Keeping Your Home Clean Just Got Easier Thanks to These Machine Washable Rugs

Best machine washable rugs
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Rugs get stained and spilled on. It’s a sad fact of life. However, a recent decor trend — machine washable rugs — has made cleaning up those spills and stains much less of a hassle.

These rugs look and feel the same as any other area rug, but when accidents happen, just blot the affected area, toss the rug in your washing machine and hang it to dry. It’s much more effective than scrubbing away after a party and much cheaper than bringing in a professional.

These washable rugs are a lifesaver if you have pets or kids, but they’re also great for everyone else worried about ruining a rug. Plus, washable rugs tend to be on the cheaper side, so they make great gifts for new homeowners, college students and budget designers. Check out our top picks below, starting at just $27.


1. Carvapet 2 Piece Microfiber Rug

One of the best places for washable rugs is in the kitchen. If there’s any dropped food or spilled beverages just pop it in the wash. We like this two-piece set from Carvapet because it’s very affordable at $27, and comes in a few designs to match any kitchen look. They’re also made of a microfiber that quickly absorbs water, and they feature non-slip rubber backings that stay secure while you move around the kitchen.

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2. ACTCUT Indoor Area Rug

When soft shag rugs are machine washable, they’ll stay soft and clean instead of getting crusty and gross. This one from ACTCUT is great because you get some real coverage for very little, as the carpet is 5′ x 4′ and only $27. Buyers are very satisfied, giving the rug 4/5 stars on Amazon with over 2,800 reviews. The rug is made of a thick synthetic material, making it perfect for cozy TV dens or bedrooms.

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3. LEEVAN Area Rug

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function when it comes to washable rugs, as this Leevan rug proves. The small rug works great for adding some pop to an entryway, bathroom or kids room thanks to a bold abstract design. It also features a non-skid latex backing, so there’s no need for a pad or anchors.

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4. HEBE Cotton Area Rug

Another great budget option is this cotton rug from Hebe. It clocks in at just $36 but provides 4′ x 5′ feet of coverage. This means you can use it to tie together a living room or bedroom, and you won’t need to shell out hundreds. The rug is made of a soft hand-woven recycled cotton, and showcases a versatile modern look with a geometrical diamond pattern.

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5. DII Contemporary Reversible Area Rug

Rag rugs are trendy right now, as they inject some casual bohemian chic into any room. We love this one from DII because it’s very affordable and highly-rated with 4.2/5 stars and over 1,500 reviews. Each rug is handmade, so no two look the same, and with several colorways it’s easy to match your decor style.

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6. Gorilla Grip Faux-Chinchilla Area Rug

If you’re looking for durability and serious protection from pets or kids, go for this area rug from Gorilla Grip. It’s engineered to be easily cleaned of any mud, soda, food or pet accidents in the wash, and makes a cozy place for hanging out on the floor with kids and pets. It also uses a unique backing with tiny grip dots, ensuring that the rug stays in place — even with the occasional roughhousing.

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7. YJ.GWL Faux Fur Area Rug

Need to up the cozy level of your bedroom or living room? Check out this faux-fur rug. It’s made of a thick, high-quality artificial fur that does double duty as a decor statement and a place to treat your feet. And because it’s machine washable, that white fluffiness will actually stay that way.

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8. Secret Sea Bohemian Area Rug

This area rug from Secret Sea brings a great rustic vibe to any room, and offers two options with a reversible design. It’s made of a very durable low flat-weave, making it ideal for highly-trafficked areas like entryways and hallways. Users highly recommend the rug, giving it 4.8/5 stars on Amazon and specifically applauding the rug’s vibrant colors and incredible value.

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9. Well Woven Mareva Area Rug

Once you hit about $100, washable area rugs start to look like luxury vintage finds. Case-in-point: this oriental rug from Well Woven. It’s 5′ x 7′, giving ample fabric for tying a room and upgrading your home’s look. It’s made of a lay-flat, shed-free polyester chenille on the top with recycled cotton and polyester on the bottom for grip.

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10. Ruggable Noor Ruby Area Rug

Ruggable is the best brand in the business when it comes to washable rugs, and this Noor Ruby rug is one of our favorites. The rug comes in two pieces — a cover and a rug pad — meaning there’s no extra accessories required. It’s made of a premium eco-friendly polyester that looks great and feels good on your paws, rivaling more expensive rugs.

oriental rug washable ruggable Courtesy of Amazon


11. Ruggable Traditional Floral Cream Area Rug

Another great option from Ruggable is this floral cream rug. The pattern is bold yet classic and highly versatile, and with 8′ x 10′ of coverage, you get some good bang for your buck. Like the rug above, this one also comes with a pad and features a sustainable polyester construction.

classic rug 8 x 10 washable Courtesy of Amazon


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