In The Mood Lighting: 5 Low Temp Lights for Hotter Nights

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* The right lighting can produce a romantic atmosphere
* These low temperature lighting options help create a little love/lust in the air
* Options include smartphone-controlled and standard low-light bulbs

Imagine this scene. You and your lady are crawling into bed together, and the mood is just the right temperature. You might actually get lucky tonight. But as you turn to face her, you’re temporarily blinded by the super bright fluorescent bulbs you’ve installed in your overhead bedroom light. After you cry out in pain, your SO suggests you turn off the lights, and the two of you are asleep before you know it.

Harsh lighting can really kill a romantic mood. Not only is it blinding at times, it also allows you to see every detail and can be quite painful on the eyes. To ensure, your romance isn’t spoiled the next time it pops up, consider installing low temperature lighting in your bedroom.

Softer lights, ideally under 3000K, are better for your eyes and better for hotter nights. Whether you install light bulbs in the existing overhead lights or rely on a few lamps, get soft, low temp lights and turn up the heat at home.

1. Lumenty Smart Light Bulb

Instead of necessitating a walk over to your wall mounted switch, the Lumenty Smart Light Bulb is controlled by an app to provide you with complete control from your smartphone. This versatile lighting option doesn’t just do on and off, either. Using the apps interface, you’ll have control over the light’s brightness as well as a range of colors, including different shades of white. Outside of creating the mood you want for romance, you’ll also be able to set this light bulb to deliver an indoor ‘sunrise.’

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2. SimpleBulb Bedtime Bulb

If you’re after a simple bulb to replace your existing one, the SimpleBulb Bedtime Bulb kind of sells itself. It provides LessBlue light which reduces your exposure to both green light and the more problematic sleep-disturbing blue light. Not only does this create the ideal environment for seduction, it also helps to bring out the vivid colors in the room. As an added benefit, the FlickerSafe technology inside helps to eliminate headache- and eyestrain-inducing flashing. It’s a great idea to replace all your ‘bedtime’ bulbs with these appealing sources of light.

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3. Yangcsl LED Light Bulbs

The Yangcsl LED Light Bulbs come with their very own bulb-specific remote. The remote houses 21 buttons which are capable of creating a whole range of room environments. With the remote at your side, you’ll be in control of brightness, color modes and which bulbs are turned on or off. There’s also a timer option and a general lighting option for normal day use. These bulbs make an exciting addition to kids rooms, too.

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4. AUKEY Table Lamp

While each of the 2,300+ 5-star reviews on Amazon may not be exclusively reviewing the ability of this AUKEY Table Lamp to produce mood lighting, the reviewers do provide evidence for how great this table lamp actually is. The stand alone lamp sports a stylish design which will look great in any room of the house. It also provides a range of light modes (soft glow, ambient warmth and bright light) and a number of color options which can be controlled through the touch-sensitive base.

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5. Yenny Shop Creative Floor Lamp

The Yenny Shop Creative Floor Lamp features a tower-like design which delivers a dose of style and sensual mood lighting all wrapped into one. It sits 52 inches high and is constructed from a mix of metal and fabric. The light is ideal for use in bedrooms, lounges, offices and more to deliver soft and romantic lighting.

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