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Moving? These Durable Bags Will Protect Your Mattress

You spend about a third of the day in your bed. So, it’s safe to say that your mattress is a big part of your life. And when you’re moving, it should be treated as such. Protecting your mattress might be the last thing on your mind when preparing to move; however, a quality mattress bag is a must when hauling your bed across the country or stashing it in a storage unit.

The protective layer will keep dirt, dust and pests away, which means you can take a much-needed nap on a clean mattress when you arrive at your new home.

There are a few factors to consider when searching for the best mattress bag. Of course, you want to select the right size. It’s also important to consider whether you want a transparent plastic covering or if a reusable mattress bag fits your needs better. And finally, make sure that you’re able to grip and carry it easily.

To help you check a task off your moving to-do list, here are some of the best mattress bags available online.

1. UltraBlock Mattress Bag for Moving

UltraBlock’s mattress bag is available in four sizes. The product is waterproof and sealable, and the 11-inch closure flap seals tightly with self-adhesive strips. This bag is made with strong polyethylene to prevent tears during the move.

Pros: This mattress bag doesn’t include vent holes, so critters can’t sneak inside.

Cons: The bag doesn’t include handles for carrying.

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2. Nordic Elk Mattress Bag

If you’re looking for a reusable mattress bag, Nordik Elk’s product is a great option. This mattress cover is made of tarp material, which protects your mattress from the elements. The product is available in six sizes for an exact fit.

Pros: The zipper closes all around the mattress, making it easy to remove the bag. This product includes eight handles for carrying.

Cons: Water might leak through the stitching on the handles and zipper. Not ideal for single use.

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3. Linenspa Heavier Duty Mattress Storage Bag

Linenspa’s product is made of polyethylene plastic, so it’s great for moving and disposing of mattresses. The tight seal keeps dirt, dust and pests away, which keeps your mattress clean and dry during a move. This cover is available for twin XL, queen and king mattresses.

Pros: Users can choose from a heavy-duty, heavier-duty and heaviest-duty bag based on their needs. Includes adhesive seal for a secure fit.

Cons: This mattress bag is best for one-time use.

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4. uBoxes Queen Mattress Covers

uBoxes’ mattress cover fits most pillow-top mattresses, sealing out debris throughout the move. The polyethylene plastic material protects your mattress from the elements and can hold up in a storage unit.

Pros: This mattress bag is affordable and functional for a one-time move.

Cons: The product doesn’t include its own adhesive. It may be less durable than other options.

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