Mirror Mirror on the (Small) Wall: 5 Best Mirrors for Compact Spaces

over the door mirror
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* These smaller mirrors fit where a full-length won’t
* Many offer additional storage, to make the most of your space
* Choose from wall-hanging options or those with support ladders

Whether you’re moving into a dorm or need to maximize your current set-up (room, office, studio apartment, etc.), these mirrors are ideal for those small spaces where you can’t fit a huge, full-length. Many of them even offer additional storage space for accessories and valuables.

1. Vanity

This small mirror is weighty enough to stay put (1.12 lbs) yet fits in places where there isn’t much extra space, making it a worthy addition to table tops or desks. Its clean, white design makes it unobtrusive, and it moves easily to ensure precision make up and hair.

white vanity mirror Image Courtesy of Target


2. Square

This square mirror shelf can be mounted on the wall, with the extra space allowing for a convenient storage for smaller necessities like keys or your wallet. While it hangs easily with its built-in hanging peg, it can also sit upright on shelves or tables.

storage mirror Image Courtesy of Target


3. Round

While this mirror may not offer the storage capabilities of other designs, the classic design featuring a thin frame and a brass finish makes a worthy addition. It’s sleek design allows it to carry more light into the room without taking up a lot of room on the wall or mantle.

brass wall mirror Image Courtesy of Target


4. Ladder

The back of this mirror can double as accessory storage for ties and scarves, or to hang tomorrow’s outfit on to save you time in the mornings. It’s covered in a smooth safety film, to help protect it from shattering.

ladder mirror Image Courtesy of Target


5. Over The Door

Everyone can use a full-length mirror, but there isn’t always the space for it. This full-length mirror not only easily hangs over your door, and includes a hook and loop fastener to further secure it, but doubles as a storage space. The mirror has a magnetic edge that opens to further storage space, including a cork board, as well as a lock and key so you can secure your valuables.

over the door mirror Image courtesy of Amazon

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