These Versatile Coffee Tables Include a Lift-Up Desktop and Hidden Storage Space

best lift top coffee tables
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Finding the right coffee table for your living room can be the difference between making the space and breaking the space. The correct choice can be just the finishing touch you’ve been looking for. But what if we told you there are coffee tables which don’t just look great, they also provide functional storage space and a handy place to work at the same time? We are talking about the best lift-top coffee tables.

From the outside, lift-top coffee tables appear just like their ‘normal’ coffee table counterparts. However, on closer inspection, you’ll find a couple of noteworthy elements which make these multifunctional furniture pieces a step up from the rest. These include:

  • Hidden Storage Space – While the best lift-top coffee tables often include visible storage space in the form of shelves or cabinets, they also feature hidden storage space underneath the lift-up top. This space is ideal for seasonal items or pieces you would rather keep out of sight when stored, such as blankets, books, games console controllers and coasters. Furthermore, this storage is especially beneficial to households or living rooms where space is limited as it can turn otherwise wasted space into something useful.
  • Lift-Up Shelf/Desk Space – Many of the tops which lift up from these coffee tables can be used as a space for working on, eating from or holding a laptop or tablet at a more convenient viewing height. By elevating part or all of the tabletop, these lift-top coffee tables offer versatility few other home decor pieces can compete with.

Below you’ll find our top 13 picks for the best lift-top coffee tables available for ordering online. We’ve included a range of different styles to ensure there’s an option to suit every kind of home decor. Scroll down to discover your new favorite home furniture piece.


1. Greyleigh Riddleville Lift Top Coffee Table


With char pine, craftsman oak and plain white finishes to choose from, there’s a Greyleigh Riddleville Lift Top Coffee Table to suit a range of home interior styles. This classy, four-legged table features dual lower shelves which are ideal for displaying smaller decor pieces, storing books or housing slide-out bins. The tabletop measures just over 43 by 19 inches, giving you plenty of space to work with, whether you choose to use it for displaying items or as a desk. Plus, it includes a spring-assisted mechanism which makes it easier and more comfortable to lift and adjust.

riddleville lift top coffee table Courtesy of Wayfair


2. Easyfashion Modern Lift Top Coffee Table


For under $100, you can have this attractive Easyfashion Modern Lift-Top Coffee Table in your office or living room. It’s available in five different colors, including black, white and espresso, and also comes in two different sizes. The durable design includes a built-in storage space as well as a lower shelf, which is ideal for displaying items or housing ones you want quick access to. In addition, the pop-up shelf, which gives access to the storage space inside, can house your laptop and other essential items at a more convenient height when raised up.

easyfashion modern wood lift top Courtesy of Walmart


3. Rolanstar Lift Top Coffee Table


This Rolanstar Lift Top Coffee Table offers users an impressive amount of storage space. In addition to the hidden space underneath the table’s top shelf, it comes with two rattan storage baskets that slide in and out of the lower shelves. These baskets are ideal for storing remote controllers, game console controllers, laptops and other everyday items. For durability, the design includes a tough metal frame, while the four available colors ensure there’s a style to match your existing decor. A heavy-duty lifting mechanism is built into the top shelf to provide easy access to the internal storage space. Plus, the table’s melamine veneer finish is waterproof, heat-resistant and dustproof, making it long-lasting and easy to clean.

rolanstar lift top coffee table Courtesy of Amazon


4. WLIVE Industrial Lift-Top Coffee Table


With its mesh doors, metal frame and gray oak color, this WLIVE Industrial Lift-Top Coffee Table can effortlessly blend into modern decor styles. The multi-compartment piece includes a storage space under the top shelf, a lower display shelf and an end cabinet that can be accessed from either side via a set of double doors. The pop-up shelf is assisted by a built-in mechanism. At its highest point, the shelf sits 23.4 inches off the ground, making it an ideal height for a temporary desk.

wlive industrial lift top coffee table Courtesy of Amazon


5. Rolanstar Coffee Table Lift Top Coffee Table


Instead of a single pop-up shelf, this Rolanstar Coffee Table Lift Top Coffee Table incorporates two lift-up elements. This may be particularly well suited to couples or busier households as it means two people can enjoy the benefits of a raised shelf at the same time. Each shelf also covers its own hidden storage space. The table is supplied with two rattan storage baskets which slide into the lower shelf space. In addition, this farmhouse-inspired coffee table is available with either a rustic brown or espresso finish.

