Say Goodbye to Paper Cuts With an Easy-to-Use Letter Opener

best letter openers
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Whether you’re running a small business or running a household of one, there’s a good chance part of your day involves opening mail. Even for those of us who opt for the online-only option for bills and statements, physical mail is still used for important correspondence. You’ve got mail and bills, bills, bills. Now get a letter opener.

A letter opener helps users save their hands by avoiding the dreaded paper cuts that can come with using fingers to slice open an envelope. The best letter openers also provide an easy way to cleanly open envelopes without making it look like it was ripped apart by a rabid animal. Not only is the envelope salvageable to use as storage for its contents, but the papers inside the envelope are also left unscathed.

Save your skin and save your important documents and letters with a letter opener that is easy to use and adds a professional feel to your home and office.


1. Ram-Pro Envelope Slitter

Whether you have so many envelopes you need backup or want a letter opener for your kitchen, office and living room, we recommend Ram-Pro Envelope Slitter. The set of three brightly colored letter openers are small but mighty. A blunt tip to guide the opener is easily inserted into the envelope and the stainless steel blade efficiently cuts a clean line along the top of the envelope. A larger plastic piece on top makes it comfortable for users to hold the opener while in use and is ideal for those with dexterity or mobility issues.

Pros: The Ram-Pro openers can also be used to open bags of chips or sleeves of crackers.

Cons: The stainless steel blade is exposed and can accidentally cut users.

Ram-Pro Envelope Slitter Courtesy of Amazon


2. Westcott Rosewood Handle Letter Opener

For an affordable letter opener that has a high-end finish, we recommend the Westcott Rosewood Handle Letter Opener. The Westcott is a durable stainless steel letter opener that features a timeless rosewood handle. The lightweight and comfortable opener measures 9” long and is suitable for daily use. Ideal for use in an office or at home, the Westcott also makes a thoughtful graduation gift.

Pros: Made to last, the Westcott is a full tang knife, which means the blade is one solid piece with the wood handles attached to either side.

Cons: The Westcott does not come with a sleeve.

Westcott Rosewood Handle Letter Opener Courtesy of Amazon


3. Auto Ceramic Black Letter Opener

For a safe and efficient way to open envelopes, we recommend the Auto Ceramic Black Letter Opener. The small opener fits in the palm of your hand and requires a slight amount of pressure to glide along the top of envelopes and leave them with a clean opening. Made from ceramic and ABS resin, the opener runs across the top or bottom of an envelope and cuts the envelope open using a pincher grip.

Pros: Thanks to the concealment of the blade, this is one of the safer letter openers on the market.

Cons: The opener must be lined up perfectly with the envelope to ensure that the documents inside are not torn.

Auto Ceramic Black Letter Opener Courtesy of Amazon


4. Martin Yale Manual Letter Opener

For a letter opener that can handle big jobs, we recommend the Martin Yale Manual Letter Opener. Ideal for office workers who deal with large amounts of mail, the Martin Yale automatically activates when an envelope is inserted and pulls the envelope through the unit, leaving a clean opening. The lightweight machine opens envelopes in seconds and saves users from hand fatigue. We also like that the blade is completely concealed for safety.

Pros: The ergonomic design of the Martin Yale makes it comfortable to use by those with mobility issues.

Cons: The Martin Yale requires four AA batteries that are not included. The bottom doesn’t have a non-slip design and users may need to add their own rubber feet to keep the unit in place.

Martin Yale Manual Letter Opener Courtesy of Amazon