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Get One of These Best-Selling Magazine Stands and Start Subscribing To Some Structure

* Organize your reading materials with one of these magazine stands
* Each option is popular with customers and sports an eye-catching design
* They’re great for storing books and magazines at home and at the office

If you live in a household with people who love to read, you’ll know that reading materials have a funny way of appearing on every flat surface. Whether it’s the ever present book on the coffee table or the sports magazine that never leaves the lavatory, you should never discourage the pursuit of knowledge but you can certainly try to keep it organized. That’s why adding one of these magazine stands to your home will give your books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers somewhere to live.

Each of the options on our list is popular with users and sports a design, which will only add to your home decor. There are choices for those who love metal structures as well as options for those who prefer wood or wicker. Add a little organization to your reading material storage and start subscribing to some structure.

1. mDesign Farmhouse Magazine Holder


is available in a choice of finishes from stylish matte black to eye-catching rose gold. The simple wire structure blends well with almost any home interior, allowing you to store it on floors, table tops, desks and more without causing a distraction. The one singular pocket has plenty of space for storing several magazines and books so you can keep a year’s worth of subscriptions in one place or simply keep every family member’s choice within reach.

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2. mDesign Wire Magazine Holder

It may look a lot like two pieces of conjoined metal bread, but the

actually features a smart design made to keep your reading materials safe from dirty and wet floors. The four raised feet give the holder plenty of ground clearance, making it ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It also comes in three attractive options, chrome, bronze and satin, giving you an option for every kind of interior.

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3. Spectrum Diversified Seville Magazine Rack

Simple yet elegant, the

is a great choice for the minimalists out there. By only using two slightly curved sheets of braced metal positioned in an X shape, this piece creates a strikingly contemporary place to store all of your magazines, books and periodicals for quick reach access. The free standing rack would look great in any office or home space and boasts over 600 5-star reviews from customers happy with the product.

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4. Kouboo Laguna Rattan Magazine Basket

If metal isn’t your thing, maybe the

is more up your alley. It sports an attractive hand-woven rattan design, which has been finished with a coating of clear lacquer to give it an eyecatching sheen. The finish also allows for easy cleaning. Plus, the basket features cut out handles to easy portability around the home and an impressively large pocket for your books, magazines and other reading materials.

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5. Blu Monaco Quality Magazine Basket

Another non-metal option, the

sports one of the most unique designs on the list. On this piece, you’ll find an brown, lined pattern finished with a belt buckle handle. This magazine rack also features an impressively large storage space for your reading materials, ensuring you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to store your books again. The rectangular design makes the basket great for placing flat against walls and makes this basket capable of housing files and papers, too.

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