The Best Microfiber Towels for Every Occasion

best microfiber towels
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When it comes to around-the-house towels, cotton options are definitely the most popular. They provide the absorbency and comfort you need when you’ve just stepped out of the shower and have plenty of time to dry after use. However, when you’re at the gym, the beach or traveling for a few days, carrying puffy towels around with you isn’t always practical. For this reason, you may want to invest in a microfiber towel.

Microfiber towels deliver high absorbency and quick-drying qualities while taking up half the space of average towels. This makes microfiber a much better choice when you’re camping, beaching or backpacking around the globe, and luggage space is at a premium and you don’t want to stuff a wet towel in your bag.

In addition, because of their lightweight and highly absorbent nature, these versatile towels can be used for many around-the-house jobs, from drying the dishes to cleaning surfaces. You can even use them to get a detailing-standard finish on your car. In short, the best microfiber towels are a truly versatile addition to your home.

Take a look through our favorite microfiber towels and find the right towels for your needs.

1. The Curly Co. Microfiber Extra-Large Towel

The Curly Co. Premium Microfiber Extra-Large Hair Towel is a premium quality towel made from the highest quality microfiber. This luxury material delivers a comfort you’ll look forward to when you get out of the shower, while the quick absorption means you won’t stay wet for long. For longer haired people, the towel’s softness and fast absorption helps prevent resulting frizz, and the towel’s built-in loop ensures hanging the towel is super easy.

PROS: The large size and impressive absorption make this a great option for your just-out-of-the-shower towel.

CONS: The towel is only available in one color, so it’s a case of like it or don’t have it.

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2. OlimpiaFit Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel Set

The OlimpiaFit Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel Set is a truly versatile towel option. Whether you’re heading to the beach, the gym or camping for a weekend, this three towel set can keep you dry. Each of the three different towels is made from 100% microfiber and delivers a super absorbent experience. Plus, the towels are naturally antibacterial and won’t result in unpleasant odors after use. The set also includes a handy compact mesh carrying bag for easy transport and other belongings when you need it.

PROS: The range of available colors means it’s easy to match your towels with your other belongings.

CONS: The towels ultra-lightweight build and compact size may lead to water saturation quicker than you might desire.

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3. JML Microfiber Bath Towel

The JML Microfiber Bath Towel has everything you need in a towel. From the stitched outside hem to the built-in hanging loop, this towel knows what you need. It’s also constructed from high-quality microfiber to deliver comfort and water absorption few other towels can compete with. This set includes two towels, making this a great choice for couples and friends. Plus, it’s also available in a range of different colors to ensure your towels match your personality.

PROS: The combination of comfort, impressive water absorption, size and color options make this towel hard to beat.

CONS: Because of the larger size, these towels may be more susceptible to bad odors when not hung up after use.

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4. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth shows that microfiber cloths aren’t afraid to get down and dirty. No matter whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors, these polyester and polyamide mix towels offer absorption of up to eight times their own weight. The towels come in blue, white and yellow, making it easy to assign a color to a task around the home. You can also use them outside for jobs like cleaning the car, as their high-quality construction will leave a lint and streak-free finish you’ll love.

PROS: With 24 towels included in the pack, you get one for every job around the house with plenty of spares, too.

CONS: The smaller size means you won’t want to be drying your body or lying on the beach with one of these towels.

best microfiber towels amazon basics Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel

If you’re tight for space and need a towel that provides plenty of coverage yet packs down small, try the Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel. It’s made from a highly absorbent, fast-drying material which is ideal for use when you’re out in the wilderness. The included hanging loop and accompanying carry case further add to the towel’s benefits during outdoor pursuits. Furthermore, the towel comes in a range of colors, meaning each family member can have a different one so you never get confused about whose is whose.

PROS: The included carry case makes it easy to store and take this lightweight towel with you wherever you go.

CONS: When compared with at-home towels, you’ll notice a difference in comfort caused by sacrificing weight to achieve portability and high absorbency.

best microfiber towels wise owl Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towel

When it comes to making your car look its best, you can fork out hundreds of dollars to get it detailed. However, doing such a job yourself is simple with the right equipment in hand. These Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towels are the right tools for the task. They deliver effective cleaning whether you’re using them in dry or wet conditions and include silk-banded edges to ensure a scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free finish. In addition, these towels are machine washable, meaning you can use them over and over again without a problem.

PROS: This professional-standard towel will leave your car looking like it just rolled off the forecourt.

CONS: It may take a few tries to get your buffing technique down.

best microfiber towels chemical guys Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Aquis Adventure Microfiber Sports Towel

The Aquis Adventure Microfiber Sports Towel uses innovative technology to deliver a towel capable of absorbing up to four times its own weight in water, which is ideal for those with an active, water-filled lifestyle. The towels feel soft and supple yet sport a construction which is tough enough to last years. Plus, you can choose between a range of sizes when ordering, including a larger-than-average towel compatible with beach yoga. Sand won’t stick to the towel, either, which makes it a great option as your go-to beach towel.

PROS: The range of available sizes makes it easy to find a towel for every activity and every person, from child to adult.

CONS: The limited and vibrant color choices aren’t for every taste.

best microfiber towels aquis Image courtesy of Amazon