These Machine-Washable Rugs Take the Hassle Out of Keeping Your Floors Clean

best machine washable rugs
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Rugs and carpets are going to get spilled on and stained, especially in busy households. It’s a reality of day-to-day living. Whether it’s the result of accident-prone adults, muddy-footed children or a pet going through a housetraining process, there are a near-endless number of ways for dirt to find its way onto your rugs. Given this inevitability, the best plan you can have is an easy and effective way to get your floors clean. This is where the best machine-washable rugs take center stage.

Why Choose a Machine-Washable Rug?

Beyond vacuuming, fixed carpets require a deeper, more thorough and time-consuming cleaning process to get them clean, usually requiring an electric carpet cleaner. However, machine-washable rugs, as the name suggests, can be thrown in the washing machine, making cleaning up those stubborn spills and stains less of a hassle.

To find out just how beneficial the best machine-washable rugs can be, we spoke to the washable rug experts at Rugglable, a company known for its industry-leading rug designs. They told us “spills and messes are inevitable, but having a washable rug makes life easier. Toddler spills, muddy paws, and dinner party clean-ups can all be handled with peace of mind as Ruggable’s washable rugs fit conveniently into your home washing machine — providing a functional, stain-resistant, and water-resistant piece of decor.”

How Do You Wash a Rug in the Washing Machine?

While the best machine-washable rugs often look and feel the same as any other area rugs, it’s when the time comes to clean them that they really shine. For the average machine-washable rug, you’ll simply need to:

1. Spot Clean (optional) – If you have any particularly stained or dirty areas, it can be beneficial to target those areas with a stronger cleaning product. Blot the affected area before placing it inside the washing machine.
2. Machine Wash – Toss the rug into the washing machine on the specified washing speed and temperature.
3. Dry – Dry the rug using a dryer (if possible) or by hanging it outside or over your bathtub.

How Do You Clean a Ruggable Rug in a Washing Machine?

Thanks to their user-friendly, multi-piece design, Ruggable rugs require a slightly different method of cleaning. Here’s a quick guide to cleaning your Ruggable rugs from the experts: “For all Ruggable rugs, we advise our customers to remove the dirty Rug Cover from the Rug Pad and place it in the washer with the design or texture facing out. Depending on the texture of the rug, there are different procedures to follow to keep your rug clean — including various temperature, cycle and dryer settings. Customers can visit our FAQ page at for specific washing instructions.”

Ruggable also offered some advice on the best practices for the day-to-day keeping of their rugs. “Many of our customers wash their Rug Covers monthly and supplement machine washing with vacuuming and spot cleaning for smaller messes. For minor spills, you may spot-clean the area using a mild, non-bleach detergent. For larger spills or messes, we recommend machine washing your Rug Cover as soon as possible for best results.”

Overall, the best machine-washable rugs can be a lifesaver if you live in a household with kids, pets or a particularly messy partner. Whether you decide on a rug from Ruggable or one of the many other great options in our selection of the best machine-washable rugs, you can rest assured that those days of freaking out if a mark appears or a glass of wine is spilled are over.


1. Kamran Coral Rug


Ruggable have revolutionized washable rugs using their innovative Cling Effect technology. Instead of having to throw the whole rug into your washing machine, Ruggable rugs are made up of a lightweight, removable rug cover and a clingy, non-slip rug pad. The rug cover can be removed and washed with a mild detergent before being dried on low heat. This Persian-inspired Kamran Coral Rug is one of Ruggable’s most popular options, coming in six colors and multiple sizes and shapes, including both runners and round styles.

best machine washable rugs kamran coral Courtesy of Ruggable


2. Walk on Me Faux Fur Area Rug


The Walk on Me Faux Fur Area Rug is a super versatile, easy-to-clean and attractive area rug, which is why it sits in the top spot on our list. First and foremost, this rug is machine-washable. However, the design of the rug means that most dirt simply sits on the surface, so more often than not, you’ll be able to simply shake out the rug. This area rub also boasts a stitched, non-slip backing and is animal cruelty-free thanks to its use of faux fur.

walk on me faux fur area rug Courtesy of The Home Depot


3. The Child Charcoal Rug


If you love the idea of having a rug inspired by The Mandalorian TV show, this The Child Charcoal Rug is for you. The eye-catching floor piece uses designs based on the Mandalorian and Grogu, which have then been transformed into attractive geometric patterning. Around the edge of the rug, you’ll find the words “this is the way” in the Mandalorian alphabet. Plus, the rug is available in 10 different shapes and sizes as well as a classic or cushioned rug pad and either a black or charcoal color scheme.

