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This Leather Conditioner Makes Furniture & Accessories Look Brand New Again

* Restores your leather’s look and helps protect it from further wear
* Fast-drying formula works in a matter of minutes
* Compatible with every type of leather 

Leather furniture may look and feel more luxurious than any other material, but it requires more care and attention to help it look great. That’s where this conditioner and restorer comes in. The Leather Rescue conditioner not only restores your leather’s original look, it helps protect it from further wear. This actually includes protecting it from excessive sunlight and UV exposure.

The penetrating formula’s able to dive deep into your leather’s pores, helping to refurbish and hydrate the material immediately. The formula itself is also gentle on the skin and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with all those artificial chemicals rubbing off on you.

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Unlike other restorers, this one’s extremely fast-drying. In fact, the liquid is proven to fully dry within one hour, which helps make it more convenient and allows for regular use. What’s more, it works on basically any type of leather. From treated to untreated, reptile, exotic and bonded leathers, your furniture needs a little love, and this conditioner’s here to help. Instantly treat your couch, your shoes, your bags and more.

And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a fuss-free 90-day warranty. If you aren’t completely satisfied, simply ask for a full refund. If you have a few prized leather pieces in your collection, you owe it to them to give this conditioner a try.


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