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Manly Indulgence: 5 Masculine Candles for the Metro Man

*  A better smelling home is a happy home
* 5 masculine-scented candles for the man who cares
* Scents include sandalwood, mahogany, and clover

Quality candles should not be limited to floral and feminine scents, no sir. Every man deserves a fragrant living space of their own. We rounded up these five masculine candles that will not only accompany your musky scent but look great displayed on the coffee table, too.

From deep hints of sandalwood to heartier scents like mahogany and tobacco, the following manly candles are ready to burn and add a touch of Danish ‘hygge’ to your space.

1. Teakwood Mahogany Large Round Candle

This scented candle will fill your space with Indonesian teakwood, red mahogany, and cinnamon aromas. Displayed in a neutral jar to look great in any man’s bedroom or living room.

Burn time: 72 hours


Image of Zodax Teakwood Mahogany Large Round Candle

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack


2 .Manly Indulgence Black Sandalwood Candle

Go bold. This fragrant candle has notes of bergamot, amber, and tobacco for a musky aroma. With a slick black container, the candle blends in with a dimly lit space but floods the room with its rich release of sandalwood.

Burn time: Not listed

Lazy loaded image
Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Anthracite and Natural Bora Scented Candle

Elevate the man-cave with the statement candle designed in anthracite earthenware (a hard, black coal) for an edgy yet sophisticated feel. The naturally scented candle is a great option for those who want the ambiance of the burning wick without a fragrance.

Burn time: 40 hours

Image of EIGHTMOOD Anthracite/Natural Bora Scented Candle

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack


4. Chill Glass Candle 

This branded candle says it all: Chill. The modern glass and wood container is a sleek option for any room and with a positive reminder to take a load off—and the eucalyptus/mint scent will relax you after a long day.

Burn time: 70 hours

Image of ORANGE CIRCLE STUDIO Chill 16oz. Glass Candle

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack


5. Tabac & Clover Urban Jar Candle

A lovely candle with a warm scent of tobacco and clover. We love the brown and gold accents that make this a great choice for the gentlemen who embraces high-style and puts their best scent forward.

Burn time: Not listed

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

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