best machine washable rugs the child Courtesy of Ruggable


4. ACTCUT Indoor Area Rug


When soft shag rugs are machine-washable, they’ll stay soft and clean instead of getting crusty and gross. This one from ACTCUT is great because you get some real coverage for very little, as the carpet is 5′ x 4′ and only $27. Buyers are very satisfied, giving the rug 4.3/5 stars on Amazon after over 18,000 reviews. The rug is made of a thick synthetic material, making it perfect for cozy TV dens or bedrooms.

shag rug washable Courtesy of Amazon


5 Ganyangan Area Rug


Who says machine-washable rugs have to look and feel cheap? Yes, you can still get a splurge-worthy area rug that’s machine-washable. In fact, that’s exactly what the Ganyangan Area Rug is. This machine-woven, low pile area rug is made from 77% Chenille Polyester and 33% Cotton, providing a luxurious feel for your feet. Furthermore, this rug is made in Turkey and features a slightly Oriental pattern. It’s available in six sizes to suit your needs.

machine washable rugs ganyangan area rug Courtesy of Boutique Rugs


6. Well Woven Kings Court Area Rug


One of the issues with machine-washable rugs is that they tend to fade more quickly than spot-clean-only rugs. Washing machines take a toll on all types of cloth, but Well Woven has solved this problem with their affordable and attractive, stain-resistant rugs. Furthermore, the looped nylon pile traps less dirt than competing shag options, and the included non-slip rubber backing prevents the need to purchase an additional rug pad.

best machine washable rugs kings court animal Courtesy of Wayfair


7. HEBE Large Boho Area Rug


If your outdoor spaces or living room could do a touch of style or a layer of protection, consider adding this HEBE Large Boho Area Rug to your setup. It’s designed for either indoor or outdoor use and comes in two sizes and two colors, meaning there’s a style to suit more than one kind of space. The outdoor rug is made from high-quality, durable cotton which is soft and comfortable underfoot. Furthermore, it sports an eye-catching, farmhouse-inspired design and is also resistant to stains.

best machine washable rugs hebe Courtesy of Amazon


8. Carvapet Microfiber Rug


One of the best places to put washable rugs is in the kitchen. If there’s any dropped food or spilled on your rug, just pop it in the wash. We like this two-piece set from Carvapet because it’s very affordable at $27, and comes in a few designs to match any kitchen look. They’re also made of microfiber that quickly absorbs water, and they feature non-slip rubber backings that stay secure while you move around the kitchen.

kitchen rug set washable Courtesy of Amazon


9. LEEVAN Area Rug


You don’t have to sacrifice style for function when it comes to washable rugs, as this Leevan rug proves. The small rug works great for adding some pop to an entryway, bathroom or kid’s room thanks to a bold abstract design. It also features a non-skid latex backing, so there’s no need for a pad or anchors.

area rug grey washable Courtesy of Amazon


10. Gorilla Grip Faux-Chinchilla Area Rug


If you’re looking for durability and serious protection from pets or kids, go for this area rug from Gorilla Grip. It’s engineered to be easily cleaned of any mud, soda, food or pet accidents in the wash, and makes a cozy place for hanging out on the floor with kids and pets. It also uses a unique backing with tiny grip dots, ensuring that the rug stays in place — even with the occasional roughhousing.

shag rug washable gorilla grip Courtesy of Amazon


11. YJ.GWL Soft Shaggy Area Rug


Need to up the cozy level of your bedroom or living room? Check out this faux-fur rug. In addition to being available in a range of different sizes and a number of different colors to suit almost any room decor, it’s made of a thick, high-quality artificial fur which does double duty as it’s both a decor statement and a way to treat your feet.

best machine washable rugs y j gwl soft shaggy Courtesy of Amazon


12. DII Contemporary Reversible Area Rug


Rag rugs are trendy right now, as they inject some casual bohemian chic into any room. We love this one from DII because it’s very affordable and highly rated with a 4.4 rating after more than 6,800 reviews. Each machine-washable rug is handmade, so no two look the same, and with several colorways, it’s easy to match your rug with your decor style.

rag rug washable Courtesy of Amazon


13. Secret Sea Bohemian Area Rug


This area rug from Secret Sea brings a great rustic vibe to any room and offers two options with a reversible design. It’s made of a very durable low flat-weave, making it ideal for highly trafficked areas like entryways and hallways. Users highly recommend the rug, giving it 4.8/5 stars on Amazon and specifically applauding the rug’s vibrant colors and incredible value.

area rug reversible washable Courtesy of Amazon


14. Mohawk Home Rainbow Runner Rug


If you’re looking for a runner to place in high traffic areas, consider the Mohawk Home Rainbow Runner Rug. Measuring two by eight feet, this rug can be placed in your washing machine for a quick spin cycle whenever it’s looking a little worse for wear. As an added benefit, this rug is made from 100% recycled fibers and is certified as Green Label Plus by The Carpet and Rug Institute. Plus, if you love this pattern but need something bigger than a runner, this rug is also available as a full-size area rug.