rolanstar coffee table dual Courtesy of Amazon


6. Better Homes & Gardens Modern Lift Top Coffee Table


Thanks to the faux drawer handle on its exterior, this Better Homes & Gardens Modern Lift Top Coffee Table is more convincing at hiding its internal storage space. Not only do these non-functioning handles convince onlookers the space under the shelf is inaccessible, but they also add to the table’s attractive, farmhouse style. When the shelf, which measures 43.15 by 23.47 inches, is raised, it provides users with a multifunctional space for dining or working on. In addition, you can choose between a rustic gray or a rustic white finish.

better homes gardens modern farmhouse lift top coffee table Courtesy of Walmart


7. Gracie Oaks Danya Coffee Table


If you like the idea of displaying your favorite sculpture, books, bowls or other small pieces on your coffee table, this Gracie Oaks Danya Coffee Table could be the option you’re looking for. The modern piece includes a spring-assisted, lift-up top shelf that gives users access to the internal storage space. It also incorporates a powder-coated metal frame which adds both durability and style to the decor piece. Furthermore, the table comes in either a smoked or charter oak finish.

best lift top coffee tables gracie oaks Courtesy of Wayfair


8. Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Colten Coffee Table


The Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse Colten Coffee Table is a great option for homeowners who appreciate that solid wood look. Other than the end display shelf and the cutout which provides access to the pop-up desk, this table maintains its solid wood-inspired appearance. The end shelf can be used to store books or display small sculpture pieces. The design also includes a raised base, making moving or cleaning around the table easier. In addition, you’ll have the choice of reclaimed wood or a vintage gray oak finish.

best lift top coffee tables laurel foundry modern farmhouse Courtesy of Wayfair


9. Naya Pop-Up Coffee Table


This Naya Pop-Up Coffee Table sports an attractive, mid-century modern appearance. Using a combination of eucalyptus, acacia and MDF, this all-wood decor piece brings a touch of style to your living room. The design includes multi-lined sides which draw your attention to this focal point-worthy table. You’ll also find a handy amount of storage space underneath the pop-up shelf. The table also makes everyday cleaning a cinch thanks to its wipe-clean exterior and eight-inch ground clearance.

best lift top coffee tables naya pop up Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


10. Drum Storage Coffee Table


For something a little out of the ordinary yet still functional and stylish, consider this Drum Storage Coffee Table. The drum-shaped decor piece is made up of a circular wooden top inside a spun metal base. The table, which sits just over 16 inches high, is produced in India at a Fair Trade-certified facility and uses wood that is sustainably sourced. You can also choose between an antique brass or antique bronze look. Handily, the removable wooden tabletop includes finger cutouts to make accessing the table’s internal storage space more convenient.

best lift top coffee tables drum storage west elm Courtesy of West Elm


11. Industrial Storage Pop-Up Coffee Table


With its blackened steel frame, clean corners and wood-grain appearance, there aren’t many decor styles this Industrial Storage Pop-Up Coffee Table won’t fit in with. Add in the choice of four wood colors, including black, cerused white and cafe, and we’re even more confident there’s one for every home. It’s also a great choice for environmentally aware buyers as it’s both constructed from sustainably sourced mango wood and Fair Trade certified. Furthermore, the table comes in two different lengths, allowing you to choose the right one for your room size.

best lift top coffee tables industrial storage pop up Courtesy of West Elm


12. Signature Design by Ashley Bolanburg Farmhouse Coffee Table


This Signature Design by Ashley Bolanburg Coffee Farmhouse Table oozes quality and style. From a hands-off inspection, it would be easy to presume that this attractive table houses multiple drawers and a fixed top surface. However, a closer look reveals an intelligent design made up of four smooth-gliding drawers, an internal hidden storage spot and a spring-assisted top shelf. Plus, if the two-tone appearance isn’t to your liking, you can choose from a black or a rustic brown finish.

best lift top coffee tables signature design Courtesy of Amazon


13. CB2 Trunk Concrete Storage Coffee Table


While this CB2 Trunk Concrete Storage Coffee Table may not feature the same style of pop-up storage space as the rest of our choices, what you will find are two pull-out drawers that are just as useful. Add into the equation the piece’s attractive, modern finish and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. To create the appealing concrete-like finish, the table has been covered in a white satin lacquer. Plus, at 42 by 42 inches, this table provides plenty of storage and display space for all of your essential and non-essential items.

best lift top coffee tables concrete trunk Courtesy of CB2


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