Whether For Display or Storage, These Are The Media Towers To Put In Your Room

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If you’re a CD or DVD collector, or you just want to use these shelving units to display your favorite collectibles, these media towers can store a variety of items and are aesthetically pleasing. Storage containers are typically eye sores that are tacky, and stick out. These storage towers have a modern design that will blend into your decor and hold a ton of products. When you’re looking to buy a media tower, you want to consider whether it is easy to assemble, if it has easy accessibility and reach when products are stored, durability and price.

We’ve chosen three of the top media towers that are affordable and high quality. Pick one up for your living room, office or den, to keep things well-displayed and organized.

1. Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower

The Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower is a great addition to any mid-century modern designed home. If you want to stylishly display and store your DVDs without taking up too much room this is a great option. This media tower holds up to 612 CDs or 288 DVDs. This tower’s most unique feature is its ability to rotate 360 degrees. Its rotation ability allows you to reach and access even the hardest to reach DVDs without hurting yourself.

PROS: Modern design, comes in three colors; has swivel ability.

CONS: Can’t store as many as the other larger media towers.

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2. Atlantic Maxsteel 12-Tier Shelving

The Atlantic Maxsteel 12-Tier Shelving tower is a good choice for the serious collector. If you have hundreds of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs of video games that you need to store in a neat and organized way, this Atlantic tower is a smart option. This tower can store up to 864 CDs or 450 DVDs.

Pros: The products sit openly on the shelves in full display. If you want to be able to see and access your items easily, this is a solid bet.

Cons: If you’re prone to stacking things or need shelves with reinforced backing to stabilize your discs, you’ll want to find a different model.

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3. Atlantic Typhoon Media Spinner Unit

The Atlantic Typhoon Media Spinner Unit is a combination of the two previous towers listed above.  It can provide a medium amount of storage while having a modern design.This is a compact, lightweight unit that can be moved around easily without weighing too much. It also can fit in small spaces and is a great storage option for using in a small room or apartment.

This tower can also be used to store more than just DVDs. You can also use it as a display self for displaying your collectible figurines and/or it can be used to display and store books. This is a good quality shelf for its price that will display your stuff nicely.

PROS: Can fit in small spaces.

CONS: This tower can be tedious to assemble.

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