machine washable mohawk home rainbow rug Courtesy of The Home Depot


15. Well Woven Mareva Area Rug


Once you hit about $100, the best washable rugs start to look like luxury vintage finds. Case-in-point: this oriental rug from Well Woven. It measures five by seven feet, giving ample fabric for tying a room and upgrading your home’s look. It’s also made from a lay-flat, shed-free polyester chenille on the top with recycled cotton and polyester on the bottom to provide grip and prevent unwanted movement.

oriental rug red washable Courtesy of Amazon


16. ReaLife Rugs Vintage Distressed Bohemian Area Rug


Clothing, textiles and homewares all take a toll on the environment, from the fiber creation process to the dying process, not to mention the fact that these things will eventually end up in the trash. That’s why we love that the ReaLife Rugs Vintage Distressed Bohemian Area Rug is made from eco-friendly premium recycled polyester fibers that are printed and sourced sustainably. Furthermore, this flat-woven rug doesn’t have pile, so it won’t easily pick up dirt and stains. And, like the rest of the best machine-washable rugs on this list, it’s easy to clean.

best machine washable rugs realife rugs vintage Courtesy of Walmart


17. Union Rugs Washable Gray Area Rug


Many of the best washable rugs come in two pieces, namely a top layer and a non-slip backing layer. In this way, the top layer can be removed and go in the washing machine even though the non-slip backing layer isn’t washable. However, Union Rugs has done away with this two-piece construction thanks to their innovative design which allows the backing layer to remain attached. They produce their washable area rugs in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns, but we love this geometric design with its short, sleek pile.

union rustic washable gray area rug Courtesy of Wayfair


18. Ruggable Celestine Coral Area Rug


Ruggable is the best brand in the business when it comes to washable rugs, and this Celestine Coral rug is one of our favorites. The rug comes in two pieces — a cover and a rug pad — meaning there are no extra accessories required. It’s made from a premium eco-friendly polyester that looks great and feels good on your paws, rivaling more expensive rugs. While this particular rug measures three by five feet, it’s available in several other sizes.

ruggable machine washable area rug Courtesy of Amazon


19. Ruggable Traditional Sima Royal Blue Area Rug


Another great option from Ruggable is this royal blue rug. The pattern is bold yet classic and highly versatile, and with five by seven feet of coverage, you get some good bang for your buck. Like the rug above, this one also comes with a pad and features a sustainable polyester construction. This rug is also available in sage if blue doesn’t happen to fit your interior design style.

ruggable machine washable area rug Courtesy of Amazon


20. Hauteloom Ashbury Area Rug


Do you want a rug that you can use either indoors or outdoors yet still clean in the washing machine? Look no further than the Hauteloom Ashbury Area Rug. This seven-foot by 10-foot rectangular area rug has a lovely geometric pattern. It’s also made of 100% recycled fibers. Just be sure to wash it separately from other items with warm water only and hang it to line dry rather than attempting to dry it in the dryer.

machine washable rugs ashbury area rug Courtesy of Boutique Rugs


21. Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent Plush Bath Mat


Undoubtedly, the bathroom is one place where the best washable rugs are hugely beneficial. Yes, drying your bath mat between bathing helps keep it dry, but the ability to throw it in the washing machine and give it a thorough cleaning is definitely a welcome option. This Gorilla Grip Soft Absorbent Plush Bath Mat comes in every color you can imagine as well as a wide range of sizes, meaning installing a washable rug to fit in and match your current bathroom decor is a quick and simple task.

best machine washable rugs gorilla grip soft Courtesy of Amazon


22. KOZYFLY Buffalo Plaid Rug


Choosing an eye-catching pattern for your washable rug, such as plaid, is a reliable way to create a focal point in a room and grab people’s attention when they enter. This KOZYFLY Buffalo Plaid Rug comes in either black, gray or white and more than 10 different sizes, meaning there’s one to fit in any room of the house. The high-quality construction, which is thicker and heavier than many competing rugs, allows the rug to be used for indoor or outdoor use and ensures it lasts for years to come.

best machine washable rugs buffalo plaid Courtesy of Amazon


23. Mainstays Minerva Floral Tufted Area Rug


With its attractive visuals, high-quality construction and budget-friendly price, this Mainstays Minerva Floral Tufted Area Rug is worth checking out. The floral design is simple yet busy enough to bring life into any floor space. The popular washable rug is also available in several different sizes and in a number of color combinations, including gray, blue and beige-centric styles. This is a versatile rug that could look at home in almost any room, such as an entryway, hallway, living room or even bedroom.

