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This Multi Tool is the Size of a Credit Card and Does 18 Different Things

* Multifunctional tool that fits easily in a wallet
* Durable and high quality all-metal construction
* 18 different functions and tools in one compact design


is a multifaceted credit-card sized multi tool you can carry in your wallet. Speaking of cards, this thing is a true jack of all trades, boasting a rather absurd-seeming 18 different functions, all without folding or having any moving parts. It provides both a bottle opener, sure to come in handy at parties and BBQs, as well as a can opener that might not provide the motorized action of a home can opener, but can definitely be used in a pinch.

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The four corners of the Wallet Ninja each feature a different kind of screwdriver. Among them is a tiny eyeglass screwdriver, which is one of those tools you never seem to have around when you need one. It also has six hex head wrenches, ranging in size from #2 to #12. This technically works for things like mounting skateboard trucks, though to get decent torque on a hex bolt with this little card, you might have to have hands like “The Mighty Atom” Joe Greenstein– a 20th century strongman said to be able to drive nails through wooden boards using just his fingers.