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Mop the Floor in “Style” With a Pair of Mop Slippers That’ll Do the Cleaning For You

Oh, so you want to clean the house in style? I see. Well, you’ve come to the wrong place.

While mop slippers are absolutely not the most stylish footwear options on the market, no one will have to even know you own a pair (or five). Solely designed for effective interior cleaning purposes, just a couple steps around the house can seriously cut the amount of time you spend cleaning on a weekly basis. Simply slip them on indoors, and walk. That’s it. And though robot mop would be a wiser way to clean the home (and one that likely produces better results), there’s no fun in it. Not like mopping with your house shoes.

From that walk from the fridge to grab leftover Chinese then back to the couch to rewatch “Friends” that for some reason you’re binging for the third time, you’ll be glad a pair of mop slippers entered your life. Persistently clean floors are but a click away.


1. AIFUSI Mop Slippers


If you’re the bang-for-your-buck type, this listing from AIFUSI offers five pairs of mop slippers for the price of one, which is truly an unbeatable deal. Considering there are so many, these are perfect for whoever walks into the house. Be that annoying friend or parent by enforcing these babies on or the front door slams shut — you’ll be left with shiny floors for days.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. Turkoni Multifunction Unisex Cleaning Slippers


These cozy microfiber chenilles will not only clean messes but hug your feet as they do it. With the classic feel and design of your go-to in-house slippers, these cozy mops look as good as your floors will post foot-mop. They’re economically and practically made to be used again and again, simply throw them in the wash and slip them on afterward.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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3. Gray Plush Mop Slippers


If those tootsies need a breather, look no further than these easy sandal-esque mop slippers from Zulily. The mop covers on these ones are detachable, offering a merging casual house slipper with the mopping ability when you need it most. Pick up dirt, dog hair, dust and more in your casual day-to-day with ease.

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Courtesy of Zulily

4. Lazy Mop Slippers


Polish them floors with ease wearing these grey neutral mop slippers. You know the deal by now — slip them on and walk, that’s it. Make cleaning easier than ever but stay cozy while you’re doing it.

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Courtesy of Walmart

5. Frjjthchy Cartoon Dog Mop Slippers


If you can’t have a little fun while cleaning, why are you even reading about mop slippers? Add even more fun to the cleaning game by throwing a pair on that at first glance you’d think were for children, because yes, adults can rock puppy slippers too. We won’t shame you. Woof!

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Men’s Slipper Genie Microfiber


While the vast majority or mop slippers are specifically unisex or solely made for women, these bad boys are designed for a man’s foot. No hard edges means these slip-ons are safe to use on any floor, just slip them on and get going.

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Courtesy of Amazon