The Best Lock Boxes To Stash Your Spare Keys in Securely

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You get home after a long day at work or a relaxing vacation. You’re ready to kick off your shoes and unwind in your own home. You get to your front door and the panic sets in. Where. Are. Your. Keys?

It’s a situation most people find themselves in at least a few times a year, and it usually takes place when you’re exhausted or in a huge hurry. Losing or forgetting your keys is the worst, but it’s a situation you can avoid. Stop kicking yourself and start making a back up plan with the help of s a lock box.

We’ve rounded up three great options that are all much less expensive than an impromptu night in a hotel or an emergency visit from the locksmith.


1. Buteny Key Lock Box

The Buteny Key Lock Box has amassed over 400 reviews with a 4-star rating and for good reason. The lock box is made with stainless steel and is strong enough to stand up to any weather condition, meaning you won’t get locked out of your house in the dead of winter thanks to a frozen lock box. The easy-to-set 4 digit code makes accessing your extra key easy for anyone in the family, with a heavy duty padlock that can be hung from a door handle or attached to a wall.

Buteny Key Lock Box

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2. Key Storage Security Lock

The Key Storage Security Lock is a fun twist on the standard lock box, with a house design that makes the secure box something you won’t mind attaching to your home. With a large internal storage space that allows for multiple keys and access cards, you won’t have to worry about getting locked out ever again. The lock allows for the four-digit code to be easily reset whenever necessary, and if you do forget the code, the lock comes with its own set of keys. Just don’t lose those.

Key Storage Security Lock

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3. YA MI Exterior Key Lock Box

If you’re looking for a safe and straightforward way to keep your spare key safe, look no further. The YA MI Exterior Lock Box has a 10 digit push button combination system and a large internal compartment with enough room to hold multiple keys. The box can be attached to the exterior of a building, with a rubber base that goes over the keypad to protect it from the elements.

Exterior Key Lock Box

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