winds.

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3. GIGGLE N GO Giant Bowling Set

Whether it’s Jenga or Chess, there’s something especially fun about playing with a giant set instead of a tabletop-sized one. The same goes for this inflatable bowling set. It’s a good option for kids or adults. The pins are an enormous 27″ tall, and the ball is 24″ tall. The pins have weighted bases to keep them upright. While this version of bowling isn’t going to be particularly challenging, it’ll still be a lot of fun.

Pros: Inflatable option. Pins have sand in the base to keep them upright, but they can still easily be knocked down with the ball.

Cons: Inflation takes a long time with the pump provided.

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