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Here’s Why More and More People Are Switching to Linen Sheets

Finding a set of sheets for comfortable year-round use can be a tricky task, especially if you live in a place with particularly changeable weather. Equally, continuously searching through your linen closet for your winter sheets or your summer sheets or your in-between sheets can also become a tedious task. One way to solve the issue without having to waste space with a range of various sheet types is to invest in a set of the best linen sheets.

As linen is made up of natural fibers, it’s capable of helping sleepers regulate their body temperatures as they rest. This means the best linen sheets can keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and most importantly, comfortable all year round.

Linen is also one of the most sustainable fabrics on earth. Because it’s 100% biodegradable, it produces zero waste. Made from the flax plant, which can be grown without water waste, it only needs rain to grow and survive. It is additionally naturally hypoallergenic, making it both safe for you and the environment.

And while we’re here to tell you why a set of the best linen sheets is a key ingredient for a healthy and great night’s sleep, they aren’t the only component to consider. Other potential beneficial elements to add to your sleeping environment include:

Surprisingly, many of the above items are usually found much higher on the average person’s bedroom shopping list than less obvious, yet often more important, bedsheets. Many people often forget about sheets, and, even when remembered, regularly choose an inferior set of cotton sheets, just because they match an existing duvet or comforter.

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Linen vs. Cotton

While they are often thought of as too scratchy or overly expensive when compared to their cotton counterparts, linen sheets’ popularity is currently on the rise. Why? Well, their natural fabric makeup makes them ideal for helping your body to regulate its temperature as you sleep. This allows you to remain more comfortable and enjoy more hours of deeper sleep and more beneficial rest. In addition, linen sheets also dry faster than cotton sheets, meaning they require less time in the dryer, saving you time and your dryer’s energy. They’re also hypoallergenic and biodegradable, making them better for allergy sufferers and the overall environment.

How to Wash Linen Sheets

It surprises a lot of people to learn this fact, but linen sheets actually become smoother with every wash. So ensuring you are washing your sheets the right way can ensure you enjoy this rather appealing benefit.

In terms of regularity, you can wash your linen sheets as often as you would any other material. In general, once a week is fine to help keep your bed clean and hygienic. It is worth noting that it is possible to shrink your linen sheets if you wash them in the wrong environment. So always make sure you pay attention to the temperature guide on the label. This includes drying the sheets, too.

When it comes to the actual wash, lukewarm temperatures are best for linen sheets as the water is hot enough to eliminate bacteria and unwanted body oils, but not too hot to damage the fibers or cause unwanted shrinkage. It is also possible to use cold water, but excessively hot water should be avoided at all costs. Here is a simple, four-step process for cleaning linen sheets:

1. Throw your sheets into the washing machine either on their own or with other similarly colored textiles.
2. Add a quarter cup of your chosen detergent.
3. Select a gentle washing cycle with a lukewarm water temperature.
4. Start the wash cycle.

As word gets out and the buzz begins to grow about linen sheets’ supreme comfort and ability to help regulate your body temperature, they’re becoming more widely available and friendlier to all levels of budget. With all this in mind, we’ve rounded up 12 sets of the best linen sheets available online. All you have to do is find the ones which best fit your needs and budget. It’s definitely time to give linen a chance.


1. Parachute Linen Sheet Set


Investing in this Parachute Linen Sheet Set will have you feeling like you’re sleeping in pure luxury. The sheets are made of pure European flax, giving them an elegant yet timeless finish that is capable of looking at home in a range of different bedroom styles. The sheet’s soft texture only improves with each wash, meaning you can look forward to an even more enjoyable sleeping experience which will only get better in the coming years. The sheets also come in a handy range of sizes and colors to help ensure there’s a set to suit your bedroom. Plus, these popular sheets have been awarded a five-star rating by over 1,600 existing customers, so you can be more than confident that you’re going to enjoy sleeping in them.

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Courtesy of Parachute


2. Garnet Hill Solid Relaxed-Linen Bedding


At the core of Garnet Hill’s vast linen product selection is their Solid Relaxed-Linen Bedding. Within this specific style of product, it’s possible to pick and choose the exact items you’re looking for or purchase everything in a complete set. This purchasing flexibility provides you with greater freedom to mix and match colors for something a little bit different visually or tailor each piece to the right size if not everything in your room is a standard size. Furthermore, the bedding pieces have all been garment washed in production to create more nuanced colors and a softer, ready-to-be-slept-in finish.