best machine washable rugs mainstays minerva floral Courtesy of Walmart


24. nuLOOM Romina Machine Diamond Stripes Area Rug


If you’re looking for a quality, washable rug to fit in with a monochrome color scheme, this nuLOOM Romina Machine Diamond Stripes Area Rug could fit the bill. The rug, which is constructed from sustainably sourced polyester fibers, can work in a variety of room types, including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and hallways. Its soft and sleek pile means it’s equally as appealing to your feet as it is to your eyes. Plus, it is available in rectangular, square and round options to fit in with different room shapes.

best machine washable rugs nuloom romina Courtesy of Walmart


25. Ballyshannon Washable Area Rug


This Ballyshannon Washable Area Rug’s low pile, grippy underside and minimal maintenance requirements make it ideal for use in high-traffic areas. Add the rug’s subtle color palette and abstract design into the equation, and it’s easy to see why this rug is so popular with Boutique Rugs’ customers. Furthermore, the 100% polyester rug comes in five different sizes and can be machine washed and line dried when it comes to deeper cleaning.

best machine washable rugs ballyshannon washable Courtesy of Boutique Rugs


26. Absida Rainbow Rug


This rainbow-filled Absida Rainbow Rug is a great way to bring a smile to your face every time you step into a room. While not the most vibrant rug you’ll find on our list, its mix of colors and dual-rainbow design can still deliver a dose of color to any room which is currently lacking. To ensure there’s an option to fit in with any room size and shape, this popular rug comes in both rectangular and circle models and in multiple sizes. Additionally, if all the colors of the rainbow aren’t something you want in your home, the rug comes in grayscale, teal and sage versions.

best machine washable rugs absida rainbow Courtesy of Ruggable


27. Rust Maayon Medallion Washable Area Rug


If you’re looking for a way to cover hardwood flooring which doesn’t steal your attention and feels comfortable underfoot, the Rust Maayon Medallion Washable Area Rug is worth your consideration. Because of its rustic style, you won’t find any vibrant colors on display, however, on closer inspection, you’ll see the washable rug still boasts a beautiful pattern. This low-pile, 100% polyester area rug comes in five different sizes, meaning there’s likely one to fit in any bedroom, living room or hallway.

rust maayon medallion washable rug Courtesy of Boutique Rugs


28. Nourison Aloha Floral Multicolor Area Rug


This Nourison Aloha Floral Multicolor Area Rug ticks all the right boxes. In addition to its eye-catching appearance and budget-friendly price tag, it comes backed by more than 14,000 five-star ratings from customers who love theirs. The rug is constructed from 100% polypropylene and available in a range of different sizes and color combinations, ensuring there’s a shape and style to suit your existing decor. Furthermore, this rug is more than just appealing visually, as the mix of flatweave style surface and cut pile patterns give your feet something different to feel when they pass over it, too.

nourison aloha indoor outdoor washable rug Courtesy of Amazon


29. Tan Ormstown Distressed Washable Area Rug


For homeowners who appreciate a distressed aesthetic, it’s definitely worth checking out this Tan Ormstown Washable Area Rug. Rated 4.9-out-of-five by BoutiueRug customers, this classy home addition is ideal for adding style to a room without having it steal the limelight. The rug is made from a natural fiber blend of chenille-polyester and cotton to give it a soft yet durable feel. Additionally, it’s available in a range of sizes, including multiple runners, and also comes in four colors, making it easier to match your rug with your existing room decor.

tan ormstown distressed washable area rug Courtesy of Boutique Rugs


30. Keith Haring Block Party Multicolor Rug


This Keith Haring Block Party Multicolor Rug is one of the most eye-catching options in our selection of the best washable rugs. The colorful floor addition is filled with a crowd of Keith Haring’s instantly recognizable figures, in red, blue, green and yellow. The water and stain-resistant rug is also available in a range of different sizes and in runner models, too. Additionally, if multicolor focal points aren’t your thing, the rug is also available in a black and white version.

keith haring block party multicolor washable rug Courtesy of Ruggable


31. Andover Mills Kids Jorden Area Rug


If there’s one rug in your home you know is going to get abused with food, drink and anything they can get their hands on, it’s the one kids play on. By choosing a rug that is resistant to stains and machine-washable, like this Andover Mills Kids Jorden Area Rug, there’s less reason to stress when stains and dirt do appear. In addition to being kid-ready, the polyester rug is covered in eye-catching, kid-friendly details, including a classic hopscotch board, a planet, an astronaut and a shooting star.

andover mills baby kids washable rug Courtesy of Wayfair


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