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Courtesy of Garnet Hill


3. Casaluna Washed Linen Solid Sheet Set


Target’s Casaluna Washed Linen Solid Sheet Sets are made in accordance with OEKO-TEX guidelines, a sign of their sustainable production. They are also available in a wider range of colors than most linen sheets, with options ranging from sage green to rose. The set is made up of two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, which fits around mattresses between 9 and 18 inches deep, and a flat sheet. Additionally, you can choose between four sizes, full, king, queen and California king.

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Courtesy of Target


4. Coyuchi Organic Relaxed Linen Sheet Set


Coyuchi’s relaxed linen sheet set is a splurge that’s worth every penny, especially if you’re looking for an organic year-round bedding option. The brand uses organic linen that’s woven from longer yarns, ultimately making it softer and more durable. Their chambray linen styles are dyed using low-impact dyes that are gentle on the environment and your skin.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi

5. Simple&Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheet Set


With its one-color finish and elegant, embroidered design, this Simple&Opulence 100% Washed Linen Sheet Set is an ideal choice to introduce into any beautifully styled bedroom. These 100% pure linen sheets with a stone-washed finish are also available in 10 different colors, meaning there’s an option to match almost any color of bedroom interior. The fitted sheet, which is included in the four-piece set, is made to fit 14-inch deep mattresses and includes a complete elasticated edge to provide greater security when placed over the mattress. You’ll also be able to choose between twin, king and queen sizes.

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. DAPU Pure Linen Sheets Set


This DAPU Pure Linen Sheets Set sports a slightly vintage color tone with a natural-inspired look, making them an easygoing addition to almost any bedroom style. The outstanding quality of this four-piece set is supported by the 1,500+ five-star ratings from existing customers. In addition, these sheets are made solely from the finest French linen which gives them moisture-wicking capabilities and a fast-drying finish, making them very well suited to year-round use.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Italic Pure Linen Sheet Set


No one wants to sleep on static-y sheets, which is why the Italic Pure Linen Sheet Set pays particular attention to providing a smoother-than-average sleeping base. The quality of these sheets has been recognized by the likes of Ralph Lauren and Anthropologie, who have even introduced them into their own collections. Existing customers have also noted that the sheets are just the right weight, without being too thick or thin, too stuffy or too light. Users remark that they are just heavy enough to feel comfortable for regular deep sleep.

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Courtesy of Italic


8. Sijo Premium Stone Washed Bed Sheet Set


The Sijo Premium Stone Washed Bed Sheet Set arrives at your door pre-stone washed, meaning you’ll experience next-level softness on day one. This pre-washed condition also means you don’t have to further wash your sheets to achieve the same level of softness as you would with many of the competing sheets. Additionally, these particular bed sheets feature a higher density than the average set, increasing their durability and giving you more years of use.

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Courtesy of Amazon


9. Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set


These soft, French linen sheets from Citizenry are made of the finest flax made sustainably in a fair-trade working environment. Each stonewashed piece is cozy, durable,and breathable for year-round comfort. With this set, you’ll enjoy muted, mix-and-match palettes that are finished with eyelet detailing to complement any bedroom.

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Courtesy of Citizenry


10. Bed Threads Mineral Flax Linen Bedding Set


This Bed Threads Mineral Flax Linen Bedding set is available in a wide range of eye-catching colors and attractive designs. The sheets sport an extremely soft, appealing finish and have all been pre-washed to help avoid color bleeding. They have also been intentionally designed to fall over your bed in a natural way, resulting in a sleep-ready bed that is more visually appealing and inviting. Plus, they are available in sizes ranging from twin to California king, so no one has to miss out.

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Courtesy of BedThreads


11. West Elm European Flax Linen Sheet Set


If you didn’t know already, West Elm is the sister company of Pottery Barn, so it should come as little surprise that this West Elm European Flax Linen Sheet Set is made to such a high standard. The set is available in most standard bed sizes, including king and full, and also comes in over 20 different colors and patterned designs. This wide range of options ensures there’s one to match your existing bedroom decor. Each set includes two pillowcases, as well as one flat sheet and one fitted sheet.

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Courtesy of West Elm


12. Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set


Because of their impressively light yet cozy feel, many people consider these Brooklinen Linen Core to be the ultimate set of linen sheets. Throw in the wide range of natural tones and selection of limited edition prints, including caramel strip, ink blue and ochre, and there aren’t many boxes these sheets don’t tick. These Portugal-made sheets also come in four different sizes. Furthermore, each sheet set has been washed and dyed in small batches, giving them their own near-unique look and individual character.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen


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